I’m attempting to write this at a “normal” hour because I’ll never sleep. 4 hours a day- no problem. Just don’t expect a functioning person in your presence. But that could be regardless of how long I have, or haven’t slept. Old routines never go, so to kill time I’ve found a band to write about.

Los VVs are an EXCELLENT Punk/Garage band from Paris. They’ve got a raw basement band sound going on, and it’s that kind of sound that brings out the frustrated drummer in me. As I listen to them, I’m using my desk as a drum kit. It’s usually a storage space for all of my books and notebooks, but right now it’s moonlighting as a drum kit. I doubt my neighbours give a shit.

Their first demo came out last year, which you can stream and purchase here: http://losvvs.bandcamp.com/releases It’s a great collection of rowdy and mischievousĀ  tracks that encourage the listener to have the best time possible whilst blasting out these sounds as loud as possible. They’re a band to go on a road trip to, or maybe to just waste the day in your room to. They’ve got an accessible sound which could make a typical misfit kid in the middle of nowhere go start a band. If I heard them whilst in school, I probably would have started a one-person noise thing in my room. For no one to hear. Ever. Because I have a tendency to be painfully shy at times. 29 years old and I still haven’t got a grip on it.

Los VVs have got an infectious gritty sound. It feels filthy and you’ll want a shower afterwards. It’s the kind of music to throw your body about to. Highly recommended you do it in a basement bar, whilst doused in your sweat and drinks that don’t belong to you. If you leave a gig and you feel clean and pure, then you’ve done it wrong. Allow yourself to feel something a little sordid. Treat yourself to the darker, finer things in life. Their songs are like a sweet, sweet battering to the face. To the soul. All of the punches to the gut. Take the blows and devour them as they leave their marks on your delicate skin.

I’m all for bands that sound like this. It’s the kind of music that I take aim for- like a bull in a china shop. This is what makes my little heart beat faster. This is why I have this urgency to write about everything that makes its way into my ears. No time for slow, romantic love songs about the sun setting in a lovers eyes. No thanks. Give me something loud, slightly aggressive and bold. This is it for me.

The songs hit just under 3 minutes, and sometimes you need that fast and strung-out Garage sound. You need something quick and to the point. The fury in the songs and the general feel throughout just makes you want to do something like this. Go get yourself a music soulmate, and make some damn noise. Flail around on stage, bleed as your fingers hit the guitar strings, lose your voice the morning after, break some sticks as you smash out your rage on the drums. I don’t care- just let it out.

All I know about Los VVs is that I love them and they’re based in Paris

You can find out for yourself why I love them right here: http://losvvs.bandcamp.com/releases Buy the tape, it’s not that expensive.

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