THE COATHANGERS: Soup Kitchen, Manchester 29th April 2019.

30 04 2019

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The Coathangers have been around for a hell of a long time, and it is no surprise that they are one of the best bands around- live and on record. Last night they played one of Manchester’s best venues, the Soup Kitchen. It was the perfect venue for this band. In a dark and sweaty basement was a lot of noise brewing and it was sublime.

The band are made up of three exceptional musicians who swap instruments for a couple of songs during the set- this alone sets them apart from others, and shows just how effortlessly brilliant they are. If you are wanting a solid Garage Rock sound mixed with something to straight up blow your mind, then you need to see The Coathangers live. There is something about their live shows that leaves you wanting more and more.

Something I really love about The Coathangers is that some of their songs have a relaxed feel to it, like Warpaint but then you’ve got those heavier songs like Crimson Telephone (which is amazing live) reminds me of LA Witch. What I’m getting at is, The Coathangers are a band that you’ve just got to invest in. Buy the records, go to their shows. There is something about their live shows that have a Bikini Kill feel to it- rowdy, inspiring and wonderful.

Personally, my favourite song to hear last night was Perfume. I just really, really love that song and it was just perfect to see live.

Hey Buddy is sung by Stephanie who whilst singing, is beating the shit out of the drums. I have massive respect for anyone who can drum and sing at the same time. Stephanie does it in a way that makes you wish you could do it. It’s again, another brilliant moment in their set. They just make you wish you could play like them. They truly are a phenomenal band, who just make you wish you could follow them on tour.

Meredith is such a mesmerising bass player. She’s got this effortlessly cool way of executing brutal basslines, especially on Stranger Danger. She just annihilates it. Julia is also hypnotic, she can sing soft and she can really hit you in the gut with her vocals. It is perfectly evened out with Stephanie’s vocals. Their vocals are opposite, and they work so well but it all comes together in unison on F The NRA, which is one of their most important songs. It’s a real gnarly Punk song that needs to be played and heard as loudly as possible. I love how hardly anyone had their phones out to record songs or take photos, everyone was just in the moment and it was truly beautiful to see.

With their sixth record released in March, it is safe to say that The Coathangers are exceptional, hard-working and one of the most exciting bands around. They play songs from most of their records, and everyone goes nuts for it. There is no denying how talented they are, and how loved they are. They are truly one of the most exciting bands around, and can still make you feel like you’re discovering them for the first time with every single listen.

It was an absolute honour and pleasure to finally see them live last night, and I doubt it’ll be my last time.


THE COATHANGERS: The Devil You Know.

8 03 2019



Everything I’m about to say about The Coathangers has already been said before. We know they are exceptional, and this is even more apparent on their new record, The Devil You Know. If you’re looking for a record to totally lose yourself in and just love music all over again- get this record. You don’t even need to read anything anyone writes about it- just buy the record.

This is their sixth record, and its again another example of why they are such an exciting band. There’s no other band like them, and that’s what really grips you. There’s other things that really grab you about this band, but the main thing is- they are fucking incredible. They’ve been going for over a decade, but they still maintain this brand new sound that just makes you want to listen to them, and only them.

This record is ridiculous. It’s heavy, it’s Punk, it’s loud, it’s a work of art. It’s straight up genius. Crimson Telephone is my go to song to play obnoxiously loud. I remember being about 14 years old and listening to Bikini Kill for the first time- I found a band that really spoke to me. I found them on my own, and it changed my life. That feeling they gave me was something that every kid gets when they find a band by themselves, and the band become their life. The Coathangers do exactly the same for me. With this new record, they do it all over again. This is such a great record that has so much emotion and passion within it. It’s absolutely one of the best records we will get this year. Besides, it’s been released again on Suicide Squeeze and we all know that they’ve got a knack on releasing music that is perfect.

The Devil You Know is for us underdogs, the ones who need something in music to do something to us that nothing else can. The fury, my god, the fury and passion in these songs is enough to start a fire inside the tamest of people. Hey Buddy is a song that will have the same power of Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill- it’s an anthem. It’s a BIG song. It’s an important song. It should be the national anthem for the world. Listen to it. Listen to it, and pay close attention. Play it loud. For the love of god play it loud.

Music is powerful, and it is so obvious on this record. Every song is charged by something that is missing in the world- compassion. But this record isn’t soft. This is a record for those who are pissed off, and want shit to get done. Enough is enough. They are the band we need, we want and deserve. They may not save the world from all its fucked up-ness, but who can now? But, what they have done on this record and on songs like Stranger Danger , F The NRA and the whole record to be honest is to be a voice for us.

The Devil You Know is a record that is instantly timeless. There is so much importance to this record, and there is so much to it that you discover with every listen. Play songs like Fuck The NRA really loudly, and you’ll pick up on a Sex Pistols like rage in the sound or other times you’ll hear something like Bratmobile flowing through. It’s just a phenomenal record that I know I’ll keep on going back to. Not just this year, but for the rest of time. It’s a record that shows us how incredible they are as musicians and people. There is so much to love about them. Take the song Last Call- it has quiet moments, then it kicks in and it is the most glorious thing. When it kicks in, you can just imagine this setting everyone off when they play it live. It’s out of this world. It’s my favourite for now, but to be honest every single song is perfect.

Whether you’ve been an obsessed fan of theirs for years like me, or if you’re only just getting into The Coathangers, it is pretty safe to say that this record is going to blow your mind, and then some! It’s a masterpiece, and the sheer excitement and devotion in this record is something to love and treasure.

Play loud.

Oh, and The Coathangers- if you see this somehow, I love you!