Marina And The Diamonds- Starring Role (demo.)

I swear to god, this woman has this ability to get inside your head and say EVERYTHING you cannot say. This is SO FUCKING GOOD. To the point where it could possibly shit on everything else she has ever done. Okay, I don’t know. Maybe not. You know how Radioactive was too good for words? Starring Role is on the same level.

Marina is on a totally different level to everything around right now. She says everything you can’t say, and she does it in a way you wish you could. No song she ever does will mean as much to me as Guilty does, but sweet fuckery Starring Role is brilliant.

A lot of fools claim she has sold out. Bullshit. An artist can change their sound- it’s called growing. That’s what they do. You cannot expect an artist to make the same record over and over- what would be the point.

This is going to takeover from me playing Radioactive about 50 times a day.

Marina And The Diamonds VS….

There’s one thing I really really fucking hate with regards to music. It’s when cretins dismiss music because it’s “Mainstream.” Now, I listen to music that is never going to be placed on Radio 1’s play list. I don’t do it to be difficult; I do it because I like different stuff. SHOCK FUCKING HORROR. Y’know, god forbid ANY of us doesn’t take NME or Radio 1 as Gospel. Holy shit no! Fuck off. I’ve sworn a lot, I’m not sorry.

This has all stemmed from a conversation from an extremely good friend of mine; he knows who he is. He won’t read this though.

As you know, I admire/love/respect/adore Marina Diamandis SO much. Meeting her last year was the highlight of my year. So obviously, I’m going to feel a bit protective when I see wankers slag her off. So I guess this is an open letter to those twits.

Dear dickheads of the Internet,

It has come to my attention that many of you are slagging off Marina’s new track Radioactive because she seems to have gone a bit “Mainstream.” If Mainstream means making a record that sounds different to the last, then damn near every single fucking artist out there is Mainstream. If being Mainstream means everyone gets to hear the artist’s music, then how the hell is that a bad thing? If you start a band, you want people to hear your music. Am I right? Of course I bloody well am. Yes Marina has had songs play listed on Radio 1, how is that a bad thing? It bloody well isn’t.

The Family Jewels is a pop record, has she ever stated that it wasn’t? No. It’s a pop record, but it has depth and substance to it. Hollywood and Oh No are catchy tracks and have a pop feel to them. Read the lyrics and you will see there is depth to them. Have you heard Numb? Guilty? Rootless? Nah, bet you haven’t you dumb shit. The meaning on those 3 songs is heartbreaking. Especially on Guilty, I say this because I identify with it more than I wish to. I hate it, but I love it. I hate I can identify with it but I love it because it says everything I wish I could.

Marina doesn’t give a fuck if you think she has sold out or not. Are you on stage every night singing your insecurities? NO. Have you toured the world on the back of one record? NO. You’re just some B.O. smelling, cheese and onion crisp eating, shit stain of society that feels the need to hate on others to mask your own insecurities and jealousy. I don’t pity you nor do I feel sorry for you. You’re pathetic.

My problem is that I care too much, but this is getting on my left one (and right one to be honest.) Mainstream isn’t bad, pop music doesn’t always mean bad. Talent is talent, you cannot deny that. So go on, go listen to your obscure music that only YOU care about and cry to your mum that you’ve ran out of Diet Coke even though you cannot move because you’re too lazy and chubby to do so. You’re riddled with hate because you are idle. Leave the house, read a book. Put your hate and disappointment into something worthwhile. You know, like how the Government screw us all over. Surely that is worth more angst than Marina making a record that has synths and drum machines.

Never yours,


Now, with that out the way; I shall continue.

I know I’ve written about Marina’s new stuff recently but I guess I feel the need to elaborate. I usually do. I’ve got a lot to say, but nobody ever listens to me when I talk so I write it down. Not that anyone reads what I have to say.

Radioactive is a pop song. OH MY JESUS HOW WILL WE COPE. Grow up. Yes it is a pop song, but if you listen to the lyrics you will hear so much going on. The lyrics are fucking amazing. Marina is a bloody clever human being. By rights, she should be massive. But as the media only supports brain-dead singers with nothing to say- she goes ignored. The Family Jewels should’ve sold a shitload of units, but it didn’t. That doesn’t mean she has failed in any way. The REAL Marina fans know this. Her music has evidently touched many people’s lives, myself included. Surely having that kind of impact means more than going Gold.

What I love about Marina is that her lyrics just ooze the frustrations of being insecure and pissed off. How many other pop artists do that? NONE. The lyrics to Fear And Loathing are beautiful, “Got different people inside my head, I wonder which one that they like best. I’m done with trying to have it all, and ending up with not much at all.” People expect far too much from others, so you develop these different personas to please everyone. However sometimes you just have to give it up. We’ve all done it, and it takes courage to give it up and just be who YOU want to be. If that isn’t inspiring, then I have no idea what the hell is anymore.

Radioactive is STILL very much a Marina song. She hasn’t changed with her lyrical content at all, it’s still extremely her. Do you want artists to make the same record over and over? If you do, then you’re pretty much a small minded fool. Take The Horrors for instance. Skying sounds NOTHING like Strange House. I adore Strange House but I also adore Skying. I love that they have changed, what’s the point in making the same record over and over? It’s bland and isn’t daring. Music should be challenging. A real artist challenges themselves and breaks boundaries to do so. The Horrors have done it, and so has Marina.

