THE KILLS: Lyrics.






I remember first hearing Keep On Your Mean Side 13 years ago- I instantly knew I had found a home in this loud, manic and powerful sound. I knew that I had found a band that for as long as they made music, they would be always with me. They would be the soundtrack to good and bad moments. Moments that I’ll never forget and moments I partially wish I could. By no means am I tough, but when I listen to The Kills I always feel braver than I am. And just like Nick Cave, they talk about love and all that comes with it in a way that I can fully identify with. I cannot get my head around songs that are full of wanting to be with someone all the time, the sunshine and rainbows- I want the darker side- the mean side. It’s more honest. I’m surprised I’ve never delved into the lyrics of The Kills. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, there are times where it could have been the right moment but I missed out because I got in the way of my own doing so. So here I am. Saturday 23rd April at 4:10pm with nothing better to do than sit and listen to the sounds of my all-time favourite duo. The band that keep me sane. I’m going to try narrow this down to 10 lines that mean the most to me, but please be assured that there are more than 10. I’m doing this blind but the last two I mention are solid. They’ve always been there.

“If I’m so evil, why are you satisfied?” (Rodeo Town) – This is one of the lines where it’s not what is sung, but how it is sung. I love how tired Alison’s voice sounds. As if someone is at the end of arguing with someone that possibly can’t pull away from. It’s one of my favourite songs by The Kills, and definitely my favourite off No Wow. We all think we’re beyond bad at times, and it leads us to question those around us. I’ve always felt fine with questioning everything and everyone- I mean for the most part it is done in the comfort in my mind, but you know. Rodeo Town always reminds me of a road trip gone a bit askew- but hey, where’s the pleasure in things not being slightly chaotic?


“Send your love in a rampage, give her everything you’ve got. And when you come to hate her, show her more than just a spark.” (Heart Is A Beating Drum) Maybe I should have just quoted the whole song here, every line is just perfect and one of the strongest moments on Blood Pressures. I’ve got so much sentimental value attached to this record, and I know I’ve got to let it go when the new one comes out. I’ll be fine just doing so. I adore the lyrics to this because it just sums up the fury of love, lust and god knows what else we subject ourselves to. I toyed with using, “And you feel like you’ve been here so many times before. It’s not the door you’re using but the way you’re walking through it” for me that’s a golden life motto to keep with you, it’s like being told to just get on. Easier said than done for most, but this song was a crutch for a long time and it was that line that played a massive part. However, the line I did choose to use is the one that is full of something quite wonderfully sinister. Show the person why you can no longer stand them, it’s totally fine. Sometimes you just have to be quite furious with the emotions you send on to another person. Don’t hold back.

“Lipstick letters and souvenirs, make a mockery of your fears.” (Hook And Line) One of my favourites off Midnight Boom is Hook And Line. I love how the verses are quite gentle then the hook of, “With your hook and line, I still blow away” comes right on in like a madman and smacks you right in the face. I’ve been thinking about this song a lot recently, and I had it on repeat at the gym the other evening when I was struggling to stay motivated. The line I’ve chosen again, is one I love how it sung and the idea of ripping apart what fills us with fear is always appealing. I always wish they made a video to this song, I reckon it would have been something else. There’s a lot of wild imagery in the song that could have been brought to life in such a captivating way. I love that before this song on the record, you’ve got Last Day Of Magic. That song alone I could write about but the things I’d write are too personal. “My little tornado, my little hurricano.” I could, but I won’t.

“Superstition is, your modern eye. With original skin, and original lie.” (Superstition) I’ve watched many live performances of this song online, and it’s one that makes you firmly believe that Jamie and Alison are truly out of this world with the music they make. I love the burning rage in the guitar that goes along with Alison’s scream/groan towards the end of the song. It’s a perfect noise and when you’ve seen it live (online or physically) it stays with you. They both seem possessed and you feel like you’re intruding on something you shouldn’t be. That’s what I love about them. They’ve got this bond that you can only dream of having. If you ever experience it, don’t fuck it up. I remember hearing this song for the first time and just being in awe of the noise I was hearing. I think that’s part of the attraction with Keep On Your Mean Side. It’s a proper noisy record and it just stays with you, you always go back to it.

