DORIAN: Just What Is It That Makes Dorian So Different, So Appealing?



When I was at University back in 2006, there was one band in particular that saved me from loneliness and homesickness. A band that I would listen to almost religiously- The Long Blondes. I think them splitting up was one of my biggest heartbreaks I’ve ever encountered. But, we must move on. I still listen to them. Certain songs are still my crutch. Kate Jackson’s solo record blew my mind and know it is time for Dorian Cox to step up and show us what he’s made of.

Dorian has been involved in a number of projects over the past few years, and his current one is heavily and wonderfully influenced by two of the greatest bands of all time- Suicide and The Velvet Underground. I can accept a lot of things in life, but I have a hard time accepting that someone wouldn’t be a fan of Suicide or The Velvet Underground. Their dirty and raw New York sound is something I have always been in love with, and I love finding music that has been influenced by one or the other, or both. Dorian’s debut release is wonderfully titled Just What Is It That Makes Dorian So Different, So Appealing? It sounds like an early title from a song by The Smiths doesn’t it? Bloody great.

This EP reminds me of early Suicide with a massive nod to the genius, Mark E. Smith. The distorted vocals over the synth and drum machine work so well. I’ve listened to this a few times now since it came out at the end of January and I can safely say that the lyrics to Forever Is My Favourite Cliché possess some of Dorian’s finest work, lyrically. I have always adored Kate and Dorian’s song writing skills both separately and together. I love the sheer sleazily and dirty feel in the songs- it stays true to that eeriness of Suicide and darkness of Lou Reed’s words. Sure it’s an acquired taste, but I think those who love Suicide will adore this. It takes you back to the first time you heard the likes of The Fall and Suicide, and it stays with you. That feeling builds and builds with every listen. These aren’t songs you’ll hear in a club- these are songs you’ll hear at house parties at 2am when everyone has emotionally crashed and needs something to lift their spirits. It’ll spark up conversations with potential love interests, it’ll bring together people who wouldn’t probably talk to each other at any other time.

It is has got this quality and feel to it that can ignite feelings, thoughts and wonder. You can play it at any given time and it’ll make you feel like you are elsewhere. I first played it when it came out. I was sat at my desk at work and I just played it a few times to try understand what was going on and what Dorian wanted to achieve with this record. I feel that if he wanted to create this real raw and dirty sound then he has done it easily. No problem. I love music that makes your ears feel a little violated and your mind warped. I love anything that’s a bit dark and sinister. Just What Is It That Makes Dorian So Different, So Appealing? is a brilliant EP and one that is probably best enjoyed around 3am when you can’t sleep. When it ends, allow yourself to drift off and have insane dreams. Maybe Alan Vega will come visit you with Mark E. Smith in tow.

Dream baby dream.

You can listen to/buy the EP here:





Today is quite frankly the most important day of the year. After Record Store Day, of course. This day embodies everything wonderful. This day is full of power..and bravery…and other stuff. I don’t know.

This day is so important as it is made for such wonderful people.

Yorkshire. Today is YOUR day. Yorkshire, if you did not already know, is THE best county in the UK. You don’t need statistics to tell you, it’s just a fact. Everyone knows it. Don’t listen to those who don’t agree. They just wish they had Yorkshire blood in them. As grim as the North may be- Yorkshire will always be above the rest.

With that aside, here are some of the best things (musically) to come from Yorkshire:

“Now then mardy bum….”

Time drags, fucks you over, fucks you up, is a source of comfort, goes quickly and is a healer. Time can knock you back. Time can leave in awe of all that has happened. Time can mean everything or it can mean nothing. You can spend it wisely, you can be carefree with it. What you do with it is your own decision, but sometimes it rules you. It doesn’t have to always be like that but it just happens.

Time can be cruel. Time can be kind. Like people and the universe. It is good and bad. Separately and at once. I don’t wear a watch and I’m the worst person to ask what the date is. Yet I seem to be early for most things, I get that from my mum. My mum. This is who this is about, you don’t have to read any more if you don’t feel like it.

