Oh the sheer urge to leave England behind is growing by the day it seems. Who is to blame for such urges? Bands such as No-Fi. A band from the West Coast who make me feel like I am there without enduring a painful flight journey with some bratty kid sat behind me kicking the seat and some overweight and sweaty guy next to me spilling into my seat whilst dribbling at the sight of his in-flight meal. I’ll get there by the power of my mind. They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste, but I’m wasting it on nothing bad.

No-Fi are pretty damn good. On record they sound as if they are trashing their guitars about and drumsticks are flying everywhere. A pleasurable riot ensues as soon as you start listening to them. Like a glorious smack in the chops, these guys know how to hit you with wonderfully sordid grooves. Why sit at the beach when you can head to your nearest dive bar and indulge in whatever behaviour you desire after consuming a little whiskey.

Do you want to know who they sound like? Sorry, I can’t tell you. Not because I’m being a selfish ass, but because I genuinely have no idea who I would mention. Besides, comparisons are for those who are too lazy to actually listen. If you want a band that sound like the Velvet Underground, then go listen to the Velvet Underground. Pretty simple really.

Going by what’s on their Bandcamp page, I think they’ve only got one record/EP out and much like Girl Tears (I will mention my love for them whenever and wherever I can) they’ve pretty much created a solid sound with just one record. No-Fi are again a band that have EVERYTHING I love about music in one. They’ve got a Punk feel to it, some mellow moments and some hard rambunctious grooves to get you going. They wouldn’t sound out of place anywhere, their style is utterly timeless. Just back to Girl Tears a second, when I first wrote about them I felt glad that writing about music/music in general is my love. I’m getting the same feeling as I write about No-Fi. If you can be moved like this by a band so quickly, then I think it means you have found something truly special. You can’t let go of it, even if you tried. Their songs are swirling around your head on a daily basis as you stroll down the street heading nowhere in particular.


* artwork by Simone Hills*

In an ideal world these guys would be playing dingy venues in London so I could stare and be in awe of how brilliant they are (Girl Tears would of course be there.) Back to what I wrote in my post about 13th Pillar earlier, I really do need to start playing the lottery.

Their debut released manages to merge so much in one go, yet sounds ridiculously tight. They have a sound that many try to figure out and probably struggle to achieve, they’ve done it in their first release. So what comes after that? The world of course. Your hearts, ears, souls, mind, bodies- they are coming for it all.

What’s so great about their music is that you can tell they are the bestest of friends and they really love making music. When you can feel that love and passion from a band in their music/live shows, you know you’ve found something worth treasuring.

You can listen to their record (and buy it) right here:


*Band shot taken by Sophie Appel.

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