Albums Of 2011-Part 2.

I’ve spent my morning writing songs. One of which is about being with someone who you then discover is a murderer. Lack of sleep may have brought this on. Maybe I should stop listening to Charles Manson’s music? I’ve had to make a list of the albums I want to write about. I’ve only got 20 and I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some out, or I’ll end up disliking one or two of the ones I’ll end up mentioning. Hopefully I won’t, but I do like to make life difficult for myself sometimes. I’ve not had much sleep so this is again, going to be some kind of strange rant.

This year, again, duos have seem to have blown my mind with their records from The Kills (already mentioned) to Uh Huh Her. Unintentionally this part is going to be about a few albums that duos have put out that I loved (and still do) far too much (maybe.) I’ll start before I get carried away AGAIN!

Uh Huh Her-Nocturnes: Not because I’m a bit (a lot) in love with them, but because it is actually a fucking amazing second album. When I heard Common Reaction I instantly fell in love with it, a perfect debut album. I honestly didn’t expect their second album to be as good- or even better than their first. It’s less synthy (not even a word but I don’t care!) than their debut. It’s got a more raw sound, the lyrics are a lot darker. I’m borderline obsessed with Another Case. Mainly the video. For obvious reasons 😉 But it’s quite a menacing song in a way, I don’t know. I probably think Bambi is a menace right now due to lack of sleep. Personally I feel that Leisha and Camila should be massive, like the whole world should know about them; their music is so euphoric. You put their records on, and you just want to fail your limbs about and call it dancing. You just want to emerse yourself in it over and over again. The lyrics are gorgeous and the actual music just makes you want to throw your body around in mental ways. I adore the song Disdain far too much. I love how their voices merge together in such a beautiful way. You have Camila’s strong voice that is tamed with Leisha’s delicate tones. This is what you want in a duo. This is why duos in my mind, are so brilliant. They put more work into their sound, there’s more chemistry. I just love this album a hell of a lot.

Big Deal-Lights Out: My love for this duo is ridiculous. What I adore about them is how fragile and utterly vulnerable their music is. The way they sing just absolutely rips you apart so badly. You can be the most stable person ever, but if you listen to tracks like Talk or Chair, you will want to just weep. You will want to cry and you will feel so sad. I know a lot try to avoid feeling sad, but Big Deal do it in such a delicate and careful way. It’s just their voices and guitars. They are a brilliant duo who well and truly tug at your heartstrings. Talk, for me is the most heartbreaking song I’ve heard in a long time. It’s on a par with The Last Goodbye by The Kills. The line, “All I wanna do is talk, but seeing you fucks me up.” It just makes you ache everywhere. You feel it in your heart and it sinks so deep into the pit of your tummy. It cripples you with such strong emotion. It is an emotionally charged album that will easily break the hardest of hearts. The sheer vulnerabilty in their music makes them easy to fall in love with and relate to. There’s sod all wrong with being a delicate person. You can be fragile but unafraid of the world- you can be that person. This album is a stunning debut, and honestly if they are making music like this on their debut record- they are more than likely going to blow you away with their next records. It’s so full of raw emotion that most of us try to shy away from. The slightly distorted electric guitar mixed with the acoustic guitar is just perfect. Truly, truly stunning.

Cults-Cults: One of  my greatest loves in music is 1960s girl groups such as The Shirelles, The Girlfriends etc. I love the big drum sound and angelic voices that just ooze so much feeling. I love how it can make you want to dance but if you pay attention to the lyrics, it’d just destroy you. I love how they can mask the pain of love and relationships with an amazing sound- such as the Wall Of Sound. I just think it’s genius, truly wonderful. What I love about Cults is that they have managed to do this. They’ve done it, an it doesn’t seem intentional at all. It’s just like, how they are. A lot of bands seem to want to have a specific sound and relate to certain kins of people. The music that Cults create isn’t like that at all. They’ve got this lovely Pop sound that is quite soulful. If you didn’t know they were from now, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was from the 60s. Songs such as You Know What I Mean just pour out so much- I don’t know what. There’s just a lot going on. I remember playing the record in full and just being amazed as to what I was hearing. The drums just blew me away. I have a thing for drums, the louder and more agressive they sound- the more I’ll probably enjoy it. The drums are bold in their music, but the soft vocals ease it and just make you feel the music even more. I adore Never Saw The Point a hell of a lot. I think I went through a stage where all I did was just play this song over and over. The line, “I never saw the point in trying, ’cause I would only let you down.” is just one of the many in this song that I felt a lot. Towards things and people, but now it’s alright and none of it matters anymore 🙂 If you want a record that is going to make you want to just get lost in the world and its surroundings, then you more than likely need this one. And if you don’t want that? Well, you still need the record.