“What a mess a little time makes to us when time and place collide.” (Satellite) I was going to go with “I loved her too long, don’t love her too” but right now, I’m siding with the first line mentioned. I love this song to pieces. I love the slight reggae feel to the guitar, I love the video and how it makes you want to hit the road, I love the lyrics. I adore the lyrics to this song so much and it’s pretty hard to describe why, but they speak for themselves don’t they? They’re great lyrics that I think anyone can relate to if they dig a little deeper than usual. When time and place do collide, it does have the potential to leave something disastrous in the mind, and that’s what I love about that line. It exposes how chaotic things can be- in mind and body. I’d happily go off on a tangent about this song, but I probably wouldn’t be able to reel myself back in. It just does something to you when you hear it. I love that they both sing it, and Jamie makes the guitar sound like a lightning bolt going right through you.


“These are the days we’ll never forget, when the dawn dawns on you.” (Pots And Pans) I was going to go with something from The Last Goodbye but I realised it was too much to take on in one little paragraph. If you don’t know why, just read the lyrics. They are heart breaking, and they automatically make you feel like you’ve had your heart torn out. It’s a brutally honest song, and I really couldn’t do it justice by writing about it. Pots And Pans closes Blood Pressures and it’s the most perfect ending. It feels like a hymn, some kind of ethereal experience that is saved for last. It all comes together as Alison sings the line I picked out. It repeats over and over, like a holy mantra to get you through. It’s to keep you going until the next record, until next time. At first I wasn’t sure about how I felt towards this song. At times I felt it was too slow or something stupid, but I ended up playing it on repeat when I got to the end of the record. Maybe it was my brain saying, “it’s not over, it can’t be-play it again.” I go back to this song a lot, for whatever reason. It makes you feel alright with not having much to offer someone or something, and I think that’s something most can relate to.

“Elevator straight into my skull. The escalator rises as it falls.  I swear our jet is crashing in my mind, you can hold on but I wouldn’t waste your time.” (Black Balloon) The whole song. The whole damn song. From start to finish is just beautiful, sad and honest. I love the line, “Let the weather have its way with you” but I had to go with the opening verse because it’s one of the saddest and most truthful lyrics I’ve ever heard. For me it’s on a par with the genius of I Know It’s Over by The Smiths. It’s got that brutal honesty that gets you right in the gut, and I can’t think of a time where Black Balloon has not been relevant. The sadness in “You can hold on but I wouldn’t waste your time” is so overpowering, you don’t know what to do with yourself when you hear it. The whole song is just a beautiful description of knowing something is done but whoever else is involved is probably oblivious to it. Sometimes you’re oblivious to it, and this song lets you know what’s up.

 “No longing for the moonlight, no longing for the sun. No longer will I curse the bad I’ve done.” (Future Starts Slow) I think it’s pretty obvious how much I am in love with Blood Pressures, but Future Starts Slow was as if someone was coming full speed at you with this thumping drum sound and machine gun guitar- it charges at you, and when the vocals kick in that’s it. It calms down in places then picks right back up. It’s such a great way to start the record off, and the line I’ve picked is possibly my favourite lyric by The Kills. Ever. Have I already said that? If I have, then I’ve changed my mind. If I haven’t, then all is okay. It’s the no longer cursing all the bad- for me that’s just a brilliant way of accepting everything and carrying on. This song makes you feel tough and as if you can do anything. But let’s be honest, you can do anything because when you stick on your favourite song- anything is possible. I told a little lie when I said I had 2 solid favourites- I’ve got 3, and this is one of them.

“Baby says for all I’ve forsaken make something of all the noise, and the mess you’re making. And all the time’s it’s taken.” (Baby Says) Last one off Blood Pressures. For me, this song carries a wealth of imagery that is free for the listener to conjure up. Baby can be a person you’ve met. Baby can be an image or thought in your mind, but Baby makes you feel alright with what you’ve done so long as you make something out of it. It’s one of the most powerful songs on the record, and one of the songs I wish I had written. Any time I write something, this is one of the songs I have in mind. It’s got this innocence to it that isn’t found so often. Baby Says is a strong sense of reassurance, and I’m forever grateful to The Kills that this song exists. It means a hell of a lot, and if I ever met them I’d probably try rustle this out of myself to let them know.

