DRUNK MUMS: Denim & Leather Together Forever.

24 09 2018



After spending too long trying to find something to write about- I’ve settled on the new Drunk Mums record, which has again been released on the great Pissfart Records. If you’re looking for something real rowdy to play disgustingly loud to piss your neighbours off with, then this is your record. Or, maybe you’ll play it loud enough to make them a fan.

The record came out about 2 weeks or so ago, and I’m stupid for not writing about it sooner. It’s one of the rawest Punk records you’ll hear this year, and with this slowly coming to a close- it’s safe to say it might just well be the loudest.

Drunk Mums have made a record that just makes you want to trash the place. The songs are short and like someone has smacked you round the face a few times. The songs will leave you feeling battered and bruised, and we need these kinds of bands. We need bands to kick some life into us, and fortunately Pissfart Records is one of those labels that constantly put out records that do this.

One side is made for you put your best denim on, the other is for your leather. If it smells a bit and is ripped a bit- then put it on, and play this record loud. I love how they remind me of Dead Boys. Ode To Death is one of the greatest modern-day Punk songs. It’s got a feel of the Sex Pistols slightly, but the vocals are gritty and remind me so much of Stiv from Dead Boys. It’s my favourite song on the record. I love how it has a real Punk sound to it, and puts everything else you’ve ever heard to shame. It’s got the brutal smutty sound that is on I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges. Just play this loud. And on repeat.

The songs rip right through you and feel, and sound like nothing else. The Leather side of this record is a little heavier with a bit more aggression in the vocals. This record absolutely shows us what Drunk Mums are made of, and Pissfart Records are kings for putting out consistently great records. Denim & Leather Together Forever is such a fantastic record, and I know it’s only been out a few weeks, but it really needs to be heard by any and everyone. Especially those who are into this kind of noise.

For those days where you just want to blast out something really loud and obnoxious, Drunk Mums have got you covered. They aren’t going to take you by the hand on this one, oh no. They are going to grab you by the scruff of your neck and lob you right into the pit of the glorious world they have created with this record. It’s honestly one of the best records I’ve heard in a long time with this sound. It just gives you this feeling that you know, whatever anyone says- Punk will never ever die. It can’t, it won’t- especially because of Drunk Mums. Are they our saviours? Probably.

When I wrote about them at the start of the year, I had no idea what they would hit us with. Turns out they’ve got the best named song of the year, ‘I’ve Got A Motorbike So Fuck You.’ Not only is a great title, it’s a brilliant song. Just use it as a comeback for anyone who’s pissing you off. Who cares if you’ve got a bus pass and not a bike; no one needs to know.

Denim & Leather Together Forever is an exceptional record- trust me on this one. They need to bring their live shows over here. Something tells me that this record live would just be totally wild. The record ends of Viper, which has this heavy feel that makes you fall in love with the band all over again- making you start the record all over again.

In short, Drunk Mums have made the best Punk record of the year and Pissfart Records are just phenomenal at what they do.

Buy the record, sing a long, get your denim and leather out- and play this record LOUD.

DUMB PUNTS: The Big One.

23 08 2018



On the other side of the world resides a record label that is home to one of the most exciting Punk bands around. This band, yesterday, finally released their debut record and it is such a solid debut record, and I can’t get enough of it.

Melbourne is home to a band called Dumb Punts, and the label they are on is brilliantly called Pissfart Records. Alright so some may turn their nose up at the name and label it immature. If you know anyone who does that, ignore them. They’re probably a right fun sponge. You don’t need that. Pissfart Records have some really great bands on their label, and I’ll end up writing about most of them soon enough. But for now- Dumb Punts.

With a name like Dumb Punts you probably think they’re a super snotty and obnoxious band. You might think they’ll sound like Dead Boys or Sex Pistols. Push that right out your mind- they sound nothing like them. Dumb Punts are a great Punk band, but they’ve got something about them that goes beyond what is expected from a Punk band- especially Punk in 2018.

The record opens with No Use which is like a massive wake up call to the system when it kicks in. The vocals are real snarly on this. It’s definitely got the echoes of New York in 1977, but there’s something else going on and you can’t help but wonder- is this how Punk is in Melbourne? If it is, then we have ignored it for far too long. There’s nothing relaxing about this record, it’s a proper kick in the face kind of record- but not like what you’d expect. There are moments on the record where the vocals change up and become a little tamer, but for the most part this could be the blueprint of how Punk should be from now on.

