As I sit in bed feeling sorry for myself as I’m ill, I thought I’d write about a song that I’ve pretty much had on repeat for a year, nearly. It is also to make up for the fact I’ve lost my dictaphone with my 2:54 interview on. If I can’t find it within a week, I’ll just be massively disappointed in myself. Useless. In my defense, I have moved house so it could be anywhere.

South by 2:54 is my favourite song by them. I thought I always had a firm favourite (Got A Hold) but it turns out, I was wrong. I guess lyrically I’d probably call Blindfold because the lyrics are easy to relate to. But for me, South is a song that feels like a hug from the person you adore the most. It feels like you’re being wrapped around something reassuring and comforting. The lyrics are quite sad, and I think last year I probably said the line “Got nowhere to put misshapen love” was the best I’d heard. You can take your over the top and complex prose, but I’d rather settle for a lyric like that. The simplicity of it can break your heart or make you feel like you’ve been finally healed. I love the uncertainty in the line, “Am I doing it wrong? Am I doing it right?” It’s such a simple line but the way in which it is sung that just gets you right in the heart.

I’ve tried to fathom what I love the most about the song. Is it Colette’s voice? Is it Hannah’s guitar or the way Alex makes the drums feel like a soothing wave hitting you? Is it the lyrics? It’s all and more, I can’t pick just one reason. The intro feels like rain hitting a window, but the drums come in and it feels like waves crashing around you. Something I’ve always adored about 2:54 is, you know the cover to their first record? Well, what I love that from their music I always feel like I am in that place. I feel like I am stood watching waves hit the rocks in the freezing cold with nothing surrounding me. Lost and found at the same time.

I’ve always felt 2:54 a band to listen to with nobody else around and at night. Turns out I was wrong because I can listen to them anytime, anywhere. But the ideal setting for them is late at night when all is dark and still. They create something eerie in your mind, and I think it is partly to do with Colette’s voice. I honestly think 2:54 are terribly underrated, but that’s a different matter entirely. Colette has this power in her voice that is found in the likes of Patti and Shirley Manson. She can make her voice sound gentle (Tender Shoots) or she can add something quite ferocious to it (Sugar.) I don’t know of anyone else who can do that. I don’t think they realise how great they are.

South is the perfect song to have on repeat as you go for a long walk. Just wandering around trying to clear your head or to just be alone for a while.Maybe I carry for too many feelings, but I think South is so special to me because it feels like an outlet. I don’t know what their meaning behind the song is or what place they were in when they wrote it, but I know where it takes me and how it makes me feel. You can listen to this on a crisp autumn evening as the sun sinks down or on a misty morning when you feel as if you’re the only person left; it can be purely self-indulgent or a journey of discovery. I’d always aim for the latter but, whatever gets you through.

At times I have felt that 2:54’s music is a reflection/stepping outside of the self to look in. Maybe I’m going too deep with this, but songs like South hit you in the gut and stir everything inside. In some parts of the song, Colette’s voice sounds quite woeful and I think this stands out towards the end where it is just her voice, then the guitar comes back in. I guess that’s probably why I feel a lot towards this song.

In their live shows this is definitely a highlight for me. I love songs that last over 5 minutes, and South slowly creeps in. There are other glorious moments in their live sets, but as I’ve only seen them tour The Other I (I was living on the Isle of Man during the start of their career so I was a distant fan, I suppose) I can only use this as reference. That said, the jam at the end of Creeping is mind-blowing. They are a band that I would urge anyone to go see. I don’t think they realise how great they are, and I don’t think Hannah is fully aware of how brilliant a guitarist she is. She towers over most, she makes it look effortless but you know a lot is going on. South is a song that shows us what 2:54 are about. The lyrics are dark and brooding at times, the music is complex and takes you someplace and the vocals ease you. They ease you into the unknown, and that’s what I love about 2:54. They take you gently into the unknown and everything around you just falls away.