“Jailers in my mind are all dead. I love you so much, never forget.” (Goodnight Bad Morning) Around 2010/2011 I was having issues with sleeping and being a functioning adult. I’d go to bed at 3 and be awake at 7. I was able to disguise being stuck in a rut quite well, but that’s all in the past now along with other things. It has that Lou Reed greatness to it.  This song would be what I would play when I was trying to fall asleep. It’s gentle and it’s pure. It’s apt and aimed- but that’s not up for discussion. It’s such a beautiful song that once you hear it, it stays with you. Again, it’s a perfect song to close a record with. It makes you feel at the end, that you’ve drifted off somewhere. Maybe to sleep, maybe to a place in your mind where nothing else gets to you. It’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and I do compare a lot of things to how this song makes me feel and think. It’s got a lot of nostalgic and sentimental value. I did have a slight blip where I couldn’t listen to the song- but I realised I was being a daft swine, and got a grip. When I listen to it now, for the most part all I see in my head is the way Jamie and Alison look at each other when they perform this. The song is like the sun coming up when all has been weird before- like you can start over. And sometimes, that’s all you can do. It’s all you should do.


It’s now 5:30pm, and all I can now think about are the songs I typically did not mention. Good job the new record is out soon.

The Kills- Goodnight Bad Morning.


It is oh so easy to lose sight of who you are at times. All too often people try to meddle in your life, tell you what to do and what not to do. You wonder why. Why do your actions mean so much to them? Maybe they don’t, they’re just looking for something to control because they are at a loss themselves. You see, it is easy for people to drag up another person’s misfortunes and errors rather than facing their own. People always want to take the easy way out, people never want to try. People have the power to be so vile and cruel. People can break you. There’s sometimes comfort in sadness, but there’s also isolation. Fake a smile if you must. Cry on a shoulder if you can. There’s a song to find the beauty in the darkness we sometimes feel. The aftermath is sometimes bits and pieces of destruction. Smashed bottles, torn furniture, ripped clothes and a chipped tooth. Where were you? Who were you? The come down is a bitch. You don’t have to have taken a thing. This is misery from feeling good. You seek peace. Inner peace. Inhale. Exhale. Inner peace is all you want.

I had half an hour to myself today before I had to be somewhere. As I’m just a regular nobody with nothing going for them, all it was was a hair cut. I had half hour to kill, so I took a walk. I went to the beach/promenade thing I guess you call it. The waves were crashing onto rocks. Hardly anyone was around. A few old couples walking their dogs, but that’s it. Just me, the sea and music. As usual, I was listening to The Kills.

The Kills are a band that I’ve never associated with a person. I used to think it’d be cool to do so you know? Because at times their lyrics are quite brutal but passionate. Loving but full of revenge. The more I listen to them, the less I feel the desire to do this. I’m glad because I think if I ever did associate them with anyone I’d fall apart. Jamie and Alison are beyond words. So I stood staring out at the sea. Goodnight Bad Morning starts playing. Something came over me. I didn’t want to cry. I didn’t want to smile or anything. I just felt something. I felt as if I was the last person left in the world. I felt alone, but in a good way. I felt a gush of inner peace take over me. The song has always meant a lot to me. It always felt like a come down from something good, but not in a way that makes you want to experience the good all over again. Instead, you take the good and put it in the back of your mind, locked in your heart- with all the other good memories. No one can take it from you. Nothing can change them. You have them. Locked.

“The speed’s working, I see it in everyone. Like a lost idea under lightbulb sun. Your eyes, ready for take off melt in your head. What a  beautiful state we are in.”

This is a perfect example of how wonderful their lyrics are. This verse this morning created deeper meaning than previous listens had. Everything about the way this song is sung, especially this verse just makes you feel so at ease. I’m far too laid back for my own good at times. Or maybe I just hate admitting what bothers me, or when someone gets to me you know? I’d rather ignore it, go read a book and waste my thoughts on something worthwhile. Maybe it is a good way to live, maybe it isn’t. All I know that today for those minutes I played this song, I felt weightless and untouchable. Not in an immortal way. Just that nothing and no one for that moment I had created, could bother me.