Summer Camp-Welcome To Condale: I don’t think there’s anything I can say about this record or the band that I haven’t said already. It’s bloody obvious how much this band mean to me. I do think my love for this record is spirling way out of control. You all know my love for I Want You, song of the year no doubt. It’s just a brilliant piece of 80s influenced music. Don’t let the 80s influence out you off. Unlike a lot of bands, Summer Camp actually do it in a way that doesn’t leave you with an awful headache. Think, eating too many Freddo bars in one go- that horrible sickly feeling you get. Go with that…..Summer Camp don’t make you feel that way at all. Elizabeth and Jeremy have easily created the best debut album this year. Deny that, and I’ll make you eat Freddo bars until puke fills your face. I clearly won’t, I’m just trying to create some dramatic tension between us. I know that a lot of amazing albums have been released this year, but I reckon Welcome To Condale is going to be one of the few that in like 10 years time- I am still going to be going on about. Oh don’t get me started on I Want You, I’ll probably be on my deathbed asking to hear it then try to dance to it. The album is just amazing, start to finish- it is an instant work of art. If it doesn’t blow you away, then you’re daft. I’m joking, slightly. We’re all allowed our own opinion but seriously, if you can’t love this record GET OUT. You can sense the love, time, effort, passion and work that went into the record. That alone makes it stand out from a lot of records around.

Summer Camp-Welcome To Condale.

Welcome To Condale? More like…WELCOME TO THE BEST ALBUM OF 2011. Seriously, I wasn’t going to allow myself to love analbum this year as much as The Horrors, The Kills or Florence- but I’ve decided that I have far too much love to go around to limit myself to one record. What I mean is- I lied. All those times I claimed to have found the best record of the year-I lied. Until RIGHT NOW. I can safely say not only have Summer Camp put out the best album of the year but it is also the best debut album of the year.

If you’ve been daft enough to read anything I’ve written or if you know me (I’m sorry) you will have probably had me tell you that I Want You by Summer Camp is the best thing to have happened this year. Since February I have played it every day. It’s taken over my life. Well, not as dramatic as that but I do love the song a hell of a lot. It’s about how love should be. Is it a stalker song? I don’t think it is, but I can see why someone would think that. Personally, I think it is the best song to have come out this year. I’ve spent most of this year listening to a lot of records. Some have made me nauseas, some have made me happy, some have made me weep- but NO song apart from I Want You has made me feel so stupidly happy. I have no idea what it is. It’s the music, Elizabeth’s voice, the lyrics, the production- EVERYTHING. I love when the drums kick in and the synths just blow your mind. I’ve written about this song so many times and I can sense I’m going to go off on one if I don’t move onto a different song.

The album opens with their last single, Better Off Without You. It’s my favourite “fuck you, you’re a massive wanker” song of this year. I like songs that tell someone to sod off in a roundabout way. Probably because I’m too much of a coward to do it myself. Not that I need to right now, but you know what I mean. I love how the intro sounds like something from an awful 80s film. I’m not dissing the song. You know those awful 80s films that you have to watch because they are so bad- they are good? That’s what I mean. I’m giving a compliment, I’m just making a massive mess out of it. In short, Better Off Without You sounds very 80s and is bloody brilliant. I probably should’ve said that in the first place.

I want to draw your attention to Jeremy’s vocals on Brian Krakow. They are amazing! I love love LOVE this song. Basically, how I feel about I Want You- every song on this album makes me feel. It is that AMAZING. I cannot praise this record enough, I really can’t. During my last two years of Uni I was a huge fan of Jeremy’s music. I thought it was so heartfelt and passionate. A fantastic musican with a lot of heart and talent for him to be part of my favourite band of 2011 (and part of 2010) is just mind-blowing. I think it is safe to say that Elizabeth and Jeremy are the best duo around (this doesn’t include The Kills because I’m mentally married to Alison.) Their voices work so bloody well together, it’s just perfect. Perfection does exist, you can find it on this record.

Oh look, I seem to have gone back a few tracks and I’m listening to I Want You again. It’d be rude to skip this song.

This album was funded from the Pledge Music site. Jeremy and Elizabeth made stuff, sold the stuff to then make this album. Everything from demos to brownies to a gig in your home was part of the pledge. Is this the future of how all records are going to be made? Possibly. It’s a bloody good way of doing it. It means the artists get full creative control and can make the music that they want and not have some chubby boss in an ill-fitting suit telling them what to do.

I have been looking forward to this record for so long. I don’t get excited about much. Well, music wise I suppose I do. More than one should I guess, but I’m not sorry. I don’t know what I was expecting from this record. I knew it was going to be a solid record, but I honestly didn’t expect every single track to make me feel so fucking happy and just want to hug someone. I do like a good cuddle, but you know what I mean. The drums, the guitars, synthy things- it is all perfect. There are some sad songs on this record but the music just makes you ignore that. The lyrics are ridiculously brilliant. They don’t need to write pretentious bull-turd to make a point or to make you feel what they are singing. “This house isn’t big enough for the both of us.” such a beautiful line, taken from Losing My Mind. Another favourite. Their vocals sound so beautiful together on this record.

I love Summer Camp (the track) and the intro has a wonderful “YOU CRAZY BITCH!” sample from a film on the intro. This is another reason as to why I love the duo. They use brilliant film samples in their music. It makes you feel really part of the record. Sometimes artists create amazing music, but you cannot feel part of it. Summer Camp don’t do that. You feel like you are living in Condale in this record. You feel like you know Brian Krakow. We probably know someone like him don’t we. A brilliant name too. Very 80s German porn star-ish. I’m joking….or am I?! 😉 When a band have a song named after the band, it is always amazing. My only reference to this are Summer Camp and Warpaint. Oh look, two of my favourite bands. I’m biased, don’t judge.