What I am crazy about on this record is how the vocals can really make the record. The snarly and shouty vocals are what moves you the most- but that does not mean that everything else is overshadowed. The vocals is what lures you in, then the rest just puts you in a chokehold and you cannot help but go along with it. The songs are full of this energy that you wish you could put into your daily life, but it can only kick in when you play this record. Loud. So loud.

Headfuck is a minute and a half of sheer ferociousness in your ear, this is then evened out when Heating Up starts. The record is full of equal balances of loud and tame. The Big One is the name of the record, and it’s a bold name for a debut record. Truth be told, it’s worthy of that and more. It is a phenomenal record, and since it came out yesterday it has been all I have been listening to. I love how you don’t know if you’re going to get a real rowdy song or a more lo-fi feel. It keeps you on edge, and it adds so much excitement to such an incredible record.

Listening to this record, it is hard to believe that this is Dumb Punts debut record. They have a sound that makes you feel like you have been listening to them for years, decades even. You just know that this band are nothing short of amazing in a live setting. On record they just have this insane ability to mess with your head, but I reckon live they’ll take over your body also. Going absolutely wild and throwing your limbs and drinks about. I really can’t get enough of this record, and I am so happy with how great the record has turned out. I’ve listened to Dumb Punts for a bit now, and to finally hear this debut record is so great. I honestly couldn’t be prouder of this band, and I cannot wait to hear more from them.

What you take from this record is that Dumb Punts are a band that’ll test themselves, and also the listener with how far they will go with their sound. If a band isn’t going to push themselves, what’s the point? And if a band aren’t going to leave you in awe with their debut record, then again, what’s the point? The Big One is, like I said, a brilliant debut record. Get yourself a copy and play the damn thing as loud as you physically can.


1 02 2018



Some bands are quick to call themselves Punk, and they sound like some real shitty knock-off band that Joey Ramone would probably rightfully laugh at. Some have said Punk is dead, others take a different view. It is most certainly beyond being just a style of music. It is something else. You’ve either got it, or you haven’t. Sometimes you can be blissfully unaware that you are. Labels are lame, but Punk isn’t a bad one to be lumped with.

One band in particular that have this real essence of Punk in their music and have that same snarly attitude as the great Stiv Bators is the brilliantly named, Drunk Mums. The name alone oozes something pretty cool. Just like Dead Boys did with their name. It’s teetering shocking with their name, but shock value or not- Dead Boys, and Drunk Mums are bloody great. They still would be even if they didn’t have a great name. So, what’s in a name? Whatever you want. Whatever the hell you want.

They’ve been around for some time now, and their extensive list of songs is something well worth getting into. The songs that unleash the fury of being stuck in a situation you are dying to get out of- well, they just make it a little easier. There is no denying that I would happily pack up and leave London right now if I could. It’s not home. For me, Drunk Mums unleash this frustration in a way that’s so easy to connect with, and to truly fall in love with. I love how loud they are and I love that they make me feel like I am not in 2018. I feel like I’ve gone back 40+ years. They make you want to put on your favourite (fake, of course) leather jacket or denim jacket that’s covered in badges and patches and heading down to your favourite dive bar to lose yourself in some great music.

They have recently released the 4-track EP, Denim which is up there as being one of the strongest releases of the year and definitely some of their best work to date. It’s damn near impossible to pick my favourite record or song, so I won’t. There’s no point. Everything I’ve heard has just blown my mind. I love the rough and aggressive sound that they have. It just makes you want to throw shit around and be rowdy. I always look for bands that make me feel like, this is how I would want to sound if I was musically talented and had a band- Drunk Mums are definitely one of those bands. They have this energy that really hits you in the gut and makes you want to blast their music out as loud as possible.

Drunk Mums are one of those bands that, once you listen to them you are hooked. Completely and utterly. They make you want to dive in head first into their music and not listen to anything else. There is something really therapeutic about a band that can let out this fury and frustration we carry towards daily life. Certain things are hard to switch off, and change but thankfully bands like Drunk Mums are here to get it out of our system for us. Again, they are one of those bands that you just know that their live shows are going to be totally wild and great. I have no idea if/when they’ll head to the UK, but when they do I’m pretty sure it will be something to remember.

You can listen/buy their music and merch right here:


Play it as loud as you can to truly hear just how amazing they are. Maybe subject your neighbours to them too. They are honestly one of the best bands I’ve heard in a long time, and they just leave you wanting more and more. They immediately make you their biggest fan with the first listen. They have something about them that just draws you to them. I don’t really want to listen to anything else right now.