Lyrics Of 2012.

5 10 2012

I know the second I publish this I will want to change everything. I hate that I do this, but maybe I’ll write this and not look back on it. I hate looking back on anything I ever write because I always find fault. It is like looking in the mirror the second before you leave the house, and you think “I’m actually going to go outside with this face, and people will see…shit.” But, some things you have to do. Of course I don’t have to do this, but I want to. Mainly because I may be slightly bored. I don’t even know.

Lyrics are hugely important to me. I won’t care for a song unless I feel something for the lyrics. Lyrics can make you feel less alone, less shit and just give you comfort that you cannot get from a person. Yes it is all well and good knowing you are loved and can love; but at 4am when you’re alone and you feel like you’re hitting rock bottom- sometimes all you have is a song. You may turn on the radio and you catch a part of a song that just sums up how you feel. Or you may play your favourite song of all time to just get a piece of mind. So you can fall asleep without anything disturbing your mind.

There are so many songs I could have chosen for this. I know I have missed some out, and that alone pisses me off. I’ve limited myself to ten lyrics, but I know I could easily listen a lot more. These aren’t lyrics that I thought were clever or sounded good. They are lyrics that just mean a lot to me. Okay, so maybe the Swim Deep lyric I chose may not mean a lot- but the innocence behind it means a lot. Oh and they reference Warpaint so obviously I needed to mention it. One of my main issues was choosing which Dum Dum Girls lyric to use. Mine Tonight, Lord Knows and I Got Nothing have all got lyrics that mean a lot to me. All of End Of Daze is so pure and beautiful. But I went with Season In Hell because this specific line just grabbed me a bit more, I guess. I’m writing this listening to End Of Daze, and I’m close to changing my mind… I’ll try to refrain from doing so.

So, in are my favourite lyrics of 2012 (I know it’s October but the world may end on 21st December so I’m just being prepared.)

10.  Swim Deep-King City : “And fuck your romance. I wanna pretend that Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend.” When I sing this, I always change it to all members of Warpaint. Sometimes I just use Emily Kokal’s name instead. I remember hearing this song for the first time and just being utterly in awe of the dream-like atmosphere they create with their sound. They are truly one of the best bands to have come out of Birmingham in a bloody long time. If their debut record comes out next year, I reckon it’ll easily be one of the best things we hear.

9. Mystery Jets-Someone Purer : “I was gripped with a bit of fear. Worried the one thing that I loved back when I was just a kid, might now never be enough.” Radlands is one of the best records of the year, that is so obvious. The opening of Someone Purer is one of my favourites of the year. Blaine’s delicate voice makes you cling onto every single word right from the start. You tremble and identify with every word. We’re told that, as we get older we should be more sure of ourselves. Thing is, I think someone of us get older and become less sure of ourselves. It is seen as a bad thing, but I don’t believe it is. We’re all works in progress and you cannot progress if you think you are above change and being honest with yourself. You can adapt to your surroundings, but at some point you know you want to be more. You want to see more. Someone Purer echoes adult frustrations through child-like innocence. It is just beautiful.

8. Willis Earl Beal- Monotony : “Could it be malaise? Or am I depressed? Just a life-long phase. I am not indirect, don’t consider me blessed. But don’t consider me cursed, in this chaotic mess. I guess that it could be worse.” Willis Earl Beal is the year’s greatest solo male artist. Sure he’s been around quite some time now, but his debut record came out this year and when I listened to it, Monotony was the song that gripped itself around my heart and head. These lyrics alone just show the sheer genius of Willis. His music hits you right in the soul.

7. Saint Lou Lou-Maybe You : “And if you’ve got an emptiness inside, you should let our worlds recollide.” I’m fairly sure Maybe You is my favourite song of the year. All year I had been waiting for a song to have this hold on me. I have to listen to it about 20 times a day or I just feel a bit sad. The lyrics are quite sad, but the music is so soothing and gentle. Yet, when you truly listen to it- you feel your heart-break. I know nobody ever wants to feel sad. But the sadness you get from listening to Maybe You is the kind of sadness that can be created and cured by the same thing. Music does this a lot, it’s not a bad thing. Sometimes you just have to feel sad; to remind yourself. However, the song also offers some reassurance and any wrong that has been done to you doesn’t have to matter. One person will get you through, even if their eyes are sad.