I don’t know what anyone else thinks about South but for me it just evokes a sense of freedom. When love is misshapen, what do you do? The sensible answer is to probably walk away from it. There’s a handful of songs I play when things just seem a bit too much for my head to take in, and South is one of those that ease this uncertainty. South like I’ve mentioned feels like you’ve found a source of comfort and maybe it is all down to the vocals, maybe. But go deeper into it and every element of the song is a wealth of reassurance. It is one of the rare moments where the drums don’t make you feel as if you’re being smacked in the face. The drums on South make you feel as if you’re gliding in the sky like a bird, heading South.

I’ve a million and one other things I could say about the song, and maybe I’ll re-read this and disagree with what I’ve written, but it’s a song I’m hugely in love with and grateful for.

2:54: Manchester/London February 2015



Seeing a band you adore live is a great feeling. Sometimes, well for the most part, it seems to be a sort of release and a purely cathartic experience. That’s what music should be about and when you see it performed in front of you it becomes heightened and more important.

2:54 have just finished a 3 day tour in the UK. I did 2 out of 3 dates and I won’t lie, I wish I did all 3. If you’ve seen them live you will know how addictive it can be. You leave wishing to be in that moment solidly for the rest of time. You want to tell the words back to Sugar. You want to lose yourself during No Better Prize. You air drum along to Creeping. These moments become you. Don’t part from them.

Manchester was the first show. There is something really special about seeing bands in Manchester. The venue was idyllic and the crowd were a beautiful lot. Manchester crowds aren’t afraid to move. The last time I saw 2:54 was a month or so before when they did a secret show at the Shacklewell Arms to about 50 people. This show however, was dark and loud. Euphoric filled moments. Alex’s intense drumming. Rich’s brutal bass playing. Hannah’s inspiring guitar playing. Colette’s delicate but powerful voice. You will not find a better constructed band. With no need to talk in between songs, this band have gorgeous stage presence. In short, they make you want to start a band.

Last night they played historic Camden venue, Dingwalls. This show had a real Punk vibe about it. You can find this if you look hard enough. Colette said there was a strong Punk feel to the show last night, and she wasn’t wrong. Bodies were moving in time and some off beat. The music was rightfully being felt in all the right places.

I’ve loved them since I heard Creeping a few years ago. If I could find the word to describe how it made me feel and how it hit me, I would. It all comes to life when you see them live.
A strong sense of pride. The band I adore are nothing short of excellent and are making the kind of music that really moves you.

I interviewed Colette and Hannah in Manchester( I will type it up soon) and it felt like I was talking to two friends. Their bond is so pure and lovely to witness. You know how some people can communicate without saying a word? That’s them. I don’t think any other band has a bond as strong as that. Quite simply, the sisters are the most gracious and kind individuals I’ve met in a long time. Their music may be heavy and intense but personality wise they are just wonderful people. If you go see them, talk to them afterwards. Tell them I sent you!

And now it is all over. America is getting them next. Is it too late to have a Kickstarter page to find me to go out there? I’m too much of a wuss to get on a plane for 8 hours anyway!
Their on stage presence just makes you want to start a band. I think I spent most of the time staring at Alex and being in awe of how great a drummer he is. He makes you want to do exactly what he does. He truly is phenomenal and I hope if anyone ever made a list of the best drummers around he would be the top choice. But please know that during each song, all band members truly do shine but during some songs you take notice of a certain band member. No Better Prize sees you staring at awe at Hannah’s guitar skills. This song is a real intimate part of the show- it’s just Hannah and Colette on stage playing this. They perform it with such power, you don’t realise that there are other people in the room. Sure Hannah nails it during the end of Scarlet, but there is something extremely fragile and poignant about this song and how they do it live.Speaking of Scarlet, that’s the one where you really focus on Rich and how great a bass player he is. He moves furiously and plays with such purpose, making you wish you could play like that. Scarlet is the song that everyone goes nuts to, and I reckon it’s the bass that sets us all off. How could it not?! Blindfold is a personal song, whoever you are you will feel this song. You’ll see yourself in it and for this reason and how Colette sings it makes it her moment. Of course she’s got a brilliant voice, but there is really something about Blindfold that really makes you connect with the song. That’s the job of the singer, and she does it perfectly. Colette’s voice reminds me of singers I love such as Shirley Manson and Patti Smith. She can sound so delicate in one song but can flip to being dominant. Regardless, you pay attention and you listen. Alex Robins. Where do you begin on his drumming. After much thought I think I’ll go with Creeping. Inititally I was going with Crest because it’s so brutal and is one of the louder tracks on the record. But, I’ll stick with Creeping. He smacks the cymbal like a wave crashing crumbling and faded rocks. His drumming on Creeping sends the song swirling all around you and no part of you feels like you are where you are. Put all of these factors together from each of them, and you truly do have, hand on heart, the perfect/ideal band.

