Cold Cave.

This band that I’m going to attempt to write about pretty much changed my life in 2009. I heard a few songs by them and just had to throw myself into their music. I was hearing something I needed. 2009 was a bit of a blur. A lot of it was made better by music, gigs and my best friend. However, this one band just did something to my brain and every time I listen to them; that same feeling comes back.

Cold Cave are on the same level as importance to me as The Cure and The Smiths, a big deal right? Sure thing. Songs off their debut album such as Youth And Lust (I need that tattooed on me), Love Comes Close, Life Magazine- basically all the songs; they’re just so dark, mysterious. The synth based sound isn’t something I really favour. I only like it if it has dark undertones to it, y’know? I don’t want to hear about how joyful someone is over a synth loop. I want to hear something gritty and a bit devilish over a synth based sound. That really speaks to me. That’s why I adore Cold Cave more than I can actually put into words.

Wes Eisold is one my influences from a literary perspective. His way with words has always been an obsession of mine. I think he should be held as highly as the likes of Morrissey, Robert Smith, Lou Reed, Dylan- the way he is with words is extremely hypnotising. It just leaves you in awe that someone, especially now, can be so poetic and open with what they say in their songs.

There is no glorified view on love, romance and relationships in Cold Cave’s music. Sure you’ll hear the odd hint of devotion but for the most part, it just echoes the fury and frustration one feels towards daily life. Your daily routine is slowly killing you- and you know it. You just don’t want to face up to it because you’d be lost if you even tried to change it. It’d fuck you over and you watched yourself become more and more fucked up. When I listen to their second record, Cherish The Light Years; I just hear everything that’s been hanging on the front of my mind, and on the edge of my tongue. It’s the kind of record, just like the first, that echoes all you feel- but you don’t want to hide from it because Wes does it in such a perfect way.

One of my favourite lyrics of Cold Cave is in Youth And Lust :

“You miss the neon lights.
It’s all plastic now.
A sympathetic world without end,
Hums a hymn of misdirection.”

It just makes me think of someone driving around a city without their friend, or whatever and telling them exactly what they are missing out on, and what has taken its place. I think the title of the song, Youth And Lust is beautiful too. You associate youth with lust because most (foolishly) think the young cannot love. They can; most just try to forbid it. Awful.

I don’t want to liken Cold Cave to anyone because they’re so much better than a lazy comparison. However, if you like Kraftwerk and enjoy Morrissey’s clever lyrics, then you SHOULD enjoy Cold Cave. Or, you should just listen to them anyway because they ARE one of the best around. They deserve so much more respect and recognition than most. Their music is on the level of saving your life- they are that good. They sing the songs that reflect your life and how you feel. Those emotions that are swimming around your head on a daily basis, that demon that won’t leave you be or that utter sense of euphoria during, I have no idea what- it is all there in Cold Cave’s music.