Former Lover.

2 02 2012

They say you never forget the first time you get your heart broken, don’t they? Do they? Have I made that up? Whatever. You probably don’t. Mine was 20th October 2008. The day that The Long Blondes announced they split up. I remember feeling like shit, and realising that the world was a BITCH. A massive bitch. Since then, all I’ve wanted is for them to re-form. There’s two bands I care about re-forming. The Long Blondes and The Jesus And Mary Chain. I know I’ve got to stop clinging onto false hope. I think now? Now I’m ready to do so. How come? Because Dorian Cox has a new band, and Kate Jackson’s solo stuff is brilliant. So, rant out of the way as per…

Former Lover come from one of the best places in England; Sheffield. I’m not just saying this because my mother is from Yorkshire. I just firmly believe that Sheffield produces some incredible music. Former Lover are just reinforcing this notion.

Former Lover are made up of Dorian Cox, Dan Dylan Wray and Myrtle; and I think I love them all more than I probably should. The music is the kind you will play when you can’t sleep because you know that they will sum up how you feel. They’ll be the band you cradle when nobody else is around at 3am when you’ve had too much wine, and you’re feeling too emotional. As it says on their bio :

“…to create quiet music to soundtrack insomnia and 3 am breakdowns.”

Falling apart has never seemed so appealing.

At the moment they have about 5 amazing tracks up on their Soundcloud page :

Please do NOT compare them to The Long Blondes. Just don’t. This is new, and different. I understand why you’d feel the need to do so- but please don’t. When you close one chapter of life, you’ve got to write a new one- consider this the new one.