When I listen to 2:54, I just want to sit and write about what their music does and it all it stirrs inside of you. When I see them live I wish to cast real life aside and do something other than what I have to do every day. There is truly something special about them and I feel for anyone who has yet to see it, or who has yet to listen to them or has disregarded them. They’re easy to write about because they are just everything I love about music and why I probably won’t be satisfied until I’ve made some kind of career out of writing about music. 9-5 doesn’t sit well with me, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t adapt to routine.

Music should do something to you that a person can’t. It should take you to a place that no mode of transport can drag you too. It’s a wave of emotions and moments of realisation. If you’re feeling lost, go to a gig. Go to a record store. Go into the unknown and be transported towards something else. Something you have probably been looking for. I recommend you start with 2:54. Listen to them on the move, in your room. Go to their shows and allow yourself to feel something so gloriously sacred.

*Note: This was written at 9 this morning on the train to work in about 20 minutes, 2:54 make it so easy to write about music and all it means to a person.

2:54- Crest (video.)



I think 2:54 look at the weather and think, “Yeah, now we’ll release something..it’s pissing it down outside. It’ll fit the mood.” On this cold, wet and dreary Monday London’s finest (if you want to get particular about this we’ll say Ireland/Bristol’s finest) 2:54 released the video to their new single, Crest which is taken from the best record of 2014, The Other I.

Crest is brilliantly shot and makes you feel you are in the throes of one of their gigs, throwing your body about and yelling the words back. If you’ve ever seen 2:54 live, you’ll probably been left in awe of how each of them are just massively into what they are doing. I know I’ve said it so many times, but Alex is probably the best drummer I’ve ever seen (think he’s wearing a Fugazi shirt in the video which is also excellent.) He gets really into it in the video, and that’s just a little taste of what they’re like live.

Shot in black and white, the video is as moody as their remarkable sound. Crest is one of their heavier songs and is undoubtedly one of the most important moments on The Other Day.

You can watch the video on the Nylon website here: http://www.nylon.com/articles/video-premiere-2-54-crest

If you have holiday to take at work, why not do what I’ve done and go see the band more than once and treat yourself to a night in Manchester, London and Bristol. You won’t find a finer band.

Tour dates are:

02/02-Manchester, Deaf Institute (tickets: http://www.thedeafinstitute.co.uk/event.php?id=568&d=2015-02-02)

03/02-  Bristol, Colston Hall (tickets: http://www.thedeafinstitute.co.uk/event.php?id=568&d=2015-02-02)

04/02- London, Dingwalls (tickets: http://www.dingwalls.com/listings/events/4-feb-15-254-dingwalls/)

And if you live in America, you can catch them at the following dates with the wonderful Honeyblood as support:

27/02 – Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade Venue

28/02- Washington, DC – DC9

01/03- Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s

03/03- Toronto, ON – The Silver Dollar Room

04/03-  Detroit, MI – UFO Factory

05/03-  Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle

06/03-  Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry

08/03-  Seattle, WA – Barboza

09/03- Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios

11/03-  San Francisco, CA – The Rickshaw Stop

12/03-  Los Angeles, CA – The Echoplex

13/03-  San Diego, CA – The Hideout

14/03-  Phoenix, AZ – VIVA PHX Music Festival

2:54- Shacklewell Arms. 4th December 2014.




