The Long Blondes.

16 06 2010

It’s been well over a year since The Long Blondes called it quits. It’s been a year since my record collection has felt a bit naked without having another record by The Long Blondes there. When I listen to them, I sometimes so want to cry. I’ll never hear A Knife For The Girls or Heaven Help The New Girl or Century live. EVER. This breaks my heart. I can handle girls ignoring me…and saying “NAH I DON’T LIKE YOU AT ALL.” Trust, I can handle that (you get used to it.) BUT…BUT…I never get over a band I was so in love with just call it a day. NO WAY. I don’t adjust to that. I just don’t. My heart hurts a bit when I listen to them. I just want another record. That’s all.

So to add salt to the wound as they say, here’s some videos…showing why I love The Long Blondes:

Weekend Without Makeup (Live).

Five Ways To End It (Live).

Separated By Motorways.

Giddy Stratospheres.




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