Right out of Indianapolis we’ve got Cairo Jag. They make straight up Heavy Psych style music that will have you blasting their sounds out ridiculously loud. They’re not for the faint hearted or for those who can’t handle some heavy shit. There’s only three of them in the band, but they sound like there’s about ten of them. Of course, the best way to enjoy their music is as loud as you can possibly stand, but if you’re wanting to really hear how great they are; stick some headphones on and play their music right in your ears. Get super close to it, and really take it all in. Regardless of how you choose to listen to this band- make sure you REALLY listen to them.

The Wasted Priorities EP that came out in 2019 is such a great record; it is the perfect introduction to the band, and the six songs are a clear indication of how great they are and how exceptional they will become. If a band can sound like this with just one EP to their name, then there’s no telling just how phenomenal they will become. You are catapulted into an obscure world when you listen to Cairo Jag; you’re not on planet earth when you listen to them at all, and the way they lure you in with their hypnotic grooves and killer sounds just absolutely grips you. Fever Inducer could well be their greatest song to date, and you don’t feel like you are listening to a current band when you play this one. There’s something really 60s Psych Rock about this band. Think a heavy take on The Pretty Things; then it will click. Death Boogie has a killer bassline intro to it, you really won’t find anything better.

There is something quite nostalgic about their sound, and I know it is such an overused phrased but honestly, Cairo Jag really do have that sound. But by no means does it sound like a rip off or fake. It is such a joy to listen to, and you can’t help but close your eyes whilst listening to songs like Death Boogie and really take in just how incredible they are.

They make the ideal music to just lose your shit to. You can throw things around if you feel that way inclined, you can move your body round in questionable ways, head bang or just sit there and zone out- it’s all on you. There is so much to take in, but the main take from Cairo Jag is that they are exceptional musicians with such a joyful passion towards what they do. I adore their sound, and again, they are another band that have you longing for shows (note: tomorrow (17th) they’ll be putting three live songs up on their Instagram/YouTube page, so check that out!)

Cairo Jag recently released a split single with Hyper Tensions which is the heaviest they have sound. There’s this slight Stoner Rock feel to Eternal Nightmare, and you guessed it- you need to play it loud. You also need to check out the demos they released in 2018 which includes a great cover of The Witch by The Sonics. When you listen to these demos, then head right into Wasted Priorities, you will definitely hear just how solid their sound is. They’ve not been around long, but there is something about them that gives off the vibe that they’ve been around for decades and decades. They have such a great sound that they have evidently perfected; I’m just really excited to hear what’s next from them.

We’re all frustrated and sad that we can’t see our favourite bands play at the moment, and bands like Cairo Jag just heighten those frustrations because they are THAT good. Imagine being in a cramped venue with them playing so loud you are left a bit deaf for a few days after. Constant ringing in your ears for a few days, and an aching body from moving in your own sweet way to the sounds. Perfect, right?



Taking a break from my Costa Rican Garage Rock obsession, (please do feel free to send me more bands!) I’ve found a band from Indiana that make something that sounds like a cheap Horror film. I love them, and I hope you do too.

The Dracu-Lahs are made up of five friends who make scary music for us weirdos. They make the kind of music that would fit nicely in a horror film from the 60s. There’s this pretty cool atmosphere in the music that makes you think that maybe they aren’t real people; maybe we’ve dreamt them up and off they go into the night looking for prey.

Ooey Gooey is probably my favourite song so far, the title alone was enough to have me hooked. It’s a brilliant Garage Rock kind of song, but there’s something about it that makes you want to grab someone to make them learn the words with you, and you just shout the lyrics back and forth at each other. It’s a really great song, and it’s a pretty solid song to listen to whilst roaming the streets on your own just killing a bit of time.

Their bio states that their sound is, “Lo-fi horror garage fuelled by whiskey” which is a pretty accurate description of them. They sound like drunken vampires who feed off whiskey when there’s no more blood left to drain. It’s a perfect description of The Dracu-Lahs, and they really do have this solid raw sound that makes you feel you are watching them in their rehearsal room as they go absolutely apeshit. If you listen to the song Ants, you’ll get what I mean. It’s a completely wild song and you can sense how out of control they are when the music takes over, and I’m fairly sure that this is something that seeps into the crowd when at their shows. You can’t help but want this band to utterly possess you.

