Photo by Joseph Piper



I heard Orion by 2:54 this morning and all I’ve wanted to do was leave work and write about it.

So two things- 2:54 are back (PRAISE WHOEVER!!!!) and they are now signed to Bella Union.

Is Orion any good? Nah. It’s not good at all. It’s INCREDIBLE.

Their debut record is one I still play pretty much every day. Colette’s voice is bloody beautiful, I don’t want to imagine a world where it doesn’t exist. Her voice can make you tremble with how captivating and how haunting it is. Hannah is probably one of the best guitarists around. They make me wish I had a sister so I could form some kind of band like 2:54. Alas, I don’t have a sister. I’ve got a cool big brother who is the best goalkeeper on the Isle of Man. There’s a lot of proof surrounding this.

Orion has that eerie sound that made me fall right in love with 2:54 many moons ago (alright it wasn’t that long ago, it was about 3 years ago.) They have this beautiful moody feel to their music that is unlike anything else around. Sure they’ve had every Goth-like comparison under the sun thrown at them, but who cares?! They are a solid band who are just a joy to listen to. I’ve been waiting for them to come back for AGES. Comeback of the year for sure. Sorry Morrissey, you know I love you..but this is different.

2:54 are going on tour in November, and you can catch them here:

7th – Ramsgate, Ramsgate Music Hall
19th – London, St. Pancras Old Church
20th – Sheffield, The Harley
21st – Glasgow, The Broadcast
22nd – Manchester, Soup Kitchen
24th – Nottingham, The Corner
25th – Bristol, The Louisiana
26th – Brighton, The Hope

The London date clashes with me going to see The Jesus And Mary Chain (it’s alright I’m seeing them in Manchester and their other London date…if you want a ticket to their Troxy date….) Oh and 2:54 are also playing Union Chapel on 8th September (the day I start my new job) as part of the Bella Union, Labelled With Love showcase. Tickets for that and their Ramsgate show are already on sale, and the other dates go on sale this Wednesday.

Orion is exactly what I expected from 2:54, and by that I mean brilliant. You know when a band you love go away for a while, and they come back and all the reasons as to why you love them smacks you in the face when you hear new music from them? That’s pretty much what happened when I heard Orion this morning. Like a giddy toddler who has eaten some Skittles on the sly.

Their new record will be out later this year; perfect for the early dark evenings as you walk through the mist home.

2:54, don’t leave us for that long again!

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