“The jailers in my mind are all dead. I love you so much, never forget.  All of our secrets are coming undone. What a beautiful state we are in.”

I love this part because I feel, out of all the songs by The Kills that have touched on romance and love- this one truly sums it up the best. Real love is forgetting all the bad and staying with the good. It doesn’t have to be the romantic side of love. It can be any kind. You can have the most tumultuous relationship with your closest chum, but you know how much you love each other- and that’s all that matters. Forget the outsiders, it is just you and them. However, when I was listening to this song this morning I didn’t feel that way. I was preoccupied with the wave of inner peace I was feeling. As I listen to it now, I understand the words even more.

Life is a pain, but life has some good moments. Goodnight Bad Morning emulates that perfectly. In order to have the good, you’ve got to take the bad. It doesn’t matter how long the bad ride is, the good will happen. I’m constantly told to “keep trying” and to “be positive.” I’ll level with you, it is fucking draining and I’m unsure of why I try. I get nowhere. I get nowhere fast. I’m a nobody like the rest of them, but my purpose isn’t to be anything wonderful or to be something I am not comfortable with. You create your own moments of happiness and inner peace. I had mine this morning at 11am whilst watching the sea listening to the band that mean more to me than I can ever put into words. I looked at birds flying past- they are free. I watched the waves crash. I watched the ripples in the sea. I didn’t feel so hopeless. Maybe I found the one thing in life at the moment that makes me feel alright.

To hell with what others tell you to do, and how you should be. Create your own moments. Go it alone if you must. If they judge it is because they cannot do it. I’m grateful (understatement for sure) to The Kills because every feeling I’ve ever known is in their songs; and this morning, I am sure that my love for them over the past 10 years grew dramatically. I get it now, I really do. You’ve got to do things your own way.


*I don’t expect any of this to make sense to anyone. I never do.


The Kills – 10 Year Anniversary.

“Lost a lot of blood. Lost a lot of cool, cool, cool.”

Ten years ago today, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince aka The Kills played their first gig together. On the tenth anniversary of my favourite band- I’d like to attempt to put into words just why I love them and what they mean to me. Over the past few days I have read peoples stories about the anniversary gig in New York on Saturday. I managed to watch it online (no, I didn’t stay up until 4am to watch it because of the shitty time difference. I’m too old for staying up ast 11pm it seems!) Even though I wasn’t there, I could feel the love in the room. You could see just how much Alison and Jamie love what they do. More importantly, you can see just how inspiring and loving their friendship is.

Like most who adore The Kills, it goes beyond adoring the music that they make. It is an admiration of two people having a vision, and going with it- not giving a fuck about anything but the art. Staying true to their hearts and not ever compromising their art in the process. Over the past 10 years of being a fan, this is just a hint of what they have taught me. The Kills haven’t just opened my eyes and mind to a different world, they, in some respects have made me who I am. Now, for most- who I am isn’t exactly good. But for me, I’m bloody well proud. Their music has been the one  of very few that I turn to when I’m feeling low, and has also been there when I feel insanely happy. It’s everything to me. Do or die.

I want to talk about their bond before I really get into the music because I feel this may take up a lot of space. When I first heard The Kills..shit I can’t remember but I know it was Fried My Little Brains. I probably saw the video whilst flicking through the music channels aged 15/16. That age where everything sticks and the smallest thing can change you in a way you never thought something could. This noise that was coming through just blew me away. How could two people make such a noise? I wanted to know everything about their music, what influenced them, their music background- I wanted to know it all. So, I read up about them. Read as many interviews as I could find. I remember staying up late and hearing them on a John Peel session. I think that really nailed my dedication to them. From then on, I knew I had found the band to be my guide. They would be the ones to make me feel less cack about growing up and becoming a person I was probably scared to be. I’ve always been a bit socially uncomfortable, but a band like The Kills broke that down. Their bond is the most inspiring friendship I’ve ever EVER seen. Alison pretty much gave up her life in America to move to London to make music with Jamie. Listening to him play the guitar, like a loveable stalker then turning into being one of the most influential and honest bands around. Things take time, they say- and in those 10 years everything they have done has been so open and passionate.

