John Peel 75.



Everyone has their own reason as to why they do certain things. It can be a song, a book or a person. Going with the latter is sometimes dangerous because it doesn’t always work out. It helps if the person that places some kind of drive inside you is someone you’ve never met, or will (sadly) never meet.

For me, John Peel is the reason as to why I thought I should write about music/weird stuff no one really cares about. All those weekday nights staying up just to hear something weird and wonderful paid off. Why be awake and alert for a Maths lesson knowing Algebra is not as important as hearing an old Peel session by The Fall? Mark E Smith’s wisdom is worth more than knowing how to do long division. John Peel backed the underdog, he played the music that others would pass on- foolishly. He turned my ears onto the likes of Cat Power, someone who’s music has been everything to me when I had nothing.

I’ve said all these things about John Peel many many times before, but as I listen to bands that have come out since his death I can’t help but think he would love them. He would probably love the ethereal feel of Warpaint, he’d swoon over the girl group sound in Dum Dum Girls, he would probably have Crocodiles in for Peel Sessions as many times possible. He’d probably adore the likes of PINS, 2:54, Bo Ningen, Savages, Gäy, Fat White Family. I could list more, but you get my point.

There is nobody like him around, there never will be. The bands he backed lasted, the bands a lot of “DJs” back now have a shelf life of around 4 years, if they are lucky. Music shouldn’t be disposable, but to so many it sadly is.

Make your own scene.

Happy 75th Birthday John xx

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