The best things in life are free (thanks Luther and Janet) and also, sometimes the best things are kept a secret. Yesterday afternoon whilst tearing my eyes away from work for a split second (15 minutes) I saw Bella Union’s clue as to who was their secret headliner for their Christmas show at the Shacklewell Arms. The clue was, “an East London bus route.” SO EASY. It’s 2:54. Easily. How did I guess it? Because that’s the bus I spend most of my life on. My plan after work was to go to the gym (this fatty has lost some weight) and go to sleep. Two things I enjoy. I also love 2:54. I love them more than the gym and sleep, and if I didn’t go I’d probably be a bit annoyed. So off I went!

A band called Landshapes were on first., who were mighty impressive. Their singer sounds a bit like both Emily and Jenny from Warpaint mixed with Foals-esque sounds. What I did hear/see was pretty damn good.

At around half 10 Alex, Colette and Hannah took to the stage to perform an acoustic set. Colette told me afterwards that they couldn’t get their gear out of their lock-up and get it to Shacklewell Arms in time, as they finish work at 9pm. The fact that they have day jobs makes me respect them a bit more you know? Most bands I listen to do work as well as in a band, it’s hard. It’s really hard. I can’t pretend I can relate, I wish I could. But not being paid to write about Music but having a desk job during the day isn’t really the same. Being in a band requires more effort and dedication.

I don’t know if it is old age or sheer tiredness, but I cannot remember the setlist. I know they opened with Crest and closed with Sugar. The Monaco was also played. I wish I could remember the other 2/3 songs they did, but it is half 8 and I’ve had 5 hours sleep. I hope today is gentle with me.

Seeing a band like 2:54 do an acoustic set was truly special. I don’t know how everyone else in the crowd felt (there was about 30 people, they all buggered off after Landshapes for some stupid reason) but it was beautiful. If you’ve ever seen 2:54 live you’ll know that it’s quite intense and heavy. They are gentle version of one of my favourite (and ultimately one of the greatest) bands, Sleep. My Gran has got me a Sleep t-shirt for Christmas, she’s the best. 2:54’s sound captures everything I absolutely love about music. They’ve got this heightened sensation in their sound that has really come alive on their new record, The Other I. Everything about their music is dark, ethereal and really intense. I don’t know how many times I play them at work to get me through staring at a spreadsheet. It bloody helps. I probably annoy everyone drumming along on the desk.

Alex, as I’ve said so many times, is easily my favourite drummer around. He’s a pleasure to watch and he just makes you wish you could play the drums. In their set last night he really shone during The Monaco. I love the regimented drumming on it mixed with Colette’s delicate voice. Then we have Hannah. If you ever feel the need to make a list of the best guitarists (please exclude gender as gender shouldn’t be a ruling factor) then she needs to undoubtedly be number 1. I think I spent the evening admiring her gorgeous Fender acoustic and being in awe of how brilliant she is. I could never get tired of watching them live or acoustic. I love how Colette is on stage, her enforcing hand gestures are equally as dominant during an acoustic set as they are during their normal live set-up. I’ve said it before, she moves on stage as if she could bust out a verse by say, Wu Tang Clan word for word with no problem at all. If you’re one of those people who seek to define music by gender or are constantly looking for “the best front-woman” then just look at her. However, if you want a band that have everything and know that gender shouldn’t define a person’s profession, then 2:54 are that band. What I’m trying to say is, 2:54 are bloody great and I want you to love them.

When you see a band you really love in such an intimate setting, it makes you appreciate their music a lot more and you hear the pieces you may not always hear on record. Not only are they an excellent band, they are genuinely the loveliest people I’ve met. Also, I know nothing about fashion but Colette had on a beautiful coat. Just incase you were wondering.