Two years ago today my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. If cancer was a person, it’d be the kind of person you’d want to punch as hard as you could on a daily basis. I’m not a violent person, but cancer makes you angry. The “why’s” and the “how’s” can consume you if you let them. Or you can be a tough-nut like my mum. I firmly believe she beat it because she wouldn’t let some fuck of a disease beat her. Everyone in one way or another is affected by cancer and the distress it brings. Why is there no cure? Well, that’s a different rant altogether really isn’t it. I don’t know if I have it in me to unleash all the rage towards why there isn’t a solid cure, but hey….like I said, a different rant. Different time.

As much as I class strong women like Shirley Manson and Patti Smith as my role models, first and foremost- my mum is. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have all the positive traits I have. Fortunately I took after her in so many ways. I know I’ll never be the toughest person in the world- it’s not something I ever wish to be now, there’s no point. But I get my strong mind and dedicated heart from my mum. There’s no one else in the world I’d want to be like. No one else at all (although I’d be totally fine if I looked like Alison Mosshart!)

I could quite happily write thousands of words yet feel it wasn’t enough. The main thing is, time has passed. It has dragged, kicked and screamed. It has also gone by really fast. It changes you. The whole thing two years ago changed me, but I’m the only one who noticed (others may say in a negative way, but their view is not only stupid; but it is also untrue.) Time can mould you and break you.

There was no real reason behind this, but I just felt I had to. Not everything in life needs an explanation I guess.

As my mum is the most important person in my life (closely followed by my gran..I won’t list the rest.) I thought I’d just put my favourite Yorkshire bands/singers here as my mum is a Yorkshire lass!

The Long Blondes.

It’s been well over a year since The Long Blondes called it quits. It’s been a year since my record collection has felt a bit naked without having another record by The Long Blondes there. When I listen to them, I sometimes so want to cry. I’ll never hear A Knife For The Girls or Heaven Help The New Girl or Century live. EVER. This breaks my heart. I can handle girls ignoring me…and saying “NAH I DON’T LIKE YOU AT ALL.” Trust, I can handle that (you get used to it.) BUT…BUT…I never get over a band I was so in love with just call it a day. NO WAY. I don’t adjust to that. I just don’t. My heart hurts a bit when I listen to them. I just want another record. That’s all.

So to add salt to the wound as they say, here’s some videos…showing why I love The Long Blondes:

Weekend Without Makeup (Live).

Five Ways To End It (Live).

Separated By Motorways.

Giddy Stratospheres.


Splitting Up.

So Mika Miko have split up. This saddens me because I loved them. A LOT. Such a shame when bands you love, that are tallented,call it a day.

This has led me onto listening to a band that from the first time I listened to them, I fell totally in love and played their debut album to death during my first year of university (I feel old now!)

A year ago exactly, The Long Blondes split up. I’m pretty sure I shouted various profanities as the computer screen and cried a little bit. Playing both albums on rpeat for a week. I felt like I lost a band that..could say what I couldn’t. That felt what I felt without me feeling alone. I know, I know, this makes me sound stupid and weird. But I’m guessing you probably have a band that mean the world to you, and you feel the same way about them like I did (and still do) towards The Long Blondes.

One thing that gets to me is that I never saw them live. I met them (bar Kate Jackson, she was sick) and Screech Powers was infront of me on the train from Birmingham to Manchester the day I met them in Manchester. I also skipped a lecture to be at the signing. I did this a lot, I’d say I don’t condone such behaviour, but I really do.

The Long Blondes, although they werem’t around that long, they gave us two fantastic albums. And yes, Kate Jackson is beautiful, there I said it. Dorian wrote some witty,clever lines that reminded me of Morrissey, which is probably why I love The Long Blondes dearly.

Dear The Long Blondes, my record collection seems quite dull without you. Please get back together and/or Kate, release some solo stuff you’ve been promising us!

Weekend Without Makeup (live).

Five Ways To End It (live)