2:54-In The Mirror.



There are two reasons as to why today didn’t suck. Number 1- Morrissey announced a London show and number 2- there’s a new 2:54 song.

A few weeks or so ago, the wonderful Colette and Hannah brought the single Orion into the world and got us all hooked. Or maybe just me. I play it a hell of a lot every day. It gets me through work, and their debut record is still getting played daily. There is something about 2:54 that is perfect for grey days like today. As London was battered by rain today and the Summer quickly faded to be taken over by heavy, thick grey clouds- there is only one band you should be listening to (it’s 2:54.)

In The Mirror pretty much justifies why Colette Thurlow has one of the most gorgeous, haunting and entirely gripping vocals I’ve heard in a long long time. She’s got an ethereal sway to her voice that makes those who cannot sing (like myself) wish they could. She sings with this delicate power that immediately has hold of you. She could sing me the Yellow Pages and I’d be utterly captivated.

With a lot of bands they can fall into a trap as they face the release of their new record, but with 2:54 they sound equally as exciting as they did a few years ago when they first came out. I’ve got this horrible feeling that 2:54 are overlooked and underappreciated by so many, I just don’t understand how. They’ve got something that makes them tower above so many. I’m not being lazy wth my word, but I really can’t begin to describe their sound. I think me not being able to describe their sound is really what makes me love their music so much. They are the kind of band that I want to write about always, and make me want to write about music constantly.

2:54 make music for you to wander around under the bulging grey skies that are fit to burst at any time; In The Mirror is another eerie gem by them and has made me even more excited about their new record.


2:54 will be releasing their second record on Bella Union (so proud!) and is titled The Other I. The record is out 10th November (2 days before my birthday.) Here is the track listing:

1. Orion
2. Blindfold
3. In The Mirror
4. No Better Prize
5. Sleepwalker
6. Tender Shoots
7. The Monaco
8. Crest
9. Pyro
10. South
11. Glory Days
12. Raptor

You can preorder it here:  http://store.bellaunion.com/product/2-54-the-other-i

The artwork is really beautiful.

As the sun seems to be slowly creeping out for the next half hour or so here in Hackney, I’ll welcome the nighttime by playing In The Mirror on repeat.

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