2:54 are out on tour in February playing Manchester, Bristol and London. A drunken decision was made last Friday with my good friend to go see them in Manchester. If I had the funds, I’d do Bristol too. But hey, 2 out of 3 isn’t so bad.

Go to your local record store and pick up the finest band on Bella Union’s new record, The Other I by 2:54. It is full of mystical wonder and heavy sounds, mixed with haunting vocals.

2:54. St Pancras OId Church. 19th November 2014.


“Nobody here can make the feeling new.”

Second time seeing 2:54, second time seeing them in a church. It is fair to say that their eerie and ethereal sound is bloody glorious in a church, and I would fully back them playing these kinds of venues. Why? Because there is something quite beautiful about seeing a band like 2:54 in a church. I can’t actually put it into words what it feels like, but if you’ve listened to them you know what kind of environment they are perfect for.

Last week they released their second record, The Other I. As someone who is pretty much still obsessed with their debut record, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to let it go and move onto the next. Turns out I am, and I’m of course, obsessed with it. There is something about their music that makes me want to write about music constantly. Maybe it is because everything I adore about music is in their sound. Do I want it to sound a little creepy? Yes. Do I want lyrics that not only I can relate to, but are in awe of how they are placed together and sung? Yes. Do I want music to sound like I’m not where I currently am? Yes. Do 2:54 do all this and beyond? Of course.

The PA system blares out Tender Shoots. A delicate song to listen to through headphones, but through a PA in church, it’s haunting. I cannot remember the setlist, but I remember moments (made use of a happy hour in a bar beforehand, so go with me on this.)

I loved the little jam at the end of Scarlet which went straight into Sugar. Sugar for so long was a song that I played on repeat, then they made a video to it and it just went insane. It’s a song that’s got so much going on in it that my little head can’t get itself around. The drums on it. Oh man. More on the drumming in a bit. Some songs are met with a beautiful smirk from Colette who, on stage seems like this powerful being stalking the stage and commanding it with rapper-esque hand movements. Off stage, she seems the opposite. One of the most genuine souls I’ve ever met, but more on that later. The new songs are adored by the 120 or so of us in the room. I thought, how can they still be playing small venues like this? But the thing is, this is where they sound perfect. Last night’s show was the first of their tour, and anyone who has a ticket is in for a real treat.

The drumming. Alex is pretty much the best drummer I’ve seen live, and one of the best drummers I’ve heard on record. If you’re looking for a group of musicians to influence you to start a band, listen to 2:54 then go see them live. Church or no church, just please go see them. I hope a 14-year-old kid somewhere hears this band and starts something magical of their own. I’m however, 28 with no musical talent, it’s probably why I do this. Ha. Alex has this ability to make the songs sound more brutal live. 2:54’s sound is delicate but mixed with bold moments. Moments that just make you hit repeat all the time. He makes the drums sound like waves crashing around you, a prime example of this is during Creeping. I wish I had the money to do all of this tour just to see him drum. He’s nothing short of brilliant.

Hannah and Colette play No Better Prize together. Just Hannah on guitar and Colette’s blissful vocals. Her clarity when she sings is gorgeous, and you pick up on the lyrics much more. You pick out certain lines, and not only do you identify with them but you’re bloody grateful someone has said it. My favourite part of the gig was a cross between No Better Prize and South. I think I’m sold on South being my favourite off The Other I. It was Pyro but I’m sticking with South. I think the new bassist is called Rich? Sorry if I’m wrong. Anyway, he’s bloody brilliant. Bassists don’t get enough credit I don’t think. For 2:54, the bass really adds something haunting to their sound.

Their heavy sound mixed with gentle vocals is really what appeals to me. It’s like beauty and the beast (none of the band are beasts, I just mean mixing something ferocious with something tame.) There are a small number of bands I could quite happily watch for the rest of my time, 2:54 are evidently one of them.