The way Alison stalks the stage with her hungry eyes, caressing the mic in her hands singing the words that make you think “FUCK YES. THIS IS THE REAL THING RIGHT HERE.” You sing along with everything you have. Jamie stands beside her using his guitar as a weapon. Holding it, aiming his guitar at Alison and the crowd like a gun. Every note he churns out is a bullet to the soul. It wakes you up. It shakes you. His violent gestures merge so heavenly with Alison’s sweet, delicate voice. The way he mouths the notes he his making from the guitar like a man possessed. Alison looks at the crowd and moves like a woman possessed. They both are; by the music. And you, the audience are also taken over. Everything takes you over. You take in every single movement by Alison and Jamie. You are in awe of their chemistry. Some like to say it is sexual chemistry. Personally? You can honestly see how they are like brother and sister. It probably goes deeper than that. They are each others life. You can see how much they love what they are doing, and how happy they are sharing the moment with each other- and the crowd. It’s them against the rest of the world. That’s how it should feel when you meet your best friend, your soulmate. With them, you can do anything. Without them, they are still around somehow to make you feel like you can do it. It’s the most innocent and beautiful thing one can ever feel. It is unconditional and forever accepting.

Now, the music. Where on Earth do I begin with this? From recording on an 8-track in a soundproof cupboard to touring the world with their incredibly distinctive sound- The Kills are EASILY not only the best band around, but the best duo around. Two people can make a Hell of a lot of noise kids, don’t ever think they can’t because they really fucking can. Over the past ten years they have given us brutal riot infused songs such as Cat Claw to haunting heartbreaking songs like The Last Goodbye. Every record of theirs has played such a great role in my life. To someone who doesn’t love music, everything I have written here, and ever write will just seem like utter nonsense. Maybe that’s the case. You know, if I was going to be professional about this- I’d ignore the fact that I am a fan and write from a critic standpoint. I just cannot do that. What I learnt from The Kills is one thing in particular- always do it from the heart and with all you have. That’s how I write, and how I live. If it doesn’t feel right in my heart, I’m not playing any part in it. This is why I will NEVER write on here about something I hate and rip it apart. The world has far too many negative vibes; I don’t want to add to it. I want to write about things that I am passionate about, in the hopes someone reads it and thinks..”I feel the same.” And they don’t feel so alone with being passionate about a band, or even a song.

I will ALWAYS say that Keep On Your Mean Side is my favourite record by The Kills. However, when Blood Pressures came out last year I was in a wonderfully low place. Certain things happened that I had no power over. I couldn’t do a thing (my job at the time ended, my mum was diagnosed with cancer and a bunch of other shit.) To say I wanted to throw in the towel was a fucking understatement. I heard Blood Pressures and every ounce of passion and love in me just came back. It’s like it filled me up with fight and hope again. DNA and Pots And Pans are two songs that just made me think “Fuck..I gotta do something.” The Last Goodbye broke my heart, and I stand by “How can I rely on my heart if I break it, with my own two hands.” As being my favourite line of 2011, and the lyric that saved my soul. The vulnerability in that song made everything easier. To know someone could sum up how lost I felt, knowing it was someone I look up to- it made it mean more than the World to me. It became my world.

I still play No Wow, Keep On Your Mean Side and Midnight Boom every day. Not a day goes by when I don’t listen to The Kills. Over the past ten years, they have been more than just a band. If you regard The Kills as “just a band” you’re no fan. They are more than two people making the best music around. They are two people who give music obsessives like me something to cling onto and hold so deep within their heart. Their music will never stop being like the blood in my veins. I do not care if any of what I have written makes me sound mental. I know that at least one person in the world who may read this will connect, because fans of The Kills are the most passionate and sincere people you will ever meet and know. We are a dedicated bunch.

This has been my tribute to the two most perfect human beings I will probably never meet. If by some stroke of luck they see this- I just want to say Thank You. Thank you for giving this hopeless kid a fuck load of hope and passion ten years ago, and with every listen- I gain more hope and passion. Thank you for making music that allows one to feel so much, and that feeling mean isn’t always a bad thing. Thank you for having a bond that makes me, as a fan, want to find my own. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Thank you for teaching me to stay true to myself even though at times it can be hard. Thank you for that gig in November 2008 in Stoke at The Sugarmill. You left me speechless and inspired.

