Are you looking for the loudest record of the year? Do you want something that’ll burst your eardrums in the most pleasant way possible? Pigsx7 have gone and done it with their new record, Land Of Sleeper. 8 songs that are sheer delight, absolute carnage and beautifully loud.

Writing about this band brings me so much joy. I just LOVE them. They combine everything I love about music, and everything I want from music and just make something that is effortlessly slick and charming. This morning on the way to work, I had a horrible pain in my chest. I knew what was coming- it was the start of a panic attack. I needed to somehow tame my mind to deter something from happening. I started to listen to some meditation for anxiety on Spotify. I found myself getting wound up over the persons voice and how it felt like they were being patronising. I hated it. I needed something but I didn’t know what. So, I went and found something to listen to. Again, I found myself turning to Pigsx7. I tuned into the new record once more. I don’t know what happened, but I felt almost calm. My brain was tame, the pain in my chest wasn’t as bad. I was alright. It probably seems strange to have something so loud be a calming force- but that’s just what they do. I don’t know if it’s the vocals or the heaviness of the sound. It just feels like a massive grip around me offering reassurance.

It is such an incredible record, and I know I say it every time I write about Newcastle’s finest- but there is something about this band that is so magical and so euphoric. There’s this aggression in the music and vocals that doesn’t make you feel threatened- it makes you feel quite safe. Every time they’ve toured something has gotten in the way of me seeing them but I’m determined to see them this year. I just need to. I have to. They’re the kind of band that you have to really focus on. You can’t just mindlessly play a song and be like, “oh this is nice.” You have to really soak it all in, and I think that’s why listening to them this morning when I felt awful truly helped. I wasn’t aware of anything or anyone around me- just this record. I think it was Big Rig that saved my brain this morning, but if I’m honest- every song on this record is a dream to listen to.

The vibrations in the songs, the way every song moves you in a psychedelic way allowing you to be free with your limbs and screaming the words back at Matt is just insane. You can hear how they poured their everything into this record, and it’s evident in their previous records. This band don’t make shit songs- ever. They don’t have one bad song. They are consistently excellent, and Land Of Sleeper massively shows this. Every song is a call to action and a bolt of reassurance for the soul. Most of the songs on the record last over 5 minutes, and I think for me that’s part of the attraction. I love how their songs feel like stories or a journey. I feel like I’m being taken into a sacred world and Pigsx7 are the leaders. I’ve said it before but when I listen to them- i feel like I’m listening to Melvins and Sleep for the first time. Those two bands are vital and shaped a lot of the music I listen to, and to hear a band like Pigsx7- they complete my holy trinity in a way! I honestly cannot praise this record enough. I’m going back to Big Rig again- the last 2 minutes of this songs turn into some obscure instrumental that will blow your mind. You can’t help but dig it- it’s incredible!

Land Of Sleeper is made up of anthems that need to be heard as loud as possible. There’s this raw energy on this record that has developed from each record they’ve put out- this is THEIR record, and I love how you can tell that they have and always will make music that is for THEM and no one else. It’s how THEY want to sound. Perfection is subjective, but come on now- this is another perfect record by the band. There’s a lot of pent up emotions and rage being released on this record.

For me, a lot of the songs have that same outpouring that’s on Release The Bats by The Birthday Party. I can’t explain it- I just know that there’s a similar link in how it’s poured out. I’m just in awe of this record and how yet again, Pigsx7 have gone and done it with another masterpiece.




I used to find it really difficult to write about brand new bands because I wasn’t entirely sure how I was meant to approach it. With no previous releases to mention and the like, it was a bit difficult. But I suppose I found it difficult because I’m not someone who makes things easy for themselves. I make a mess out of decisions and I’m hopeless with words when I speak. I’m not sure how I am with writing words; I have no ego to feed so it doesn’t really matter.

If I’m correct, Alex and Matthew who initially started Coquin Migale are from Scarborough. That’s in Yorkshire. Yorkshire is the best county in England. Most will dispute this, but they’ve not experience the delights of that fine county. They are missing out. Coquin Migale are Yorkshire’s answer to The Drums. They have this lovely surfer feel to their music; a dreamy escape from the horrors of every day life.

Coquin Migale only started making music in March this year. Personally, I think they’re better than half the crap we’re forced to love right now. They don’t use synths to make up for their lack of talent (nothing against synths but lay off the demo button or something!) Their talent is undeniable and Alex’s pleading vocals are just stunning. They did start out as a duo (easily could have been one of my favourite duos if there was still only two of them) but they’ve added two more members Stevie and Jack.

I’m not sure what they sounded like as a duo, but I’m going to make a bold assumption that they were still brilliant. The band recently recorded an EP in Hexham and are currently working on getting their music heard and playing gigs around the Newcastle area. Newcastle, you are truly lucky to have a band like this spoiling you with their music. Be kind to them.

What I really love about Coquin Migale is their dark 80s feel to their music. When most try to sound 80s, they sound like an even crappier version of Wham. The best thing about the 80s was the dark side to it. The side that gave us the likes of Sisters Of Mercy (they got their breakthrough in the 80s) and The Cure (Seventeen Seconds onwards.) They have a sinister feel to their music but Alex’s vocals sort of tame the dark vibes slightly because his voice is so gentle.

Their song, Icarus is 5 minutes of excellence and off the one minute mark it transforms from being quite vulnerable to a really authoritative masterpiece. Even if two of them weren’t from Yorkshire, they would still be one of my favourite finds of 2013. The fact that they’ve not been making music together for long is mind-blowing. All they have is an EP, and it is enough to make you wish they had more. In time it will happen, of course.

On record they sound incredibly tight, and I’m yet again making a (positive) bold statement that Coquin Migale are more than likely going to be amazing live. There is next to nothing about these guys online, but only for a small amount of time is this Newcastle four-piece going to be a hidden treasure. There is something about them that just HAS to be heard. They have the same level of fury to their sound that is found in the likes of (hate the word) “established” lo-fi/surfer bands that are based on the West Coast. They could easily take them on. Worth Your Time is a prime example of how tough this band is. Hearing a band so early on in their career is exciting because you just know they are approaching amazing things.

All the luck in the world to them, but I don’t think they’re going to need it.

You can listen to them here: https://soundcloud.com/coquinmigale