6. Garbage-Beloved Freak : “People lie and people steal. They misinterpret how you feel. And so we doubt and we conceal.” Garbage are my life so whatever I say about this song, I have more than likely said about their songs a hundred times before. They’re one of the few bands that, when I mention them or if anyone mentions them to me, I just feel instantly better. Not Your Kind Of People was the only record this year that I had truly truly been waiting for. It was all I wanted, and had been wanting for so long. I guess this year everything I wanted/had waited for, had actually happened. Some are music based, but the most important thing wasn’t music based. But I’m not telling you. You don’t need to know. What I love about Garbage is how vulnerable Shirley’s lyrics are. One every record of theirs, they have at least 2 or 3 songs that just ooze vulnerability. Or songs that are for those who aren’t sure and a bit lost. Run Baby Run to Medication to The Trick Is To Keep Breathing to Tell Me Where It Hurts and all in-between. Beloved Freak made me bawl when I first heard it, and I still get teary-eyed when I play it. It is the perfect end to a wonderful record. It just makes you feel less horrendous and allows a small dose of self-acceptance to creep in. Something we all need.

5. Cat Power- Always On My Own : “I want to live my way of living.” Everything I just said above about Garbage, I feel about Cat Power. Sun was another record I had been bursting to hear this year. Highly anticipated and greatly loved from the first listen. I cannot pick a favourite song off Sun, but I can easily pick my favourite lyric. This line is just so utterly perfect and so fucking true. When you have to change your way of living because of your surroundings, it gets you down. It breaks you and ruins you. Then you leave; and you’re happy. Then you come back, and you’re just a shell of who you are. Yet, the only good thing is that the ones you love don’t get to see that. Imagine if they saw you at your lowest. No thanks. Cat Power has always provided comfort for the soul. My love for You Are Free is insane. That record is like a guide for life. I guess most of her songs can be seen as that. I just love her so much.

4. Beach House-Myth : “Can’t keep hanging on to what is dead and gone. If you build yourself a myth, you’d know just what to give. Materialise, or let the ashes fly.” I remember where I was and the day when I first heard Myth. I needed it. I was just about to leave here to try start my life again somewhere else. My life consists of false starts; this eventually would turn into a massive false start, but I had to do it. I’ll probably keep doing it, and I may never get it right. Beach House are good for the soul. Beach House mend you. They put you back together again. They make every part of you feel warm and loved; even if you are without love. They make you feel as if you are in love, even if you’re not with anyone at all. The power in their music constantly leaves me in awe. So delicate and ethereal. For me, Myth is the process of letting go. Let go of the bad, and create something better. It may be make believe for others, but who cares? So long as you believe, nothing else matters. This specific part of the song just means the world to me. You know when something is so personal, no words can actually describe it and all it means to you? That’s how I feel about it, and how I feel about the vast majority of their songs.

3. Metric-Artificial Nocturne : “I’m just as fucked up as they say. I can’t fake the daytime. Found an entrance to escape into the dark. Got false lights for the sun. It’s an artificial nocturne; it’s an outsider’s escape for a broken heart.” Oh Emily Haines. How you manage to unleash a fraction of my thoughts in one verse. You’ve done it again. You always do it. This is another example of a perfect album opener. Hearing this was enough for me to know Synthetica was going to be an incredible record. I’m still going through my phase of playing this song about 5 times before I play the rest of the record. Artificial Nocturne just shows that Emily Haines is more than a song-writer. Her words are poetry. Her words are life, her life, your life, my life- everything. There is something so vital about this song. It provides a lifeline. It gives hope. It makes you feel as if she is projecting all your ugly feelings and making them into something beautiful. We all need that, sometimes we need it more times than we care to acknowledge.

2. Crocodiles- No Black Clouds For Dee Dee : “No more lost girls walking from you. No more sickness sleeping in you. No more
fools spit judgements on you. No more dead birds raining on you.” Quite possibly the best love song of the year. Endless Flowers is probably my favourite full length record of the year. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love them. After FINALLY seeing them live this year, and this song too; my love for them just grew. I didn’t think it could, but it turns out after waiting over 3 years to see a band that mean more than the world to you, causes your love and admiration for them to just explode. I could pick any song off Endless Flowers, but I chose No Black Clouds For Dee Dee because it is such an honest yet simple love song. It just oozes devotion and the urge to look after the one you love. When you listen to this, you cannot help but think of the one you love. The keeper of your heart. Romance and love isn’t expensive gifts and pretentious prose. Romance and love is being totally honest and gentle actions. This song just portrays this in the most beautiful and open way possible. I love everything about this song.