Alison, Jamie- thank you for the past ten years. Here’s to many many more. Much love, Olivia xx

The Kills-Black Balloon.

I’m not one for enjoying songs that are about sunshine, rainbows and love. It isn’t real. I like songs that are dark, creepy, frightening, fragile and thought-provoking. I like songs where you can really feel what the singer is going through. If the song oozes desperation, I’ll probably fall in love with it. However, just because I like songs like this doesn’t make me a morbid bugger- most like to think I am, but they’re wankers.

There’s a song by The Kills on every album that always breaks my heart. Keep On Your Mean side has Gypsy Death & You, No Wow has Rodeo Town and Blood Pressures has The Last Goodbye.

Midnight Boom has Black Balloon. I know that whatever I say about this song doesn’t do it justice, but that doesn’t stop me. Well, sometimes it does. Not today.

Lyrically and musically, it is painful. In a good way, not in a “this is so bad make this shit here stop” kind of way. Alison’s voice on Black Balloon is so vulnerable, the way she sings “Let the weather have its way with you” makes you feel for her. That whatever or whoever this is about, you really connect with her. It’s a simple song but with such wonderful imagery in the lyrics.

“Elevator straight into my skull. An escalator rises as it falls.”  Personally, I feel that the elevator is this feeling she cannot shake, and it constantly gets to her. The escalator is a symbol for the highs and the lows. As soon as you feel good, some fuckwit has to come along and drag you back down. Maybe that isn’t the case, but it’s what I get from that line.

“You can hold on, but I wouldn’t waste your time.” It’s so true isn’t it? You hold on for something or someone, and in the end it’s actually a waste if your time. It just turns out to be so awfully pointless. I love the honesty and disappointment in this line. We’ve all felt this way, and you get to a point where you know waiting around is just a waste, there’s no point- so why bother? My advice? Don’t bother; you’ll get further if you don’t.

“….on the edge of a dream that you had. Has anybody told you it’s not coming true?” Again, the honesty and disappointment here is just beyond. You can dream all you want to, but they will not come true. You’re taught to dream as a kid, but when you hit adulthood it just goes to shit. Maybe if you hold onto the dreams a little bit, it’ll get you through the day. I wouldn’t bother though.

Then comes the giving up, “Let the weather have its way with you.” Sometimes, whatever it is or who it is that you were holding out for, in the end, you just have to let it go- hand it over to fate, so fate can have its way with it. One of the best feelings a person can experience is the euphoria of letting something go. Go on, get a balloon- and watch it go away. Seeing something just float away on its own is such a grand feeling. When you let a person/emotion go, when you get past the feeling awful stage- you reach this part where nothing matters because you are free. You’re a person again who isn’t being held down. I know a lot of people who have trouble walking away from something or letting go, I don’t understand why. Or maybe I’m a terrible person because I can leave things behind without feeling bad? I have no idea; I don’t feel bad for it. Everyone is different. This is why Black Balloon means so much to me.

When I bought Midnight Boom, I had heard it before its proper release, so I just played Black Balloon over and over. It is a sad, dark song but if you dig deeper you can see it’s got this sense of freedom to it. What I love about The Kills is how fearless their music is. They can sing songs that are about being rock bottom or just bring frustrated, they are not afraid to indulge in what many regard as ugly emotions. They have this real, raw feel to their music which makes them so approachable and easy to relate to.

Black Balloon live is emotional, you cannot take your eyes off Alison as she stands there singing this song. I used to think that this was their most emotional song, but The Last Goodbye has taken over from that. I imagine The Last Goodbye live will just cause a wave of emotions to take over, not that I mind. Its how a gig should be.

Black Balloon has a bluesy feel to it mixed with a hint of the Velvet Underground, and also the despair of a Townes Van Zandt song. Everything I love in one.

I know I haven’t done the song justice with my words, if that was the case- I’d be paid to write like this. That won’t ever happen; instead I’ll just kill time and keep my brain busy by doing this. The Kills have taught me a lot, you don’t need to know- but its songs such as Black Balloon that keeps this tired heart going.

The Kills-Midnight Boom.