Nobody Knows You is wonderful. I honestly feel like a massive wanker picking apart the songs and telling you about them. Can’t you just go out and buy the record on Monday? Go on. Do it. Go to your local record shop and buy this wonderful work of art. It is truly a masterpiece.

It is hard to believe that this is their debut full length album because it sounds like something a band well into their career would make. I’m not just saying this because I love the band I lot. If I thought the record was toss- I wouldn’t write over a thousands words telling you about why it is amazing. Welcome To Condale makes you feel like you are living in the 80s. Hopefully not wearing neon legging and a shellsuit/tracksuit jacket. Actually, I hear wearing that whilst listening to this record gives it a different vibe. Go try it. I won’t tell anyone. Don’t send me a photo.

Their new single, Down is UHHHHHHmazing. Have you seen the video? Do you want to? Of course you do. It’s directed by Chris Boyle and it’s probably the best video if the year.

I don’t think I’ve ever written this much about a record before, maybe it’s because I’ve never heard anything like this before. It is truly wonderful. I don’t care if you hate synths or anything that sounds a bit 80s- I’m like that. I’m not really a huge fan, but fuck it- Summer Camp do it in a way that deserves your attention. So, on Monday I want you (see what I did!) to go out and buy Welcome To Condale. Then I want you (I’m not sorry) to send the band a nice message on Twitter telling them you love the record and it is the best thing you’ve heard all year. Can you do that? Good. Oh and make sure you go see them on their UK tour in a few weeks.

Elizabeth, Jeremy; THANK YOU for this wonderful record. It is obvious how much love and hard-work has gone into this record. It is truly mind-blowing.


Being a fan/obsessive-Is there a difference?

I’m not aiming to make any sense with this. I never make any sense. Maybe I’ll write stupidly short sentences or I’ll just rant with poor punctuation. Thank fuck for spell check. I’ll just get excited about mentioning certain bands and lose any sense of intelligence I have. It happens a lot, be grateful you don’t know me; you’d probably want to punch me. Most want to anyway, I fully get it. It’s okay.

Everyone has a band or singer that when they listen to them, a wave of emotion just takes over. They lose their mind, their body goes into some kind of fit and their heart beats double time. I don’t care who it is for you. I don’t care if Converge make you just lose your shit, if Ace Of Base make you so happy you piss yourself or if The Cure make you feel so fucking alive. I don’t care. This isn’t about the artist, it’s about the feeling you get from the music. It doesn’t have to be everything a band has done, it can just be one song that sends you into some ridiculous frenzy that you can only express by making noises only dogs can understand and flapping your arms about like a person trying to rid themselves of a wasp.

This year, I’m sure it was the start of February, I heard a song. Since hearing that song on that dull February day, I have played it every day since. No day goes by where I do not play I Want You by Summer Camp. It’s vital that I play it every day, I have no idea why. It’s just the best song I have heard this year. You know what it does to me? EVERYTHING. It makes me feel so fucking happy inside and out. I’m not the world’s most cheerful human being, but then again; who is? Nor am I total misery guts. I have good and bad days, I’m not afraid to feel disgustingly low. It doesn’t scare me. When I hear I Want You, I am just overcome with joy. So much joy. If I ever heard it in a shop or wherever, I think I’d have to sit down….or have a nap. I’d be uncontrollable. I love the synths; I love when it kicks in and just smacks you so hard in the face; but in a pleasurable manner. I adore Elizabeth’s voice, it’s stunning. I’d probably slap someone if they said they didn’t like this song. However, I’m not a violent person so I’d end up slapping myself in the face by accident. I’m book smart, not street smart. I Want You is just one of the many songs that cause me to react this way. Some eat cake to make themselves feel better, I just listen to music. Especially this song. Hand on heart; I can say it is my favourite song of the year. NO DOUBT.

I’ve always said I could never love a person as much as I love Morrissey. Obviously, I welcome the challenge. No ones challenged how I feel about this, so I’ve come to the conclusion that one is unlovable (yes that is a Morrissey based pun, it’s also true.) For me, Morrissey is THE ONE. The ultimate one. My lifeline and my life saver. Everything about his music and just him makes everything worthwhile. I know sometimes it is hard for us humans to carry on, but when I listen to Morrissey; I can’t help but feel okay with how I feel. I could feel so awfully low, but then I play one of his songs and I feel, “someone gets me.” He says the things I cannot say. He says the things I wish I could say. However, I know people who do not allow you to have an opinion so I just keep quiet. It’s the quiet ones you should watch, that’s what people say. I’m not a menace, I’ll stay quiet. Morrissey’s live shows feel like coming home. They make me feel like I can do anything. His live shows are like an epiphany. Anyone who has seen him live knows exactly what I mean. I don’t believe you can like just one or two Morrissey songs. I believe that once you hear a Morrissey song, that’s it for life. You become hooked. You don’t just like him, you love him. You love him unconditionally.