1. Dum Dum Girls- Season In Hell : “A confession’s not a cure. There’s always darkness to endure, on the path to be redeemed.” At first I wanted to go with something from Lord Knows. Then I went to Mine Tonight. I decided on Season In Hell because I just really love this lyric. I cannot tell you how many times I have played End Of Daze since it came in the post last week. It’s on constant repeat. I play it EVERYWHERE. Season In Hell is just perfect. It makes you feel GOOD. The line I chose to use is so true, so apt. Dee Dee is one of my favourite song-writers easily. I personally feel she is my generation’s Patti Smith. Her words are so powerful, even when they seem quite frail and delicate. You take such strength from it because you know someone else has endured the same battle as you. I could quite happily write a thousand more words on this song, this lyric but you just have to listen to it, to fully understand how important it is. The whole song just lifts your spirits. Not everything stays shit forever. You won’t feel like this forever, because nothing in life is permanent. Not even life itself. I love the ending too, “Lift your gaze, it’s the end of daze.” It is just wonderful. There are so many words I could use to describe the lyric I chose, but none are good enough. All I know is that it is my favourite I’ve heard all year, pretty much speaks for itself really.

My Albums Of 2010.

19 12 2010

Attempting to put this down to 10 is going to be frustrating, and I will want to constantly change my mind. THIS IS IN NO ORDER. Apart from the last album I mention, that’s my favourite of the year.

Marina And The Diamonds- The Family Jewels.- This album means the world to me. Especially the song, Guilty which I was lucky enough to tell her this on the 31st October. Marina is amazing live. How she is with her fans is just lovely. She spent about 45 minutes with us. Just a lovely person. I don’t think this album got the recognition it fully deserved.  I remember first hearing about her well over a year and a half ago and just being in awe of her. Favourite track : Guilty.

Ellie Goulding- Lights/Bright Lights- I’ve mentioned Lights and Bright Lights because the extra tracks on Bright Lights are brilliant. She has to release Animal. The drum breakdown is mental. I love the production on this. Her and Starsmith are incredible. Her live shows are insane. I saw her play Academy 3 then 2 then 1 in Manchester…watching her gorw- you can see the transformation in her when she performs. During Your Biggest Mistake she just goes crazy. Not to mention her drumming during Salt Skin and Starry Eyed. I was a massive fan of Ellie before she got signed, like with Florence and to see her go from being a girl with a guitar with no record deal to a household name just made me feel so proud. A lovely person who I was lucky to meet at the start of the year. She’s just amazing. Favourite album track : from Lights : Salt Skin. from Bright Lights: Believe Me.

New Young Pony Club- The Optimist- Highly underrated. This album was amazing. Much better than their debut. The lyrics, the production- everything just sounded bigger yet darker. I love how dark the album sounds. Perfect from start to finish. Favourite album track: Chaos.

The Drums-The Drums– I love how they captured the dark lyrics over lively music. I love everything about this band. The way Johnny moves on stage reminds you of Morrissey mixed with Ian Curtis. Favourite album track : Down By The Water.

Mystery Jets-Serotonin- This year after  waiting so long to see them live, I finally did. I can safely say watching Flakes live was one of my favourite things about 2010. Stunning.  Making Dens and Twenty One are remarkable albums. Serotonin is just as stunning. Mystery Jets are one of the best UK bands around. Easily. Favourite album track : Alice Springs.

Best Coast-Crazy For You- For me, this album was the sound of the summer. Boyfriend was constantly on BBC 6Music, hearing it just made the day better. Anyone who owns or heard this album knows how speciual it is. It’s just got that summer vibe through and through. Favourite album track : The End.

Zola Jesus-Stridulum II- Haunting, sad, dark, remarkable. I fell in love instantly with this album. Everything about it is evberything I love about music. The lyrics made you want to break down and cry- but you couldn’t cry because you were in awe of how stunning this album is. When I bought his album, I played it whilst cooking and as I was giving my attention to the album- I nearly burnt myself. That’s how good it is. It requires all your attention. If you don’t own it- please go out and buy it. Favourite album track – I Can’t Stand.