The Dracu-Lahs earlier songs are a bit louder and more brutal on the ears, and that’s something I really love about them. There’s this addictive angst in their earlier music, but don’t get me wrong- it’s definitely still there. This rage that comes out in the music just makes you want to break shit- even the stuff you probably shouldn’t break. Nothing is safe nor sacred when you start blasting out The Dracu-Lahs.

Never Have I Ever is one of their earlier songs that sound a bit like Wavves when Nathan was starting out. There’s this really cool Surfer Rock sound going on, but there’s definitely something Punk about the song. From their earlier songs, this is one I definitely love the most but honestly they’re just a great band who have such a big and mesmerising sound. I can’t get enough of them.

They make it sound so easy to play these kind of songs and to just take the listener deep into the underworld, and it’s most apparent on the song Succubus. They remind me of Misfits and The Cramps a little bit; brilliantly noisy and creepy. I just love them, and I love music that can freak me out a little bit. Their sound just gives off this real rowdy feel and you cannot help but let it all take hold of you. Again, they are a band that you’ve just got to play loud. The drums are ridiculous- so powerful and insane. I love how they dominate the songs at times to give off this sense of urgency. I love when a band does this.

The Dracu-Lahs are such an exciting band, and they have such a great DIY feel to their music. That’s just one of the many things I love about them. An absolute pleasure to listen to and write about!




Have you ever wondered who the greatest band from Indiana are? Have you ever sought out a band that are a cult? Course you have.

Dope Sweater are a cult don’t you know, and they are also the greatest band from Indiana. So for all you lover of The Cramps, Night Shades and those in between- Dope Sweater are for you. They’ll give you the creeps and they’ll also give you some amazing music that’ll send chills down your spine. Ready? Alright.

Dope Sweater have been going for a few years now, and they’re one of those bands that once you listen to- oh there’s no going back at all. Maybe they’ll give you the heebie-jeebies, but it’s worth it. Their sounds have a part Psychobilly, part Garage Rock sound. I just love them. They are entirely chaotic and off the wall. I love how manic their songs are and how they give the impression that their live shows are just as ridiculous. I bet they’re a band that cause crowds to leave the venue covered in all sort of fluids and broken bones, and heavily bruised. The way their sound is out of control is something to really love and enjoy. You can’t help but be happy when you listen to them, they’ve got this real infectious loud sound that makes you feel like you cannot get enough of it. You simply can’t get enough of their sound, and that’s where the cult part kicks in.

Dope Sweater are wild. There is nothing about them that makes you want to calm down and take a nap, or whatever.  Their boisterous sound is incredible, and I love that they keep you guessing on where they are from and when they started. They have this mystery about them that reminds of The Mummies. We all know that The Mummies and The Cramps are two of the greatest bands of all time, and the cool thing is that Dope Sweater remind me of both. Their totally wild and unconventional sound is an absolute joy to listen to. Once you listen to them, that’s it. Nothing will be the same. I Get High is probably the song that’ll have a hold on you. It’s one of my favourites, and I hope you love it too. It’s got a partial surfer rock feel to it but at the same time you feel Poison Ivy has come along with her guitar to cast a spell on you. I love how they can take the same eeriness that’s in The Cramps but make something completely different. There’s a lot to love about Dope Sweater, and it’s something I can’t get enough of for sure.

Their earlier songs are full of insane screams and drums to totally rip your eardrums apart. They have kept that same loudness in their earlier songs and evolved it into something else, but you just know it’s them. They’ve got a real raw and distinctive sound that of course, you’ve just got to play loud.  There’s a bunch of really cool demos on their bandcamp page, and if you’re new to Dope Sweater- I’d start with them. After you’ve gone through them, it’s up to you how you want it to go. You can either go back and listen, or start with their latest record which is called, Must Be Destroyed.

Basically, what I’m trying to get at is Dope Sweater are not just the best band from Indiana but the world. I hold them that highly. If anyone wants to send them over here for a UK tour, I’d appreciate that. I’m sure they would too.