I was doing a work placement a month before Midnight Boom came out, and whilst I was there Midnight Boom was constantly played. Before it was released, I knew every word to every song. My obsession with The Kills has been huge ever since the first time I heard their first album, Keep On Your Mean Side. Midnight Boom just catapulted it to great heights, and I know that there is no coming down from this. I don’t ever want to, if I’m honest.

The album opens with U.R.A. Fever, one of the best singles The Kills have ever put out. I’m not fussed on the singles bands put out, I prefer albums. I love having a collection of songs. Luckily, The Kills are perfect so I don’t have to worry about ever feeling disappointed with any release. Besides, they put Black Balloon out as a single- personal favourite.

I came up with an analogy of The Kills last night, well 2.30am this morning. Basically, Jamie’s guitar sounds like a machine gun and Alison sings like a frustrated Angel. If I had to describe them to someone, I’d use that description. I’m pretty proud of it- and I’m rarely proud of myself.

U.R.A Fever is amazing to watch live, just like any of their songs. When they sing together, all this mind-blowing chemistry just flies out. You want it for yourself, but you know it’s rare. What you witness between Alison and Jamie is so rare. Maybe you’ll have your own version of it one day, just don’t go looking for it.

The term Midnight Boom refers to the time where the moon comes up and everyone goes to bed. However, if you’re like me and sleep is your enemy- the term is lost on you. I’ve always loved the titles The Kills come up with for their albums, Keep On Your Mean Side will always be my favourite.

Alphabet Pony hits you hard, it attacks you in a way that you cannot defend yourself from- but why would you want to? Their sound on their third album is as brutal as ever. The video to Last Day Of Magic just sums up the fury in their music. Loving but just oozing frustration. Not in a, “I hate myself and the world” kind of way, but just knowing you can do something, it’s just doing it. I don’t know, I’m not very good at wording things like that, I just feel too much I guess.

Lyrically, this album is just as cruel as previous releases. Recently a perfume advert has decided to use Cheap And Cheerful as part of their ad campaign- I bet their perfume isn’t. I know, poor joke.  I love the line, “I’m bored of cheap and cheerful. I want expensive sadness. Hospital bills, parole. Open doors to madness.” Alison’s cough at the start is strangely attractive too. The way she sings, “It’s alright, to be mean.” Over the little drumming solo is pretty damn good too. The album just bursts so much energy and harsh lines. Like all their albums, there are no bad tracks. Every song just flows into each other so perfectly.

The album closer (if you don’t have the bonus track, Night Train) Goodnight Bad Morning is so fragile and vulnerable. At times, their lyrics pour out so much vulnerability- especially with how Alison sings them. “The jailers in my mind are all dead. I love you so much. Never forget.” The way Alison and Jamie sing this together, you just believe them more than ever. It’s just a gorgeous song. Everything about it just moves you.

Hook And Line is another ruckus (noisy not unpleasant) track. “Nail it down with jealous bones.’Til it goes off like a feather on its own.” Try all you want to, but you cannot control or stop her/The Kills. Reading their lyrics, it’s almost a guide to life. Teaching you that sometimes it’s okay to do bad things (not to the point where you hurt someone on purpose.) Its okay to keep your guard up, you probably always should.

Tape Song for instance, “Time ain’t gonna cure you honey. Time don’t give a shit.” So true. People are quick to fool themselves with the idea that time heals all. It doesn’t. What you do is, you adapt. You’re never cured, whatever is irking you will always be there. Time is just a concept- not a healer. As they point out that time doesn’t heal, you have to do what you can to move forward, “You’ve got to go steal ahead.” If anyone is in need of some kind of guidance in life, then listen to this song. It’ll sort you out, no problem.

Midnight Boom gave Alison and Jamie more success than previous albums. They featured on Jools Holland, Jonathan Ross- I remember sitting on the floor staring at the screen like an attentive child watching their favourite cartoon. I was just proud that my favourite band was finally getting the recognition they deserve. I’ve loved them since the start, and to see them finally being praised for what they are doing is just beautiful. This album caused their career to take off, but if you listen to all their albums- this sound has always been there. That raw, bluesy feel- no one else has done it as well as The Kills and honestly? I severely doubt anyone else could.

Oh, and remember “It’s alright, to be mean.”