Lightspeed Champion- Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You- Massvie fan of Dev and all he does. Whether it is as Lightspeed Champion or Blood Orange. He’s a musical genius. This album, along with a few this year, just did not get the recognition they fully deserve. Favourite album track- Faculty Of Fears.

Foals- Total Life Forever- VERY nearly was my album of the year- but most lists have claimed it to be the best album. By a UK band, yes it is. It’s an amazing album. Like all the albums I have listed- it catapulted me into a different world. Total Life Forever is sheer brilliance. I loved playing this album whilst on the train to work every day. It’s an album that I know I will listen in 10 years time and feel the same way about it as I did the first time I heard it. Favourite album track – After Glow.


Warpaint-The Fool- When I first heard Undertow I knew that Warpaint would be putting out some of the best music of 2010. Their EP Exquisite Corpse (brilliantly titled) just left you wanting more. A year later and The Fool was released. I still want more. They were a pleasure to interview, probably my favourite band I’ve interviewed. They love what they do and they love each other. You can tell that music is their everything. They’re not in it to make money. They do it because music is that important to them. I remember listening to the album online (streaming not illegally downloaded) because as hard as I tried, I couldn’t wait a week to buy it knowing I could listen to it. The album broke my heart, made me happy, threw me into a different place. It did everything an album should do. I adore Warpaint, and have done for some time- so to see them become massive this year was amazing. Favourite album track – Majesty

Mystery Jets. 5th November 2010. HMV Institute, Birmingham.

9 11 2010

A cold, wet Friday night in Birmingham is about to turn into one of the greatest nights ever.The Library (formerly The Barfly) holds around 600. Mystery Jets could easily sell out the main room, but the intimacy of this venue is what made tonight extra special.

The support act for this evening, Is Tropical blew my mind. I was positive that Tribes were supporting who are easily one of my favourite bands of the year. Is Tropical have been a band I have loved from the start, and I was in total shock that they were supporting Mystery Jets. Their set is short but brilliant. Most people didn’t know how to react to Is Tropical, possibly due to them wearing masks covering their mouth, personally- I liked it. I hope 2011 is amazing for them as this year has been.

Mystery Jets take to the stage and all hell breaks loose. Bodies pushed forward, drinks thrown- but who cares? One of the countries best bands are about to play one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.

They opened with Alice Springs which is howled back by the crowd. No songs are sadly played off their début, Making Dens. Their half and a half set cannot be faulted in any way at all. In fact, I will go as far to say as it was close to perfection. They even play After Dark which is by The Count and Sinden which features Mystery Jets.

They played half of Twenty One and half of new album, Serotonin. Obviously it is tracks such as Two Doors Down, Young Love and Half In Love With Elizabeth that cause a riot. I’ve never seen a crowd react so mentally towards a band, but quite rightly so. Every single song is sung back by us all, however there is one song in particular that is sung louder than the rest. As the band came back on stage for the encore, Kai carries William on his shoulders, the playful atmosphere surrounded the stage all night. There is one song by Mystery Jets that could melt the coldest of hearts, that could make the strongest person in the world cry. This song of course is, Flakes. This is one of the most beautiful songs ever written, as beautiful as it is- it is also heartbreaking. The lyrics hit you in the gut, it is truly one of the most stunning songs ever written. Witnessing it live makes the song mean much more to me. I honestly thought I’d have some emotional outburst seeing this live, instead I just sang my heart out with everybody else.

Singer, Blaine Harrison is an inspiration. Blaine has Spina Bifida, making it difficult for him to get about. Yet he plays on stage most nights. He doesn’t let this stop him from doing something he loves, which puts everything into perspective. People are quick to complain about the little things in life- but seeing Blaine do something he loves, and being part of one of the countries best band is amazing. The band leave you in awe. You cannot find any fault in their live shows. Some bands aren’t as good live as they are on record. Mystery Jets are perfect both live and on record. The way they play on stage is like a family- it doesn’t seem like a job or a chore. The way they look at each other and perform on stage is projected onto the crowd. The love they have for each other and their fans is reciprocated.

Of all the gigs I have been to this year, this is easily one of the best. Although the crowd was full of drunken stumbling folk- everybody had a brilliant time which is all you can ask for.

More Mystery Jets!

