I know nothing about music from Austria, but there’s a band called Bad Weed (careful when looking them up) from Vienna who could possibly be one of Austria’s finest bands around.

Their jangly unconventional songs are perfect for lazing about to. They make the kind of music that makes you want to sit outside doing nothing, staring at nothing, saying nothing. A load of nothing. They’ve got that lazy (I mean it in the best way possible) sound in their music that is found in the likes of Wavves. They don’t make you want to do a thing. As I listen to them, I’m dreading having to go to work tomorrow (travelling to South London is shite but thankfully I have 4 days left of doing so…HALLELUJAH!) They just make you want to sit around and waste your days in ways that make you happy, not being bothered and not being a burden.

They’ve got a proper garage rock/punk thing going on that I really love. Their sound is like a punk band coming for your blood and wallet. They’re after your ears and will spit out your hearts. Their sound is fast, noisy and brilliant. They’re obnoxious and snotty in all the right places. They’re a cross between The Damned and Dead Boys. Can’t Stand is probably my favourite because it really does have something about Dead Boys in it.

Bad Weed are the band you eat pizza and guzzle beer to. You have a real good time listening to these guys. They sound like a typical New York punk band, but they’re not. They’ve studied the greats and made something of their own. If you’re dreading work tomorrow then listen to these guys on your way there, whilst at work and the journey home. They’ll make everything less painful. Then you can go home and do a load of nothing.

With the mundane affairs of modern life, it is sometimes hard to find a band that really speaks to you and can drag you out of any rut you may end up in. Sometimes we need a kind of band that realises how shitty it all can be, sometimes we need a band to come along and declare that they don’t care. We can relate to that, I can relate to that. What’s the point in caring about shit that doesn’t matter anyway?! Listen to Bad Weed and it’ll sort itself out.

Their short and punchy songs pounce into your lugholes and stay there. They’ve got everything you would want from a punk band. They make you feel like you’re stomping outside CBGBs waiting for something to happen. Pacing up and down in your battered boots/shoes/Converse/whatever waiting for something to happen, for a familiar face to emerge.

Play their music as loud as possible and let them infect you.

You can listen to their sounds, and buy them here:

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