At the end of the show, I hung around to buy myself a t-shirt (as always, I do my clothes shopping at gigs don’t I.) In complete shock to me, Colette recognises me. “You’re Olivia aren’t you?!” My ability to say something awkwardly daft thankfully past me by (thank you Happy Hour, thank you!) Her words about my writing meant a hell of a lot to me. Firstly, I never expect a band to read anything I write about them and secondly, if they do read it I wouldn’t expect them to remember! She said I write beautifully about the band. It’s easy to write about them because I just love them and I have done for ages! When you really believe in something, it is easy to put that across. I’m just someone who loves music in all its possible ways. Balls to the genre, I just want it to make me feel something. Her kind words are staying with me, and when I feel like stopping writing, I’ll replay them in my head.

I told her I sold my ticket for The Jesus And Mary Chain to be there last night. “I hope we were worth it” she said. You have no idea. Can February hurry up now please?!

2:54- The Other I.





There are a few bands that you can associate with dark and misty weather. A band that you trudge through muddy puddles just to purchase some grime supermarket sandwich on your lunch break or a band you will happily wander through the streets to get home in a torrential downpour, just because they fit the mood. You can go as far back as you like or you bring it up to date with a band that are just nothing short of excellent. I’m spending my lunch break wisely by listening to The Other I for the third time today and attempting to write something about it that hopefully puts across how great it is. Alternatively, you can skip this and just buy the record next Monday (it’s out 2 days before my 28th, November is an alright month.)

2:54 are a band I have spent a lot of time listening to and really appreciating everything about what they do. I think Alex is one of the best drummers around, Hannah makes me wish I could play guitar and Colette has this gorgeous voice that I part wish I had, and the other part of me wants to have her sing me eerie songs every night before I sleep so I have some wonderfully lucid dream. Everything about 2:54s music is what I love. They have this brilliantly dark tension to their sound which is what made me fall unapologetically in love with their music a few years ago. The demos/b-sides I heard before their first record came out made me realise instantly that they were going to be a band that I would have to always listen to. To this day, I play their first record almost constantly. It makes the journey to and from work a little easier, I push myself a little more at the gym when I listen to it, I walk home imagining their lyrics coming to life. Their words and music are like an old, sacred Gothic novel made for Autumn/Winter. The Other I really brings all I’ve mentioned to life in the most ethereal way imaginable.

I tried to wait until I got home to write about The Other I, so I could spend the rest of my afternoon at work listening to it whilst staring at a screen pretending to know what I’m doing. I obviously, like a child at Christmas, just couldn’t wait.

The first three tracks are ones we have already heard. I’ve written about them previously so you know how I feel about them. No Better Prize and Sleepwalker were made for you to have obscure dreams to. The best way to listen to music of any kind is through headphones whilst laying or sitting on your bed. Do it in the dark, set your mind free and go some place. However, listening to The Other I at work is equally as powerful. The images come through, and as hard as I am trying right now to not shut my eyes and go somewhere; their songs are strong enough for me to do it with my eyes open. Colette’s voice on Sleepwalker is beautifully haunting. Her voice has this perfect gentle tone to it but at the same time creeps you out- on Sleepwalker it really comes to life. The Other I sounds perfect against their debut record, one isn’t better than the other. Both are masterpieces, and I vow to stand by that.

Tender Shoots is a quiet and delicate gem, and before you know it you are hit with The Monaco. I’m pretty sure, if they do this live, the drums are going to sound insane live. It’s slightly more upbeat (tempo wise) than their others songs, but I don’t mean this is something to dance to. You just move your body differently to it than you would to others. On their first record, how you move to Sugar is different to how you move to revolving. Something takes over, and you just go with it. I know I go on about Colette’s voice, but there’s a little breakdown on The Monaco where it just echoes and it is standout moment, for me.

Everything gets heavier from Crest onwards, and you sort of feel like you’re listening to a band that got you through your teenage angst years. Instead, you’ve found the band that allow escapism for adulthood. I’ve been trying to figure out what song I love the most on The Other I. Part of me is besotted with Pyro, but then I listen to South straight after and I cannot choose. So I won’t choose. The Other I, if you’re looking for comparisons, heavier than their debut. There are some “smack you in the face” moments on their debut and there are plenty on The Other I.

