Since seeing 2:54 last week, I was pretty much wishing for the next few months to just go super fast so I could finally hear their new record. Some things I am just not patient with.

But to ease the waiting game, they have put a new video out for Blindfold. I really like how vulnerable the lyrics are and how Colette sings them. If you can believe in every word, you know you’ve found something worth treasuring. Blindfold still has that eerie sound that flows through 2:54’s music, but it is less heavy in Blindfold- the dark feel to it is in the lyrics this time, not the music. I just bloody love the lines “I don’t want to find my way back home” and “Everybody says, I’ve got to say what’s on my mind. But how do I say, I’m really losing my way every day.” Words for the soul from the heart.

After hearing Orion, In The Mirror and now Blindfold, I think it is fair to say that The Other I is going to be one of the best things to happen this year.

When you watch the video to Blindfold you can’t help but fall in love with London. Even after my rage towards the Victoria line yesterday morning, I still love this city and probably wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The video is beautifully shot, and makes you want to wander the streets of London late at night with some 2:54 blasting in your ears. It also makes you want a jacket like Colette’s.

The Other I is out 10th November via Bella Union.

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