Splitting Up.

20 10 2009

So Mika Miko have split up. This saddens me because I loved them. A LOT. Such a shame when bands you love, that are tallented,call it a day.

This has led me onto listening to a band that from the first time I listened to them, I fell totally in love and played their debut album to death during my first year of university (I feel old now!)

A year ago exactly, The Long Blondes split up. I’m pretty sure I shouted various profanities as the computer screen and cried a little bit. Playing both albums on rpeat for a week. I felt like I lost a band that..could say what I couldn’t. That felt what I felt without me feeling alone. I know, I know, this makes me sound stupid and weird. But I’m guessing you probably have a band that mean the world to you, and you feel the same way about them like I did (and still do) towards The Long Blondes.

One thing that gets to me is that I never saw them live. I met them (bar Kate Jackson, she was sick) and Screech Powers was infront of me on the train from Birmingham to Manchester the day I met them in Manchester. I also skipped a lecture to be at the signing. I did this a lot, I’d say I don’t condone such behaviour, but I really do.

The Long Blondes, although they werem’t around that long, they gave us two fantastic albums. And yes, Kate Jackson is beautiful, there I said it. Dorian wrote some witty,clever lines that reminded me of Morrissey, which is probably why I love The Long Blondes dearly.

Dear The Long Blondes, my record collection seems quite dull without you. Please get back together and/or Kate, release some solo stuff you’ve been promising us!

Weekend Without Makeup (live).

Five Ways To End It (live)