With it becoming a little warmer, I thought it would be best if I seek out some bands that don’t give off a warm feeling in their music. I thought I’d find a band that are suitable for foggy and stormy weather. The kind of weather that Jack The Ripper probably enjoyed.

Aside from having a pretty damn good band name Judy, You’re Not Yourself Tonight are yet again, another band that back fuel my love for duos. This gruesome twosome (they look pretty clean actually) have only two songs on their bandcamp page. That’s enough for me to go on, but obviously I want more.

JYNYT come from Berlin. A city I have yet to visit, but I am 100% sure that when I visit I won’t want to leave and will probably throw a really good tantrum in order to stay there. The Ramones museum will be like a religious trip for me, and I’ll probably beg the staff to give me a job there. That would more than likely be one of the best jobs in the world for me. Talking about the Ramones all day and staring at Joey’s clothes. Bliss.

JYNYT are loud and wonderful. These two things are destined to go together. Loud music is one of the best, I just love noise. Not a fan of loud people though. Silence from people is nice. They make proper noise, the kind you want to hear in creepy basement bars in an unfamiliar place. I know nothing about the band, but I know that their music is pretty special. They’ve got this way of sounding huge with only two of them being in the band. They release that dormant beast inside of you with their eerie sounds.

By obsessively listening to JYNYT for the past half hour or so, I’ve reached some kind of conclusion that they are a band that really come to life when you see them live. You can imagine La La beating the shit out of the drums and Ant Car flailing the guitar around with sweat falling from everyone around them and onto whoever. Their rowdy sound is ideal for cramped venues that smell of spilt beer and decades of bodily fluids.

I have no idea what they’re up to (I don’t know anything about them, and for the most part that makes it easier to write about them) but I know this, they are an exciting band to listen to and really, two songs just isn’t enough.

You can buy/stream their music on their bandcamp page: http://jynyt.bandcamp.com/

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