13TH PILLAR-All Sounds The Same (EP)



I’m constantly dissatisfied with myself for never learning to play an instrument and make a noise of my own. I wish I had the ability to lock myself away in a tiny room somewhere and make my own noise, with nobody telling me what to change or add. On my own terms, my own noise. Instead, I listen to music that does this. I listen to music that answers back to anything that is expected or demanded. Like many who can’t play an instrument, I write about music instead. I’m probably dissatisfied with that too, but that’s just me. Is there always something better? I’d imagine so.

13th Pillar are a brilliant band from the Isle of Man. If you know me (sorry about that) you will know of my dislike for the place as I had a 19 year stretch there. I’ve not been to prison, sadly I was brought up there. I say brought up, I just had the life sucked out of me, fucked off to Uni and gained some much needed freedom. By freedom I mean going to gigs all the time and walking around places where nobody knew my name. Bliss. Yet with all the crapness I personally associate with the place, 13th Pillar are pretty much the best band on the Isle of Man. I’m saying this because my Uncle is in the band and also they actually are the best band on the Isle of Man. I’ve listened to a few bands from there, and even if I wasn’t related to him- I would still say they were a brilliant band.

Their new EP is bloody excellent and is only made up of 3 songs. In 3 songs you can do a hell of a lot, so don’t let that put you off. 13th Pillar sound like everything I listen to all rolled into one. They remind me of my pals Girl Tears in a sense that you can tell nobody is telling them what to do. They’ve got a fuzzy TJAMC feel to them mixed with something lucid/psychedelic. They take you on some lucid trip full of kaleidoscopic images, making your eyes ache afterwards from staring at the walls to hard. This 3 track EP is all kinds of magic. It is brutally strange and nothing but a joy to listen to. I’m a proud niece right now.

*My uncle is the one in the grey shirt, and you get a nice shot of my auntie’s head in the first few seconds as she takes some photos….*

The title track off the EP is 6 minutes and 22 seconds of euphoria; there’s no way I can compare it to anything else I’ve ever heard before because this is a different level of weird. I’m quite content with playing it over and over this evening. This EP is the kind you either play locked away in your room to weird yourself out to or you play it to your pals and weird them out to it. Basically, listen to it and get weird.

In an ideal world I’d be a millionaire so I could fly my favourite bands out to wherever they wanted to bring their shows to life. There are so many venues I can think of that would be ideal for 13th Pillar…guess I’ll have to start playing the lottery/buying scratchcards. The EP has 3 incredibly strong tracks on it that just leave you as ever, wanting more. Family bias aside, it’s one of the best EPs I’ve heard in a while.

You can listen to (and buy) the EP right here: http://the13thpillar.bandcamp.com/album/all-sounds-the-same-ep


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