I don’t know if I’ll make a list of my favourite records this year, but if I feel the need I think it is safe to say this is my number 1. I’m torn between Pyro and South right now, maybe if they play them live I’ll be able to make some kind of decision but life I guess, is too short to always have favourites. All I know is that The Other I is a perfect record to listen to on this dark, murky day. Just like their debut, I plan on listening to it constantly. Their London show on the 19th (November) has sold out but they’re playing Dingwalls in February.

2:54 are a quiet storm, a sacred listen. If you ignored them the first time, don’t make the same mistake again. They are a band that make you realise that not all new music sucks and not every band is copying what has been done before. The eerie atmosphere that flows throughout The Other I is one of the main reasons as to why I love the record. That, and the fact that a band I really bloody adore and believe in are back, that’s enough to make me happy right now. 2:54 are a band that I want everyone I know to listen to and to love, just because they have this indescribable quality to their music that just makes it feel like you’re listening to something truly precious. I hope some lost teenager hears their music and starts their own band; that’s just how much I really dig this band.

Alright, that’s enough. I’ll go to my work now.





Since seeing 2:54 last week, I was pretty much wishing for the next few months to just go super fast so I could finally hear their new record. Some things I am just not patient with.

But to ease the waiting game, they have put a new video out for Blindfold. I really like how vulnerable the lyrics are and how Colette sings them. If you can believe in every word, you know you’ve found something worth treasuring. Blindfold still has that eerie sound that flows through 2:54’s music, but it is less heavy in Blindfold- the dark feel to it is in the lyrics this time, not the music. I just bloody love the lines “I don’t want to find my way back home” and “Everybody says, I’ve got to say what’s on my mind. But how do I say, I’m really losing my way every day.” Words for the soul from the heart.

After hearing Orion, In The Mirror and now Blindfold, I think it is fair to say that The Other I is going to be one of the best things to happen this year.

When you watch the video to Blindfold you can’t help but fall in love with London. Even after my rage towards the Victoria line yesterday morning, I still love this city and probably wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The video is beautifully shot, and makes you want to wander the streets of London late at night with some 2:54 blasting in your ears. It also makes you want a jacket like Colette’s.

The Other I is out 10th November via Bella Union.

2:54. Union Chapel- 8th September 2014.



Last night I went to two gigs in one night, remind me to NEVER do that when I have to be up at half 6 the next morning for work, but obviously it was worth it. It usually is. My ability to be alert today slipped away at around 1.30pm when I spilt my lunch down my white Velvet Underground t-shirt.

The first gig that I went to last night was the Bella Union showcase down the road from me at Union Chapel. I know I’m a fan of dark, dingy places to see bands but the Union Chapel is marvelous. Go see something there, it doesn’t matter what or who it is- just go. I’m choosing to only write about 2:54 because they pretty much were my reason for going. Anyone who knows me (sorry about that) knows how much I adore that band. There is something about their sound that makes me want to always write about music and on the flip side of this, makes me loathe the fact that I cannot play an instrument. I’ve got a cowbell somewhere but I don’t think cowbell players are in demand are they?

If you’ve been lucky enough to see 2:54 live, you’ve probably left in awe of Alex’s drumming skills. I left the gig wishing I could beat the shit of the drums like he does. He’s got this incredible way of making every cymbal crash sound like a wave coming over you and you just drift away peacefully into this eerie world that 2:54 create in their music. I know I say it with a few bands I’ve written about, and I’ve probably said it before about 2:54 but the atmosphere in their music reminds of one of the best records ever made- Seventeen Seconds by The Cure. If I get that feeling from a band, then I’m pretty much sold. The kind of music that makes you feel as if you’re lost in the woods with mist descending down on you, and you feel lost. Part of you wants to escape, the other part of you just wants to keep on walking. Hannah, is one ferocious guitar player, and I sincerely hope she is inspiring people to pick up the guitar and make their own noise. Their bassist? Watch him. He’s insanely excellent.