When you love a band, they become part of your life in a way you could never imagine. You think you’ve reserved this kind of love and emotion for your significant other, it overwhelms you. The love you have for the band or singer is on a completely different level. It’s the definition of love, respect and loyalty. You won’t let anyone say a bad word about them. You form friendships based on mutual love for them. If I wasn’t so shy, I’d probably attempt to form friendships in record shops. Then again, I can’t even chat up girls so I’d be useless at making friends. I mean, I do have friends but I didn’t mean them in record shops. Ranting now aren’t I.

When I was in secondary school, a section of my life I wish I could erase, all my work books were covered in band photos and lyrics. To this day, I still decorate my lyric books with lines from songs I love and writing the names of bands I love. The feelings a piece of music can give you can really take you aback sometimes. You wonder if the artist had the intention of having such power to do that to the listener when they made the record. Did Bob Dylan ever think he would be such a huge influence to people? Did Patti Smith ever think she’d inspire people to stand up and say something? How do they feel about it? It must be overwhelming for them too. Imagine walking on stage every night and having thousands and thousands of people sing your words back to you. Words you broke your heart to write and the audience feel every single word. I just don’t think there is any greater feeling in the world.

So what is it exactly that draws the line at “regular” fan to someone who is just obsessed? I’d never sleep outside my favourite singers’ house and present them with oranges when they opened their front door. You hear about people breaking into singers’ homes, casually taking a bath or whatever. Why would you do that? Bathing is private- USE YOUR OWN BATH. Are these people registered as mentally ill or do they actually love the singer? Only they know. I don’t condone such behaviours. There is nothing wrong with losing yourself to the sounds of your favourite band and/or at a gig; but don’t bloody follow them home. They’re people too, they are entitled to privacy. We all are.

I’ve always been obsessed with music. I remember dancing to Kraftwerk and Dee-Lite when I was a baby in the living room, in my nappy. I had moves dear reader, I had moves. Now? I don’t like to unleash them. I don’t want to threaten anyone; they’re not ready for them at all.

The best thing about feeling a song so deeply is when you meet the ones responsible for creating the sound, and just seeing what it means to them. I will always say interviewing Warpaint is my greatest achievement. I took so much from that interview, just being in their presence meant so much. If you watch their interviews or performances; you can truly see that they feel the music. It is their live. As it is their life, you fall completely and utterly in love with it; and it becomes your life. When a band or singer gives you their all, and they believe in their words- you can’t help but believe it too.

Everyone has a singer or band that they give themselves over to. They skip school to buy the record on the day of its release (I’ve done this, I’m not sorry.) They decorate their rooms with posters, name pets or children after the singer they love, have tattoos in honour of them. You follow a band everywhere on tour; you spend all your money on seeing them live. The best conversations are had whilst waiting in line to see your favourite band live. It just takes over, people call you obsessed. Don’t listen to them. We all need something or someone to believe in. It’s easier if it’s a singer because they cannot hurt you. All they do is project your nagging insecurities, your weaknesses, your joy, your pain, love, tears- everything. They do it all. They are there for you at 4am when the world is asleep. They provide the comfort no other can or ever will. Music is a crutch; it’s up to you how you use it.

There’s one thing that expresses the true meaning of being a fan. It isn’t in a song, it’s in a film; Almost Famous. I watched this film during my first year of University. I was full of self doubt, and didn’t know what to do. A relative told me to watch the film. I watched it, and it changed my life. It made me realise that all I want to do with my life is write. I may not be any good, but music and writing are my passion, I just have to do it. I don’t want to do anything else. My role models aside from my mum are two people who I believe changed music- Lester Bangs and John Peel. They fuelled something inside of me that caused me to love music as much as I do. It’s more than just a passion for it, it’s my life. Everyone has that one thing that is their life, mine is music. When I listen to The Kills first record, it makes me feel so fucking alive and like I can do anything. When I listen to the Velvet Underground, I fall in love with their raw sound and just want to create something wonderful.

When you truly love something like this, you are made to feel like you can do anything and be whatever you want. And you know what, you really can.

2011- Songs.

I know I’m doing this too early in the year, but if I do it now- maybe I won’t change my mind. I know I’ll change my mind as soon as I publish this. I’ll hear a song and think, “SHITTING HELL. THAT NEEDS TO GO ON MY LIST!” Hopefully I will gain some self control and not do that. I’m not doing this in any order, however the last song I mention is my song of the year. It’s pretty obvious what song it is. I’ve got a cool story to accompany it too, it’s just given it so much more meaning to me and I love it more than I did before.

Let’s begin :

Dirty Beaches- Lord Knows Best.– When I first heard this, I honestly didn’t think it was something from this year. I just thought it was an old old song being re-released. I was stupidly wrong. Lord Knows Best is taken from Alex’s album Badlands which was released in March this year, it’s such a beautiful album. What I love about this song is how old it feels, the sample on a loop and Alex’s vocals. His voice sounds so desperate, which is what drew me in straight away. I love anything that sounds dark, angry, frustrated and painful. This doesn’t mean I’m some morbid wanker, far from it. I’m just someone who is always drawn to the dark side of things- it just means more to me than hearing something cheerful. However, this is lyrically, not a dark song. It’s about loving one person and nothing/no one else matters. Just this one person. I guess you could call it a love song. Whatever it is, it’s one of the best things I’ve heard this year.

