“But this collision came mid-bloom.”

The darkness is better than daytime. I don’t really like daylight. I don’t like things shining brightly in my eyes, yet I hate sunglasses and in the summer, I just squint and go partially blind. My eyesight is awful at the best of times. It makes everything much more interesting. Sometimes.

My thing about the dark, is for a while (when I was a child) I was terrified of it. Then I grew out of it, and it became something that didn’t trouble me anymore. I don’t mind it getting dark at 4pm, it doesn’t bother me. I think I enjoy it more than still seeing everything clearly at 8pm you know? Sure the summer is nice, but I just like the dark. I like listening to certain bands when everything is dark; inside and out. For example, I cannot walk about in the daytime listening to Burial. It has to be dark out. I have to either be on the bus home or just lying in complete darkness. The music he makes creates something in your mind like no other. Seventeen Seconds by The Cure (their best record) is not a record I can listen to during the daytime either. It has to be pitch black, just to get the true and tense atmosphere of the record.

I can listen to the likes of Beach House, Warpaint, Morrissey, Captain Beefheart anytime. It doesn’t have to be light or dark. It can be anytime at all. Warpaint aren’t a band I feel I can sit and listen to with anyone else around. Maybe because if the person didn’t like them or get it, I’d be a bit (a lot) distraught. Aside from Stars, I can listen to Warpaint anytime.

Nick Cave, I can listen to him constantly. Grinderman, The Bad Seeds, The Birthday Party. Any of it, all of it at anytime. Much like Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt. Most get lonely at night, but when you listen to certain songs you can feel lonely right there and then. Or maybe, you feel less alone. Music is such a powerful thing, and it can take you anywhere. It goes with you everywhere. I go to music before I go to a person. It is like a reference point or something. I’m not sure. This is so so badly written, and maybe I should say sorry. But I cannot say sorry if I am not. Do what you want.

The night-time is the perfect time to fix everything. Some fuck things up at night-time. You can do both. In whatever order you wish to do so. No one’s going to judge. And if they do? Whatever. Who cares. See, the night-time can also make you rant can’t it. Or maybe that’s just me.

I seem to be growing tired of writing. I have no idea why I do it. It’s not like any good comes from it, or anyone sees it or whatever. I do it, I suppose because a small part of me thinks I must. I probably shouldn’t. I’ll drag the writing about a bit longer. We can only go so far.

As it’s dark outside, thankfully; maybe these songs will indulge you in it a bit more.


Leaving is good for the soul.

Sometimes you get stuck in a place that you think you cannot get out of. Whether it is a state of mind or an actual place, sometimes it has this disgusting grip on you- and you just cannot escape. I guess that’s why music is one of the best ways to express how one feels. It says the things you cannot say. It says the things you wish you could say. The lyrics, the note changes, every major and minor detail in a piece of music can just sum up any and every feeling you carry around with you on a daily basis.

I live in a place I really cannot stand. I’ve got the guts to leave. I’m leaving on Friday. I’ve been trying to do it for some time now, but now I have a reason. Things did improve in September, but I guess….you just have to do what works for you and what makes you happy. You see, I’m moving back to my mum’s. For a while I was reluctant to do it because I thought I’d be a failure. I’m not. I’m doing something for ME. Something I rarely do. I spent too long thinking about others and what they wanted, I forgot about myself. So, I’m moving home for a bit. Save money from my job and after that, I have no idea. I don’t know where I will go. I’ve got some ideas- but I don’t know. I don’t like planning things. So, with this week’s mix I’m putting songs that can help you escape the dullness and chore of everyday life. Songs to lose yourself in and make you realise what you want- and how you are going to get it.

Don’t ever think you are not worthy of putting yourself first, because you are. You are worth more than you know. It’s totally okay to be happy and to be yourself first. I guess hitting 25 the other week has had a positive impact. Grow up and get out.


There’s something about the music that Burial creates that just makes everything alright again. You can just sit or lay in the dark listening to his music, and everything just seems to fall into place even when it is so far from that. The sound is like a wave of comfort that no other musician has ever created. Does this sound extreme? Good, because that means you’re not listening closely enough if you don’t see…well, hear it.

A lot of music that you love hits you in your heart and you just feel it, it sinks into the pit of your stomach. It’s like that feeling you get when you’re around someone you become fond of, butterflies I suppose. The feeling you get from hearing a certain piece of music or your favourite band in general can cause you to react in a way that leaves others looking at you as if you are mental. Or maybe I’m alone in this, more than likely.

Anyway, Burial’s music doesn’t hit you in the heart- it goes deeper. It gets you right in your soul. That part of you that you never thought a piece of music could get you, he does exactly that. You don’t expect it. You shun him because you think, “Oh it’s dub step or whatever- it holds no substance.” Bullshit. Utter bullshit. Burial is remarkable. If you can’t see it now, after all these years- then I have no idea what will make you see it.

Oh I know what will- try listening to Ego or Mirrors- the two tracks he recently did with Four Tet and Thom Yorke. Seriously, if those two tracks do nothing to you, then you have no soul. And you more than likely need a hearing test too.

Burial is perfect music to just ease your brain, to make everything seem normal for once. It’s perfect escape music. Get on a train or lay on your bed- play his music and shut your eyes. Good music throws you into a different world; it takes you on a journey, where only you and this piece of music exist.

His sound is quite dark, yet at the same time distinctly euphoric. There are not many vocals in his songs, and although I love words- sometimes it’s nice to just have a sound rather than a voice. A sound can make you take what you want from it. It can cause you to create your own meaning rather than listen to a song about having your heart torn out and feeling the same desperation as the singer. With Burial, the sound takes you and you make it your own. You create what it means to you. That, makes a brilliant artist.