2:54 treat us all to some new songs from their record which is out 10th November (2 days before my 28th birthday!) and it all sounds bloody glorious. Their dark and beautifully moody sound is back to warm our hearts and souls once more. Although, I must admit I still play their debut record every day to and from work. There is something about their debut record that I’ve not found in much else, so I keep playing it. I think it is also because I’m partially in love/awe with Colette’s voice.

As it was my first time seeing 2:54, I can’t think of a better place to have seen them other than at the Union Chapel. The sound in the chapel is perfect, I’m pretty sure me singing Mariah Carey tunes would sound wonderful in there (going too far? Probably….) Some venues are made for certain bands, and the Union Chapel was definitely made for 2:54.

I enjoy sitting down as much as anyone else, but it felt really weird watching them put their all into their set and we were all sat down staring at them. I wanted to be at the front singing Scarlet back at them or air-drumming along to Sugar. When they went into Sugar I just wanted to stand up and move in a questionable fashion, but I’ve got a lot of self-control so I stayed seated. Their mini jam at the end of Scarlet was bloody brilliant too.

I don’t know the names of their new songs, but they did play In The Mirror and they ended with Orion. Colette put her guitar down for Orion, and her stage presence really shone through on that song. She’s got this dominating glow about her on stage that lures you in. One of the songs they did, I think it may have been the third one (possibly) was brilliant, and seeing Orion live made me really excited about the new record, The Other I. They’re the kind of band you’d want to sit down, and just talk about music with. Whether it be their own, or what influences them (can someone sort this for me?!)

After seeing them last night, I’m pretty happy to say that 2:54 are one of the best bands around and are one of the best bands I’ve seen live. Their shows in November cannot come round quick enough!

2:54-In The Mirror.



There are two reasons as to why today didn’t suck. Number 1- Morrissey announced a London show and number 2- there’s a new 2:54 song.

A few weeks or so ago, the wonderful Colette and Hannah brought the single Orion into the world and got us all hooked. Or maybe just me. I play it a hell of a lot every day. It gets me through work, and their debut record is still getting played daily. There is something about 2:54 that is perfect for grey days like today. As London was battered by rain today and the Summer quickly faded to be taken over by heavy, thick grey clouds- there is only one band you should be listening to (it’s 2:54.)

In The Mirror pretty much justifies why Colette Thurlow has one of the most gorgeous, haunting and entirely gripping vocals I’ve heard in a long long time. She’s got an ethereal sway to her voice that makes those who cannot sing (like myself) wish they could. She sings with this delicate power that immediately has hold of you. She could sing me the Yellow Pages and I’d be utterly captivated.

With a lot of bands they can fall into a trap as they face the release of their new record, but with 2:54 they sound equally as exciting as they did a few years ago when they first came out. I’ve got this horrible feeling that 2:54 are overlooked and underappreciated by so many, I just don’t understand how. They’ve got something that makes them tower above so many. I’m not being lazy wth my word, but I really can’t begin to describe their sound. I think me not being able to describe their sound is really what makes me love their music so much. They are the kind of band that I want to write about always, and make me want to write about music constantly.

2:54 make music for you to wander around under the bulging grey skies that are fit to burst at any time; In The Mirror is another eerie gem by them and has made me even more excited about their new record.


2:54 will be releasing their second record on Bella Union (so proud!) and is titled The Other I. The record is out 10th November (2 days before my birthday.) Here is the track listing:

1. Orion
2. Blindfold
3. In The Mirror
4. No Better Prize
5. Sleepwalker
6. Tender Shoots
7. The Monaco
8. Crest
9. Pyro
10. South
11. Glory Days
12. Raptor

You can preorder it here:  http://store.bellaunion.com/product/2-54-the-other-i

The artwork is really beautiful.

As the sun seems to be slowly creeping out for the next half hour or so here in Hackney, I’ll welcome the nighttime by playing In The Mirror on repeat.