DORIAN: Just What Is It That Makes Dorian So Different, So Appealing?



When I was at University back in 2006, there was one band in particular that saved me from loneliness and homesickness. A band that I would listen to almost religiously- The Long Blondes. I think them splitting up was one of my biggest heartbreaks I’ve ever encountered. But, we must move on. I still listen to them. Certain songs are still my crutch. Kate Jackson’s solo record blew my mind and know it is time for Dorian Cox to step up and show us what he’s made of.

Dorian has been involved in a number of projects over the past few years, and his current one is heavily and wonderfully influenced by two of the greatest bands of all time- Suicide and The Velvet Underground. I can accept a lot of things in life, but I have a hard time accepting that someone wouldn’t be a fan of Suicide or The Velvet Underground. Their dirty and raw New York sound is something I have always been in love with, and I love finding music that has been influenced by one or the other, or both. Dorian’s debut release is wonderfully titled Just What Is It That Makes Dorian So Different, So Appealing? It sounds like an early title from a song by The Smiths doesn’t it? Bloody great.

This EP reminds me of early Suicide with a massive nod to the genius, Mark E. Smith. The distorted vocals over the synth and drum machine work so well. I’ve listened to this a few times now since it came out at the end of January and I can safely say that the lyrics to Forever Is My Favourite Cliché possess some of Dorian’s finest work, lyrically. I have always adored Kate and Dorian’s song writing skills both separately and together. I love the sheer sleazily and dirty feel in the songs- it stays true to that eeriness of Suicide and darkness of Lou Reed’s words. Sure it’s an acquired taste, but I think those who love Suicide will adore this. It takes you back to the first time you heard the likes of The Fall and Suicide, and it stays with you. That feeling builds and builds with every listen. These aren’t songs you’ll hear in a club- these are songs you’ll hear at house parties at 2am when everyone has emotionally crashed and needs something to lift their spirits. It’ll spark up conversations with potential love interests, it’ll bring together people who wouldn’t probably talk to each other at any other time.

It is has got this quality and feel to it that can ignite feelings, thoughts and wonder. You can play it at any given time and it’ll make you feel like you are elsewhere. I first played it when it came out. I was sat at my desk at work and I just played it a few times to try understand what was going on and what Dorian wanted to achieve with this record. I feel that if he wanted to create this real raw and dirty sound then he has done it easily. No problem. I love music that makes your ears feel a little violated and your mind warped. I love anything that’s a bit dark and sinister. Just What Is It That Makes Dorian So Different, So Appealing? is a brilliant EP and one that is probably best enjoyed around 3am when you can’t sleep. When it ends, allow yourself to drift off and have insane dreams. Maybe Alan Vega will come visit you with Mark E. Smith in tow.

Dream baby dream.

You can listen to/buy the EP here:

Former Lover.

They say you never forget the first time you get your heart broken, don’t they? Do they? Have I made that up? Whatever. You probably don’t. Mine was 20th October 2008. The day that The Long Blondes announced they split up. I remember feeling like shit, and realising that the world was a BITCH. A massive bitch. Since then, all I’ve wanted is for them to re-form. There’s two bands I care about re-forming. The Long Blondes and The Jesus And Mary Chain. I know I’ve got to stop clinging onto false hope. I think now? Now I’m ready to do so. How come? Because Dorian Cox has a new band, and Kate Jackson’s solo stuff is brilliant. So, rant out of the way as per…

Former Lover come from one of the best places in England; Sheffield. I’m not just saying this because my mother is from Yorkshire. I just firmly believe that Sheffield produces some incredible music. Former Lover are just reinforcing this notion.

Former Lover are made up of Dorian Cox, Dan Dylan Wray and Myrtle; and I think I love them all more than I probably should. The music is the kind you will play when you can’t sleep because you know that they will sum up how you feel. They’ll be the band you cradle when nobody else is around at 3am when you’ve had too much wine, and you’re feeling too emotional. As it says on their bio :

“…to create quiet music to soundtrack insomnia and 3 am breakdowns.”

Falling apart has never seemed so appealing.

At the moment they have about 5 amazing tracks up on their Soundcloud page :

Please do NOT compare them to The Long Blondes. Just don’t. This is new, and different. I understand why you’d feel the need to do so- but please don’t. When you close one chapter of life, you’ve got to write a new one- consider this the new one.