Wye Oak-Civilian.– You know when you hear a song, and you give all your attention to the lyrics? That’s what happened when I first heard Civilian by Wye Oak. The album is just stunning. This song means so much, “I am nothing without pretend. I know my faults, can’t live with them.” It just screams out fragility. The whole song does. It’s almost as if, you can use this song to admit to all your faults- you’re human, and it is how you feel. I adore the build up in the song. Their musicianship is so strong and so inspiring, it’s just so stunning. It’s one of the songs that make me wish I could write something as powerful as this. As far as duos in music go, Wye Oak are one of my favourites.

Widowspeak-Wicked Game.– I know it’s a cover, but it’s so good. I love how haunting they have made it, but at the same time still has the same feel as the original. I usually hate it when a song I love is covered, but this is just stunning from start to finish. The way, “This world is only gonna break your heart” is sung is damn hypnotising. The song makes you feel like you are in some kind of trance. It’s just perfect. If you’ve never listened to them before, start with this cover.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart- Heart In Your Heartbreak.– I know this came out late last year, however the track is taken from their second album which came out in March this year. So, I’m going with that. Their album came out at a time that I wish to never go through again. This song was my crutch for 2 months. I used to listen to it to stop myself from feeling like shit and realising…well, I don’t want to make it too personal. Basically, when you think you can’t get over having your heart broken- you actually can. And when you do, you becoming strong and nothing can touch you no more because you have felt so shit, you’ve experienced rock bottom and you will do anything to never feel that way away. I cannot pick out a lyric that I love, because I just adore it all. This song was around when I didn’t know what to do with myself or what to do with how I was feeling.

Novella-The Things You Do.– When you listen to Novella, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking you were listening to a band from LA. They have that gorgeous lo-fi/sufer pop feel to their music. They formed in Brighton and are now based in London. If you love Dum Dum Girls and Best Coast, you are truly going to fall in love with Novella. I hope next year beings them great success because they really do deserve it. This song causes your head to spin and your body to float. It’s so beautiful.

Zola Jesus-Vessel.– I am going to struggle putting this into words because the music Nika creates owns a large part of my heart. Her music is so enthralling and haunting. Everything about her music just makes my soul shake and my head swim. I am constantly in awe of her talent. She’s only 21 years old, she’s so bloody gifted. Hopefully I’m seeing her in November. I’m oretty sure it’s going to be like some kind of religious experience. I have every confidence that her album Conatus is going to be one of the best albums of the year. Her voice is so distinctive and powerful. I love the dark feel in her music. I love how her music can make everything better. I took a walk today and just played her music. It was like I was drifting off into another world. A dreamland. I honestly cannot praise Nika’s talents enough. I really don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like her music. She’s a massive credit to the music industry, I just hope they realise that instead of obsessing over pop stars that contribute nothing.

The Horrors- I Can See Through You.– I could pick any song of theirs, but I Can See Through You is my favourite off Skying lyrically. The album is beautiful, but more on that when I write about my favourite albums of 2011. Faris’ vocals on this song are so strong. The band sound as perfect as ever. So captivating and hypnotising. I know a lot of people are getting into The Horrors based on Still Life. What pisses me off is that they dismissed them during the Strange House era. That album will always be one of my favourites. The raw, brutal sound to it is amazing. The garage rock vibe it has is stunning. However, those that are only just getting into The Horrors have missed out on many years- their loss.

The Kills-The Last Goodbye.– It was close to impossible to pick which song by The Kills I wanted to include. I toyed with the idea of putting Satellite in because I love the reggae electro feel it has. Then I wanted Baby Says because I love it like someone would probably love their child. Then it was Nail In My Coffin. I went through the whole album, until I chose The Last Goodbye. Why did I choose The Last Goodbye? Well, it has the best and my favourite lyric from a song I’ve heard this year. This line describes me better than I could. This line owns my heart. This line makes me feel okay with being a sensitive bugger. The line is of course, “How can I rely on my heart if I break it, with my own two hands.” I read an article about the album before it was released, and they spoke about this song and mentioned the lyrics. When I read that line, I was instantly blown away by the honesty and vulnerabilty in the lyrics. Then I listened to the song. I cried. It was like finding the piece of you that you had missing for so long. I have no idea what will happen when I see this live. I’ll probably want to get on stage and hug Alison. When she sings this, you can see she puts all she has into it. It is so heartbreaking and so perfect. You can take what you want from this song, that’s what I love about The Kills- you can create your own meaning to their songs. If I could thank them personally for this song, I bloody well would.

Florence And The Machine-What The Water Gave Me.– I guess anyone else would pick Shake It Out, but I like to be difficult don’t I. I’m choosing What The Water Gave Me because I love the darkness around it. Shake It Out is beautiful, and it feels like Flo is taking you to Church. The lyrics are haunting and gorgeous. Much like What The Water Gave Me. I love how the song builds and builds, when she sings “Let the only sound be the overflow. Pockets full of stones” it sounds and feels so enchanting and euphoric. All her songs are euphoric. Her music makes you feel free and weightless. That’s why I love her. I cannot express it in a way that you will understand, but that’s as close as I can get right now. Pretty sure Ceremonials will be the best album of the year. October 31st cannot come quick enough.

