2:54. Union Chapel- 8th September 2014.



Last night I went to two gigs in one night, remind me to NEVER do that when I have to be up at half 6 the next morning for work, but obviously it was worth it. It usually is. My ability to be alert today slipped away at around 1.30pm when I spilt my lunch down my white Velvet Underground t-shirt.

The first gig that I went to last night was the Bella Union showcase down the road from me at Union Chapel. I know I’m a fan of dark, dingy places to see bands but the Union Chapel is marvelous. Go see something there, it doesn’t matter what or who it is- just go. I’m choosing to only write about 2:54 because they pretty much were my reason for going. Anyone who knows me (sorry about that) knows how much I adore that band. There is something about their sound that makes me want to always write about music and on the flip side of this, makes me loathe the fact that I cannot play an instrument. I’ve got a cowbell somewhere but I don’t think cowbell players are in demand are they?

If you’ve been lucky enough to see 2:54 live, you’ve probably left in awe of Alex’s drumming skills. I left the gig wishing I could beat the shit of the drums like he does. He’s got this incredible way of making every cymbal crash sound like a wave coming over you and you just drift away peacefully into this eerie world that 2:54 create in their music. I know I say it with a few bands I’ve written about, and I’ve probably said it before about 2:54 but the atmosphere in their music reminds of one of the best records ever made- Seventeen Seconds by The Cure. If I get that feeling from a band, then I’m pretty much sold. The kind of music that makes you feel as if you’re lost in the woods with mist descending down on you, and you feel lost. Part of you wants to escape, the other part of you just wants to keep on walking. Hannah, is one ferocious guitar player, and I sincerely hope she is inspiring people to pick up the guitar and make their own noise. Their bassist? Watch him. He’s insanely excellent.

2:54 treat us all to some new songs from their record which is out 10th November (2 days before my 28th birthday!) and it all sounds bloody glorious. Their dark and beautifully moody sound is back to warm our hearts and souls once more. Although, I must admit I still play their debut record every day to and from work. There is something about their debut record that I’ve not found in much else, so I keep playing it. I think it is also because I’m partially in love/awe with Colette’s voice.

As it was my first time seeing 2:54, I can’t think of a better place to have seen them other than at the Union Chapel. The sound in the chapel is perfect, I’m pretty sure me singing Mariah Carey tunes would sound wonderful in there (going too far? Probably….) Some venues are made for certain bands, and the Union Chapel was definitely made for 2:54.

I enjoy sitting down as much as anyone else, but it felt really weird watching them put their all into their set and we were all sat down staring at them. I wanted to be at the front singing Scarlet back at them or air-drumming along to Sugar. When they went into Sugar I just wanted to stand up and move in a questionable fashion, but I’ve got a lot of self-control so I stayed seated. Their mini jam at the end of Scarlet was bloody brilliant too.

I don’t know the names of their new songs, but they did play In The Mirror and they ended with Orion. Colette put her guitar down for Orion, and her stage presence really shone through on that song. She’s got this dominating glow about her on stage that lures you in. One of the songs they did, I think it may have been the third one (possibly) was brilliant, and seeing Orion live made me really excited about the new record, The Other I. They’re the kind of band you’d want to sit down, and just talk about music with. Whether it be their own, or what influences them (can someone sort this for me?!)

After seeing them last night, I’m pretty happy to say that 2:54 are one of the best bands around and are one of the best bands I’ve seen live. Their shows in November cannot come round quick enough!

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