BAD WEED: Self-titled.

21 09 2019




Back in 2015 I wrote about one of Vienna’s finest bands- Bad Weed. I fell instantly in love with their Garage Rock sound. Forwarded four years, and we FINALLY have their debut record.

Their debut record consists of 13 songs to get you through whatever it is that’s eating you. I’m playing the record at a nice volume- loud enough to drown out the awful sounds that are coming from the neighbours across the way. These songs were made to be played loud and often. They’ve got a summer feel to them, and with it being pretty hot outside- Bad Weed are the ideal soundtrack. Delete Me is one of the highlights for me; I love the self-deprecating feel to it and how sometimes, you just want to hide for a while. An entirely relatable song to go nuts to. I love how they have this reverb that is really subtle within the songs and the gentle fuzzy tones in the music just makes you feel like you’ve found your own sacred place to escape to.



Maybe it is because they’ve been around for a while now, but this really doesn’t feel like a debut record. They’ve really got their sound locked on this record, and if you go through their discography, you’ll hear for sure that Bad Weed are such a focused band with how they want to sound, and it truly shows on their debut record. By no means can I skateboard (but I follow it for sure and I adore Elissa Steamer a hell of a lot) but Bad Weed make the kind of music you’d want to skate to and just zone out. Or maybe you want to hang out at the beach doing a whole load of nothing. They’re such a perfect band to just waste the day to. I’m probably going to waste my weekend away by doing nothing and listening to this record over and over. I don’t feel bad for it, and neither should you.

The only downside of this record is that I want more songs. This is because I’ve loved them for ages so of course I want more! The only time I’ll ever indulge in greed is when it comes to music. The record only came out yesterday, but I cannot get enough of it. I honestly cannot throw any comparisons your way with this record; it’s really something else. Every song fits right into the next. I really hope with this record they tour the UK. Again, they’re the kind of band I’d use all my annual leave at work so I could follow them on tour. They’ve created this energy on this record that makes you feel like you are at their show. You can imagine everyone cramped in a sweaty room throwing themselves about to these songs. I love this raw energy they have, and how they can immediately throw you back into the throes of summer.




Their debut record is the soundtrack to lazing about and wallowing if needed. They make you content with doing a load of nothing, and just wandering around on your own with these songs in your ears for company. They give you time to reflect on this record, and it’s one of those records that you can just dedicate time for yourself on. It’s that record you go to when you’re by yourself and just want something to free you almost. It’s got all the elements of a Garage Rock record, and hints of Punk flowing through it. I love the relaxed feel on songs like Falling Down, but I also love the hyperactivity that is there on every song, and sometimes it is subtle but for the most part this record just pumps you up. Bye Bye Baby is one of the songs I keep going back to. I love this Ramones feel it has to it. It’s mellow yet hyper in all the right places. I love how it fits perfectly into the next song, Walking. Again, this record is honestly made up of songs that flow perfectly into each other. I can’t get enough of it. Poor Boi is only 59 seconds long, but it’s still such a brilliant song that fits so perfectly. You can just keep on hitting repeat constantly and not get tired of it. Bad Weed have most certainly made something effortlessly cool and different here

These 13 songs are nothing short of perfect, and just everything I’d want from a debut record that I’ve waited so long for. I really cannot wait to see what happens next for them, but for now I’m just going to enjoy this record, over and over.


18 04 2015

“Wear those clothes, break your back, give me looks.
Bite your tongue, buy new face, all better now.
Bin ich Frau? Bin ich Tier? Bin ich Biest?”

Labelled as “Spaghetti Western Rock & Roll” Chick Quest are one of the most exciting and brilliantly different bands to be making glorious noise in Austria. This Vienna based band are every part punk as they are “Spaghetti Western.” Imagine the Ramones playing in the background of one of Leone’s films, that’s pretty much Chick Quest.

Their debut record, Vs Galore is released on the 20th April, and it contains several noisy numbers. Some with vocals, some are just instrumental. The lyrics are from a female point of view but there isn’t a standard theme to the record. Don’t worry about the songs having a female point of view, they’re not done in a modern day feminist way which is bloody good because they are an annoying bunch. But that’s for a different setting altogether isn’t it.