It’s honestly no surprise what I’ve picked as my favourite song of the year is it? I said it in February and pretty much every other day since. You ready?!

SUMMER CAMP-I WANT YOU. – This is the only song that I have heard this year to have such a grip over me. It’s done something to my brain. I have to listen to it every single day. If I don’t, I get the shakes (I don’t really….) Elizabeth and Jeremy have created the best song of the year EASILY. I know I love Flo and The Kills but this is honestly the greatest thing I have heard this year. No other song has had this hold over me. The lyrics, oh jesus, the lyrics. So true! It states exactly being in love is like- cruel, intense, dark and grand. Being love can turn you into a dickhead sometimes can’t it. However, if you listen to I Want You, you can see it isn’t always the case. Some have said it’s the stalker anthem of 2011. I don’t think it is. I think it’s quite simply, intensely liking/loving and wanting someone; and you just want them to feel the same. You believe you can make them feel the same. The synths, the guitar and the drums…oh lord. When it drops and kicks in it is like a glorious kick in the face. I’ve only been in love for real once. It’s more than enough isn’t it? If I was to ever feel that way again, I’d use this song to clarify how I felt. I’d play it and think “Does this person make me feel like this?” And if the answer was yes, it’d be love. If the answer was no, then I’d go back to my books and records to save myself disappointment. If any of you listened to BBC 6Music yesterday morning, on Lauren Laverne’s show. They played Better Off Without You and I Want You. I tweeted them saying it was amazing, and Elizabeth replied with, “I was thinking of you when we played I Want You. Not in a weird way.” HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Seriously, so fucking cool. It made my year, no doubt. I’ve decided, if I ever decided to inflict my presence upon a girl and start a relationship, when we split up- I’m going to play Better Off Without You to drag me through it. Oh, I’ve not heard Summer Camp’s album yet but I can tell you it’s the best album of the year. It’s right up there. Trust me. Now, get your ears around my favourite song of the year. If it doesn’t cause your bones to move, heart to skip several beats, your head to spin and your soul to feel reignited- then I think you have no braincells left. Cheers Summer Camp, for making the best song of the year!

I do feel bad for leaving out some songs that I fell in love with this year, so have a few more :

Blood Orange-Sutphin Boulevard.

Marina And The Diamonds-Fear And Loathing.

The History Of Apple Pie-You’re So Cool.

The Weeknd-House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls.

Lana Del Rey-Blue Jeans.

Seapony-Where We Go.

Best Coast-How They Want Me To Be.

Wavves & Best Coast-Nodding Off.

Morrissey-Action Is My Middle Name.

Youth Lagoon-Montana.

I got carried away….I’m not sorry though.




Summer Camp- Better Off Without You (Video.)

My favourite duo have put out the video to their new single, Better Off Without You. As you know, I Want You has been my main obsession this year. I play it every single day, it’s just so perfect. Song of the year? No doubt.

The video has a lovely 70s feel to it, it’s shot so beautifully.

Oh and….Remember, remember the 31st October- their debut album comes out!

The single is out now, SUPPORT IT!

Summer Camp.

There’s one song that I heard in February this year that I have to play at least five times a day. It’s like a ritual. I listen to this song and it’s like a wave of emotions take me over. Not in a “I need to cry because everything is toss” kind of way. No no, far from it. I listen to this song and everything about it just shoots through me. I feel like a child at Christmas. I feel my body being covered in goose-bumps when the synths and drum machine kick in. I honestly advise nobody to be around me when I hear this song. I’ve written about this song loads on here, I love it so much. With every listen, I find something else to love.

The song is of course, I Want You by Summer Camp.

I’m utterly in love with everything about this band. I love Jeremy Warmsley. I first heard of him in 2008 whilst I was at Uni. His solo stuff was just gorgeous. He’s now working with the beautiful Elizabeth Sankey- who make up the duo that is, Summer Camp. I love her delicate voice, although it posses great power. I just love them to pieces. I think if I ever witnessed I Want You live, I’d probably get taken away due to going a wee bit mental. The lyrics are just (pardon my awful language) FUCKING amazing. It’s what love and lust should be about. I seriously cannot put into words how much I love this song. I think I should mention some other songs because they have so many!

You’d think after a song such as I Want You, the duo would put something else out that follows suit right? WRONG. Better Off Without You is quite frankly AWESOME. It’s a wonderful “Piss off, you’re an annoying piece of doo-doo” kind of song. I advise anyone who’s been dumped or got rid of annoying twerps out of their lives to listen to this song. You’ll feel about 60 feet tall and you’ll feel so much better about everything. The wonderful electro feel is still there, and Elizabeth’s vocals are as distinctive as ever. You can really sense the disgust for whoever this is about. It’s bloody brilliant.

Recently they joined the PledgeMusic site to raise money to fund the release of their debut album. Things you could bid for ranged from a mix-CD to a batch of Elizabeth’s homemade brownies. Seriously, this is the future kids. This is how musicians need to fund their albums. Mix-CDs and baked goods. Make it happen, seriously. Their debut album, is out, I think on Halloween- the same day as Florence And The Machine. Something tells me I will be purchasing two of the best albums of the year on that day.

Summer Camp are a band that could sing about a heartbreaking subject, but the music disguises the pain in the lyrics. I just love that. Sort of what The Drums do. It’s all well and good listening to someone pour their heart out over a piano or an acoustic guitar. But some of us just want so much more. Thank goodness for Summer Camp. I’ve played an EP of theirs to death, I seriously cannot wait for their debut album.

Now, when a band has an electro sound- can they really evoke the same imagery and make you feel the same acoustically? Only the good ones can blow your mind both ways. Obviously Summer Camp can. There have been some amazing debut albums released this year, and I have every ounce of faith that Summer Camp are easily going to put out an astounding debut album that has been well and truly worth the wait.

2011- Musically, you weren’t that bad.

I know it’s only August, but I feel I need to write this down now. Was 2011 awful? For music? No. For other things? More than likely. Yes this year was shit due to Gaga putting an album out, Amy Winehouse’s tragic death and ITV still allowing X-Factor to exist. Why it exists, I have no idea. But it is does, for those who don’t know any better.

I’m going to attempt to think of 10 reasons (in NO order because I will want to change my mind if I do that) as to why music this year was not shit. I may rant, I may not be able to think of 10 reasons.

-The Kills : Finally my favourite duo EVER released the flow-up to Midnight Boom. Blood Pressures is probably my favourite album of the year. However, come 7th November and I will say Florence’s album is. The Kills are a band that I will always love. They could (I know they won’t) make the most wankiest record ever, and I would still find something to love about it. Blood Pressures has a bluesy feel to it but still has the same raw vibe No Wow and Keep On Your Mean Side have. The Last Goodbye is the saddest song I’ve heard this year. If a song could break your heart, that would be it. The lyrics to Baby Says are stunning. I just ove how Jamie and Alison’s voices fit together. I think their bond is one of the greatest things ever. Everyone needs a friendship like that. “Send your love on a rampage, give her everything you’ve got. And when you come to hate her, show her more than just a spark” is one of the best lines off the album. However, not just from The Kills but my favourite line from a song that I have heard this year is easily, “How can I rely on my heart if I break it, with my own two hands.” The way Alison’s voice sounds on this is so beautiful but it just tears you up so much. I’m just happy to have another record by The Kills in my collection.

-The Horrors: I still want to slap people who dismiss The Horrors. Just like I want to slap those that think Skying sounds like Simple Minds. I think those that are saying these things are actually deaf. Or just extremely fucking stupid. Skying is the best album put out this year by an English group. I am still in love with the sound they had wth Strange House. But, I love how they have developed with each album. You cannot deny how much of a masterpiece Primary Colours was and still is. They’re just everything a band should be. They don’t justify what they do to anyone. They make music for them. That’s how it should be. They haven’t bought into a gimmick and gotten famous based on that. They are ALL fantastic musicians. Joshua is genius on that guitar. There aren’t enough words for me to describe my love for The Horrors.

-Zola Jesus: Quite simply one of my favourite female musicians ever. Her voice is so haunting. It takes over you and before you know it, you have been thrown into a world that you never thought existed. I love how dark and eerie her music is. I have every faith that her new album, Conatus is going to be nothing short of amazing. I love that her music just blows me away with every listen. I listen to songs such as Trust Me and Run Me Out, and this wave of amazement just takes over me. She has this force within her music that I’ve never heard in anyone before, she’s only 21 years old! I love the build-up in all her songs. It’s like this intense and euphoric takeover. Why didn’t this year suck because of Nika? Well, just listen to Vessel.

-The Weeknd: Of all the artists I found at stupid o’clock in the morning due to not being able to sleep, The Weeknd is hands down, the best thing I have discovered this year on the internet. I love his voice so much. So soulful. I love that he’s sampled Aaliyah’s voice on one of his songs and he’s also sampled Siouxise & The Banshees too. His Mixtapes are utterly mind-blowing. Trust me, you need this guy in your life. Head over to his wesite and get his Mixtapes. You’ll here amazing songs such as THIS TRACK!

-Cults: Okay, so I heard about this duo last year but their debut album came out this year so it’s allowed. What I love about this duo is their 1960s feel they have to their music. Never Saw The Point means so much to me, “I never saw the point in trying, ’cause I would only let you down. And I just couldn’t take you down there with me, I couldn’t stand to see you drown.” It’s just such a gorgeous and fragile song, I suppose that is why I adore it so much. Since its release lat year, Best Coast’s debut album has been played every day- I’m clearly going to do the same with Cults. I love that it doesn’t sound like anything around now. A fantastic debut album.

-Seapony: Seapony make me want to leave everything and everyone behind and just go live on a beach. I can’t swim, so I guess it’d be boring after a day or so. However, there is nothing more peaceful than looking out to a strectch of water listening to your favourite music. I’d love to do that to Seapony. I love the summer vibe they feel. Is it chillwave? I don’t know, I reckon they fit under the dream-pop genre. They remind me of The Drums mixed with Beach House and a hint of The Raveonettes. I just adore the whole sound and the gentle vocals. Especially on ongs such as Dreaming and Late Summer.