18 06 2010

The Girl Is Gone.

I’m so excited for this album. Can’t put it into words. It’s going to be amazing. Album of the summer surely?


Mystery Jets.

15 06 2010

Mystery Jets are my happy band. Regardless of if I feel like shit, I listen to them and I immediately feel happy. Some of the songs are heartbreaking (Flakes) but the beauty in the song is enough to make me feel something no other band has and maybe never will.

Their debut album was a brilliant first album, and they beat the curse that comes with the second album. Twenty One is a masterpiece. There’s no denying it. Anybody who says differently will not win. Flakes, Hand Me Down, Hideaway…the whole album is just beautiful. I’m not even going to deny how excited I am for the new ablum, Serotonin. I’ve only heard about 3 or 4 tracks from it but going by what I have heard I believe it will probably be one of the best albums of the year. Who cares if the bastarding Mercury Music Prize doesn’t acknowledge it. It’s all about the fans reaction and I believe it will be just as mind blowing as Twenty One. Mystery Jets are a band that you can put all your faith and trust in and you know it will be safe. If they ever split up I will be devestated. I’ll be inconsolable. I’ll weep like a child whilst listening to Behind The Bunhouse. I’m not even ashamed.

Serotonin (Live).

Dreaming Of Another World.

Flash A Hungry Smile. <  Photo of Blaine with meatballs in his mouth. It’s acceptable because it’s Blaine.


You Can’t Fool Me Dennis.


Mystery Jets.

2 06 2010

Probably in my Top 10 favourite bands of all time. I also think Flakes is one of the most gorgeous songs ever written. They are just a wonderful band and….THEY ARE BACK!

Dreaming Of Another World.


Far Too Honest.

29 04 2010

As much as I love music, and as much as I hate writing personal shit down…I feel I need to let this out. NOW. Before I go to bed and not being able to sleep because this won’t go away. I will probably delete this later on. But I just need to let this out.

I hate the way that I am stupidly shy. If I could, I’d make a CD with every song that sums up how I feel and hand it to a person. This person doesn’t know. In fact, this person will never know because I freeze/don’t talk. If they saw this, they wouldn’t know that this was about them. Maybe it’s not about a’s about the idea of them. Regardless of what it is, it’s actually getting to me in a way that I don’t want it to. So, these songs will sum it up because I don’t have it in me to admit this. Someone else can hah.

Alphabeat-Hole In My Heart. Recently I’ve paid attention to the lyrics and it just sums everything up. Every tiny and large detail. Seriously. I don’t like it, but I love this song. Buggerings!

The Drums- I Felt Stupid. If they do this live in 2 weeks time I think I will have a bit of a cry. It’s just beautiful.

Florence + The Machine- Drumming Song. No words really. I swear the Lungs album sums up my life most of the time.

The Smiths- I Want The One I Can’t Have. I stand by the fact that Morrissey has written a song to describe every feeling that exists. This song shows this.

Morrissey- I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris. It’s so true. Every word sang here is utter truth. Fall for a country rather than a person. A place will not disappoint. People can. But only if you let them.

Morrissey- Let Me Kiss You. Again, shows why Morrissey is my hero. Thanks Moz!

Ellie Goulding- The Writer. I have no idea why…well I do, I just love Ellie. But…I have no idea. I don’t know. The words I guess.

La Roux- Quicksand. The whole album means a lot to me..for reasons I don’t ever wish to talk about, I cannot do it. I was going to put Cover My Eyes on here, but that’d mean listening to it for a few seconds and putting the link up. I cannot listen to that song, it kills me a wee bit. Quicksand though….blaaaaaaaady ‘ell.

Mystery Jets & Laura Marling- Young Love. So beautiful.

Mystery Jets- Two Doors Down. So apt…apart from being two doors down hah.

The Horrors- Mirrors Image. The “crippling shyness” line gets me every single time. Seriously.

Right I’m gonna leave it at that. I need to go to bed because apparently I’ve got shit to do tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t rain so I can go for a walk.


Mystery Jets!

20 04 2010

The new song, Flash A Hungry Smile is in short, bloody amazing. It’s one of the best tracks of this year so far. And I reckon the new album will be one of the best ones of this year. They are one of my favourite bands ever. They just make EVERYTHING so much better, even when it’s disgustingly crap. They are just a are gorgeous band who never disappoint.