The songs on Vs Galore really do feel like drunken brawls in a Spaghetti Western film, even instrumental tracks such as Sounds Like Bruce feels like two guys falling out of a saloon bar in a heap, rolling about trying to grab their gun before the other. Vs Galore at times sounds like a proper 60s undiscovered Garage rock classic. Everything about their debut record (and it’s hard to accept that this is their debut) sounds like something a band of *insert a certain amount of years that make a band established I guess* would make. It doesn’t feel like a debut, and I suppose it is because the record sounds like a band who know EXACTLY how they want to sound. No songs feel out of place or disorganised. This is the kind of record a band 5 years+ into their career would be making. What’s exciting about bands who make music like this is that they amaze you with every release, and I feel like that is going to happen with Chick Quest. I’ve found this in bands like The Kills, Crocodiles, The Horrors, Dum Dum Girls….I could go on, but I won’t. My point is, although it is a debut, don’t be fooled by it. There’s a secure sound here and with their future releases I have every faith you’ll feel like you’re listening to something different each time. I’ve gone round the houses with that one, but you know what I mean.

Vs Galore is a hyperactive record that just exploits the passion that the band have for making music. With an urgency, they need to be heard.

For me, my favourite track off the record has to be Fashion Fascist. I love Ryan’s vocals on this one, there’s something about it that towers over the rest of the record. I think the song perfectly sums up how narcissistic most people have become with their ridiculous pouting and taking photos of themselves constantly. If you’re having such a great time, why are you spending it taking photos of your face? It’s just getting stupid now, and people are becoming more and more dumb. Their zombie like stares as they look at their phones, oblivious to everything around them. Nobody can hold a conversation any more can they. Fuckers.

Anyway, that was a little rant but I shan’t apologise for it.

Vs Galore has immediately made Chick Quest one of the bands I am in urgent need of seeing live. I think, and this is just going by the record, that they are a band that HAVE to be seen live in order to really get their sound. They have this Gogol Bordello feel to their sound, meaning they sound like excited kids who are bouncing around after having too much lemonade. It’s absolutely brilliant and it needs to be played so loud.

Out on the 20th April (21st if you’re in America), Vs Galore is a mighty fine record that must be purchased and played pleasantly loud. It’s a record to dance to (probably better on your own so nobody can ruin your moves) and to constantly have on repeat. It was produced by the band’s singer, Ryan and is quite frankly just a taste of what is to come from this exciting new band.


6 04 2015

I know nothing about music from Austria, but there’s a band called Bad Weed (careful when looking them up) from Vienna who could possibly be one of Austria’s finest bands around.

Their jangly unconventional songs are perfect for lazing about to. They make the kind of music that makes you want to sit outside doing nothing, staring at nothing, saying nothing. A load of nothing. They’ve got that lazy (I mean it in the best way possible) sound in their music that is found in the likes of Wavves. They don’t make you want to do a thing. As I listen to them, I’m dreading having to go to work tomorrow (travelling to South London is shite but thankfully I have 4 days left of doing so…HALLELUJAH!) They just make you want to sit around and waste your days in ways that make you happy, not being bothered and not being a burden.

They’ve got a proper garage rock/punk thing going on that I really love. Their sound is like a punk band coming for your blood and wallet. They’re after your ears and will spit out your hearts. Their sound is fast, noisy and brilliant. They’re obnoxious and snotty in all the right places. They’re a cross between The Damned and Dead Boys. Can’t Stand is probably my favourite because it really does have something about Dead Boys in it.

Bad Weed are the band you eat pizza and guzzle beer to. You have a real good time listening to these guys. They sound like a typical New York punk band, but they’re not. They’ve studied the greats and made something of their own. If you’re dreading work tomorrow then listen to these guys on your way there, whilst at work and the journey home. They’ll make everything less painful. Then you can go home and do a load of nothing.

With the mundane affairs of modern life, it is sometimes hard to find a band that really speaks to you and can drag you out of any rut you may end up in. Sometimes we need a kind of band that realises how shitty it all can be, sometimes we need a band to come along and declare that they don’t care. We can relate to that, I can relate to that. What’s the point in caring about shit that doesn’t matter anyway?! Listen to Bad Weed and it’ll sort itself out.

Their short and punchy songs pounce into your lugholes and stay there. They’ve got everything you would want from a punk band. They make you feel like you’re stomping outside CBGBs waiting for something to happen. Pacing up and down in your battered boots/shoes/Converse/whatever waiting for something to happen, for a familiar face to emerge.

Play their music as loud as possible and let them infect you.

You can listen to their sounds, and buy them here: