The Kills-Midnight Boom.

11 09 2011

I was doing a work placement a month before Midnight Boom came out, and whilst I was there Midnight Boom was constantly played. Before it was released, I knew every word to every song. My obsession with The Kills has been huge ever since the first time I heard their first album, Keep On Your Mean Side. Midnight Boom just catapulted it to great heights, and I know that there is no coming down from this. I don’t ever want to, if I’m honest.

The album opens with U.R.A. Fever, one of the best singles The Kills have ever put out. I’m not fussed on the singles bands put out, I prefer albums. I love having a collection of songs. Luckily, The Kills are perfect so I don’t have to worry about ever feeling disappointed with any release. Besides, they put Black Balloon out as a single- personal favourite.

I came up with an analogy of The Kills last night, well 2.30am this morning. Basically, Jamie’s guitar sounds like a machine gun and Alison sings like a frustrated Angel. If I had to describe them to someone, I’d use that description. I’m pretty proud of it- and I’m rarely proud of myself.

U.R.A Fever is amazing to watch live, just like any of their songs. When they sing together, all this mind-blowing chemistry just flies out. You want it for yourself, but you know it’s rare. What you witness between Alison and Jamie is so rare. Maybe you’ll have your own version of it one day, just don’t go looking for it.

The term Midnight Boom refers to the time where the moon comes up and everyone goes to bed. However, if you’re like me and sleep is your enemy- the term is lost on you. I’ve always loved the titles The Kills come up with for their albums, Keep On Your Mean Side will always be my favourite.

Alphabet Pony hits you hard, it attacks you in a way that you cannot defend yourself from- but why would you want to? Their sound on their third album is as brutal as ever. The video to Last Day Of Magic just sums up the fury in their music. Loving but just oozing frustration. Not in a, “I hate myself and the world” kind of way, but just knowing you can do something, it’s just doing it. I don’t know, I’m not very good at wording things like that, I just feel too much I guess.

Lyrically, this album is just as cruel as previous releases. Recently a perfume advert has decided to use Cheap And Cheerful as part of their ad campaign- I bet their perfume isn’t. I know, poor joke.  I love the line, “I’m bored of cheap and cheerful. I want expensive sadness. Hospital bills, parole. Open doors to madness.” Alison’s cough at the start is strangely attractive too. The way she sings, “It’s alright, to be mean.” Over the little drumming solo is pretty damn good too. The album just bursts so much energy and harsh lines. Like all their albums, there are no bad tracks. Every song just flows into each other so perfectly.

The album closer (if you don’t have the bonus track, Night Train) Goodnight Bad Morning is so fragile and vulnerable. At times, their lyrics pour out so much vulnerability- especially with how Alison sings them. “The jailers in my mind are all dead. I love you so much. Never forget.” The way Alison and Jamie sing this together, you just believe them more than ever. It’s just a gorgeous song. Everything about it just moves you.

Hook And Line is another ruckus (noisy not unpleasant) track. “Nail it down with jealous bones.’Til it goes off like a feather on its own.” Try all you want to, but you cannot control or stop her/The Kills. Reading their lyrics, it’s almost a guide to life. Teaching you that sometimes it’s okay to do bad things (not to the point where you hurt someone on purpose.) Its okay to keep your guard up, you probably always should.

Tape Song for instance, “Time ain’t gonna cure you honey. Time don’t give a shit.” So true. People are quick to fool themselves with the idea that time heals all. It doesn’t. What you do is, you adapt. You’re never cured, whatever is irking you will always be there. Time is just a concept- not a healer. As they point out that time doesn’t heal, you have to do what you can to move forward, “You’ve got to go steal ahead.” If anyone is in need of some kind of guidance in life, then listen to this song. It’ll sort you out, no problem.

Midnight Boom gave Alison and Jamie more success than previous albums. They featured on Jools Holland, Jonathan Ross- I remember sitting on the floor staring at the screen like an attentive child watching their favourite cartoon. I was just proud that my favourite band was finally getting the recognition they deserve. I’ve loved them since the start, and to see them finally being praised for what they are doing is just beautiful. This album caused their career to take off, but if you listen to all their albums- this sound has always been there. That raw, bluesy feel- no one else has done it as well as The Kills and honestly? I severely doubt anyone else could.

Oh, and remember “It’s alright, to be mean.”



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