-Blood Orange: This year Dev Hynes released the first album of his current project, Blood Orange. I love everything he does. Whether it’s for others (Solange Knowles), as Lightspeed Champion or Blood Orange. Coastal Grooves is a MUST-HAVE in your collection. It’s such a strong album. It feels like New York City must have felt in the 1980s. It has a brilliant feel to it. It’s music you can just relax to and walk round the park  in the sun to. There is no denying the genius that Dev is. He kills the guitar, he’s got such a distinctive voice. I just love love love him. Anything he does is just perfect.

-Summer Camp: Another duo that have won my heart over this year. I love everything about their music, however it is one song in particular that since first hearing it in February this year I have played every day. Not a day has gone by where I haven’t played it since. The synths kick in during this song and it is is SO good. Elizabeth’s voice is stunning. The lyrics to I Want You are so dark, and slightly brutal. But hey, all comes with liking someone, right? I don’t know. I like to think I don’t know. “You’re so smart, you break my heart” if someone said that to me, I’d be so flattered. It’s probably my favourite song of this year. If I was a DJ I’d play this all the time, and if no one danced to it- I’d bar them from the club.

-Morrissey: I could write an essay on this man until my hands were numb from typing. I’ve probably done it before to be honest. This year on Janice Long’s show, she played three new songs by my god, Morrissey. Every single song was perfect. For me, I fell more in love with Action Is My Middle Name. The lyrics are typical Morrissey- witty and oh so bloody charming. People Are The Same Everywhere- well, the title speaks for itself really. So true. What I love about Moz is that he has always done what is real and honest to him, he’s never answered to anyone. It’s something I admire and love about him. It’s why I love him. We should ALWAYS do things for us, that makes us happy- because the day you let others rule you, you are no longer a person. I saw him twice this year- and yes as soon as he walked on stage, I bawled. I’ve seen him 4 times so far, and each time I have gone with my mum. She loves him as much as I do. I could never ever go to a Moz gig with anyone but my mum, it’d be wrong. I told her this, and she agrees. Hopefully he wil release his new album soon. “Biting my initials into your neck. You are my possession, you don’t realise yet. Am I moving too fast for you? Am I begining to confuse you?” Only Morrissey could say such a thing. Hero. Absolute hero.

-Florence & The Machine: I really couldn’t make this list without mentioning Florence could I. After hearing What The Water Gave Me (studio version) I cannot ait for 7th November. I just know that her second album will blow my mind. My last article on Florence just sums up my love for her, so I won’t bore you with another essay. Her album is out in time for my birthday (HI MUM!!!!) and I am hoping there’s a tour. The sound has a more soulful and gospel feel to it which I love so much. I’m beyond happy that the album is out this year, some said that it would be out the start of 2012, I guess it’s too good to make us wait. Besides, she’s worked with Paul Epworth on it- you just know it is going to be THE album of the year.

As I feel like I have missed so much out, here are some tracks by artists that have made 2011 less shittier than it was:


Washed Out.

Anna Calvi.


Marina And The Diamonds.

Love Inks.

Sleigh Bells.

Youth Lagoon.

Warpaint (Video Of The Year.)


I’ll stop now because I could carry on with about 50 more artists.

Summer Camp- Better Off Without You.

Summer Camp- Better Off Without You.

I first heard I Want You by my favourite duo, Summer Camp at the start of the year. I have played it every single day since the first time I heard it. I am, quite simply, addicted to it. It’s more than likely my favourite song of this year. It’s the way the bass kicks in and just goes through you in a way you cannot imagine another song doing. It’s the way Elizabeth sings, “You’re so smart, you break my heart” that just makes every single part of you tingle and your heart skip a beat. The song grips you and you cannot get enough of it. It’s intense, powerful and dark. Just like the perfect form of romance.

Better Off Without You is a delightful “FUCK YOU” and let’s face it- most of us have someone in our lives that we are a billion times better off without. I’d love to play this to them, but they are not worthy of such a wonderful song.

No one I know likes Summer Camp nor have they heard of them. I’m keeping them as my band. They’re the ones I don’t want to share with my friends. They are the ones I don’t want anyone else to take from me. Selfish? Of course, but I rarely do it.

Summer Camp are my band of the summer. I Want You is my favourite song of the year. Better Off Without You is the best FUCK YOU song I’ve heard in a while.In short, Summer Camp are basically my favourite new-ish band. They just do something to my body and mind when I hear their music. It takes over everything. As much as I’d like to keep them as my little secret, I want everyone to know how mindblowingly (that’s now a word) amazing they are.

Because I need to post this as often as possible…..

I am OBSESSED with this song. I could post this song billions of times, but nobody would ever read what I write again (I don’t think anyone does anyway to be honest….apart from my mum!)

It’s just perfect. I adore it. I love the drop in it. It’s like an enjoyable smack in the face. The kind that makes you go…”DO IT AGAIN.” It’s amazing. It makes me want to dance. I don’t dance, but I’d dance to this.

Jeremy and Elizabeth- THANK YOU. Just thank you for this song. Not much makes me happy, but this song makes me so bloody happy. The past few weeks…months, whatever- have been shite. So when it gets awful- I play this. I play this song and nothing matters for those few minutes.

It’s my song of the summer and song of the year. Hand on heart, I do believe this song is utter perfection.