If a song scares you shitless, then you’ve probably found something you’ll cling onto for years to come. Whether you’re a proper “goff” or you lob your limbs about to Dead Boys and all in between, you will find a handful of songs that fill you with fear and the utmost pleasure when you subject your ears to them.

I wrote about Kingsley’s new band about a month ago. I banged on about how Olympians was one of the best unconventional love songs I’ve ever heard. I don’t want nauseating love songs that go on about how someone’s tummy is filled with butterflies when they see them. I want the brutality and the annoyance, because that’s pure, real and raw. And I fucking hate butterflies.

Poison Tongues is Kingsley Chapman And The Murder haunting your dreams and documenting your night out. Poison Tongues is based on an incident that Kingsley saw in Middlesbrough town centre. Blood, sweat and guts were flying everywhere. A bloody mess that is portrayed brutally and beautiful in Poison Tongues. The build-up in this captivating witness account is glorious. It is proper atmospheric, it feels like a bunch of mad school kids being unleashed in a school music room, and creating something that shocks them in a good way. Poison Tongues is a masterpiece. It is a grand (I mean big) and theatrical song that HAS to be played loud. I’ve got it on dead loud and it just sounds that much better when you feel like that walls are shaking.

Kingsley’s vocals portray the bitterness and rage so perfectly. He’s got the storytelling qualities of Lou Reed and the darkness of Nick Cave. From a personal point of view, Kingsley just brings everything I love about music together and creates these huge songs. As a friend, I am so proud of him. As a fan, I’m in awe of how bloody fantastic he is. Poison Tongues is massively sinister and if you want to creep yourself out, play it around 11pm and you’ll probably think there’s a Crimewatch segment in this song waiting to happen.

You can picture blokes being bundled out in a bloody mess out of a rough establishment, and as they spill out into the street you fear your own safety. You want to hurry off home but the way Kingsley tells this tale makes you want to stay and watch the outcome. Voyeuristic but bloody brilliant. You feel as if Kingsley’s is sat at the end of your bed at bedtime telling you this tale as you drift off to sleep. It’ll catch up with you in your dreams, leaving you in the morning turning to the first person you see, “You won’t believe what happened last night….”

For me I want a song to make me feel like I’m experiencing everything that’s being said- Poison Tongues is easily one of those songs. It is terrifying, honest and brutal. It’s got the bitterness of Stagger Lee. If only Kingsley yelled “motherfucker” at some point in the song, that would top it all off.

This four and a half-minute tale is an accurate portrayal of what happens in most clubs most weekends, so I guess if you want to see it with your own eyes go loiter around an Oceana at 3am and pull up a chair.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the North, you can catch Kingsley Chapman And The Murder on the following dates:

1st May – The Georgian Theatre, Stockton-on-Tees
16th May – Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough w/ Frankie & The Heartstrings

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