If Marina being “Mainstream” bothers you that much, then you have only one solution- don’t listen to her. It’s your loss though. You’d be shying yourself away from this county’s greatest pop artist that we have seen in years. She goes where no other artist dares to go. She says things you wish you could say. She’s inside your head. Maybe that’s why you don’t like her new stuff, because she is inside your head saying all the things you wish oh so badly you wish you could say. You’re going to have to give in sooner or later. She’s the music industry’s wild card, and you’d be a fool to not invest in her.

Marina And The Diamonds- Radioactive.

There are some wankers (it’s the less offensive word I could think of) that seem to think Marina has “sold out” or become mainstream with her new single, Radioactive. They’re not real fans, they’re not Diamonds. So I think labelling them as wankers is okay, right? No? Good. Means I’ll call them wankers even more. Anyway, enough about them. More on Marina.

“I’m the one who left you, you’re not the one who left me” THAT is a fucking good line isn’t. I’m probably going to swear too much. I’m not even sorry, unless my mum reads this- then I am a bit sorry. I love Radioactive. The acoustic version, the original version- I don’t care, I just love the song. Her lyrics to every single song of hers just leave me speechless. I’m just in awe of how amazing she is. Most of the time I feel she is in my head writing down and saying all the things I don’t have the guts to say. She says the things I wish I could say, but if I did..I’d be called every name under the sun. The line, “I take one look at you and I grow cold” is just so damn beautiful and so bloody accurate. Everyone, I don’t care who they are, everyone has someone that they just look at and they feel so much bad feelings towards them. Their very existence just irks you. Seriously, when you hear that line- you will think of them. But then, you’ll stop thinking about them because they don’t deserve to be associated with such a song.

The acoustic version will, if you aren’t a heartles twerp, leave you covered in goose bumps. You’ll feel differently to the song. You’ll have more of an emotional attachment to it. There is something so gorgeous about Marina and just a piano. If you’ve ever seen her live, you will know exactly what I mean. Her live shows are euphoric. So liberating. This is why i love her music. It’s almost as if one can feel so bloody free from someone else’s words. When I hear certain songs by her, I just think and feel, “Fuck it…it’s okay to have these frustrations. It’s okay to dislike yourself. It’s okay to dislike others. It’s okay to be totally honest.” There’s just so much I take from her music, and Radioactive is just so enchanting. It just steals you away. “Now I’m heading for a meltdown” I challenge anyone to not relate to this lyric. You’re lying to yourself if you deny it.

There’s so many songs of Marina’s I just feel this connection with. At times it’s frustrating because I dislike having such feelings being brought up and such, but then again- who does. I remember when I first heard I Am Not A Robot and it was just so on point. I remember listening to The Family Jewels all the way through and just being in awe. Guilty is the song that at times I find impossible to listen to, just because it is so personal, it means so much to me. I was fortunate to meet her and tell her this. When you can tell the person who you admire so much what their music means to you, it’s one of the best feelings ever. She is truly one of the most loving and amazing human beings I have ever met. It was such an honour, she fucking loves her fans to pieces- and we feel the same back. The other week when she put out Fear And Loathing, there are no words to describe how it made me feel. It’s just perfect. Her music is perfect. I know perfect doesn’t exist- but sometimes, you can make an exception and with Marina I do.

Marina And The Diamonds- Fear And Loathing.

I was going to go to bed because I have the migraine the size of a whale. However, I have just heard Marina’s new song and all I want to do is listen to it on repeat for the next hour or so. I will do exactly that, I can feel my migraine disappear with each listen.

One of the most annoying yet comforting things in life is when someone can actually sum up how you feel without you doing it. When it’s a friend it can really irk you. However, when it’s a singer- it doesn’t matter. You are thankful for it and you think “how the fuck did I last this long being so misunderstood?!” I just feel so honoured to have met Marina last year. There’s not many singers I feel this weird connection with, but when I first heard her music in 2008 I felt it straight away, and it didn’t bother me at all. When you find an artist when you are lost, it is such an intense feeling and you cannot believe it has happened.

To me, this song is like a kick up the arse for me. I don’t want to delve into a personal area- there’s a time and place. This is neither. But this song feels like she has managed to go inside my head and write exactly how I feel down. I felt this when I listened to The Family Jewels. How I feel about Guilty, I feel about Fear And Loathing.

What I love about Marina is her way of writing about the things that makes a person feel angry, vulnerable, fragile and lost. She evokes all these feelings in a way that many wish they could. Hell, I wish I could. She vocalises the beauty in frustrations. The beauty being, her making you feel that it is totally okay to feel like shit. It is okay to hurt, to feel delicate. To feel shit about yourself. It’s all okay. Many will run and hide from how they feel about themselves. Many will work so hard to not show how they feel. Why should they? You’re a human being- feel something. Whether it is good or bad, it is okay to feel.

I just love Fear And Loathing so much. I know that her Diamonds will feel exactly the same, like Marina has got inside her head and just created this piece of art that sums up how we all feel.

Whatever I write about this song will not do it justice. It will not show you just how close to perfection it is. She constantly blows my mind with her lyrics, her way with words. I have every faith that her second album will be just as inspiring as her debut.

Marina And The Diamonds.

Lyrics are a huge thing for me. Most of the bands and singers I love are brilliant lyricists. I don’t need to name names, it’s fairly obvious.Pop music is so dreary and plain isn’t it. There is a severe lack of substance. Or is the whole point of pop music to be this empty genre that requires no thought?

Well, pop music is seen as commercial nonsense by some. Most would accuse me of hating anything mainstream. This isn’t true. I just don’t like music that doesn’t have any depth. I don’t like music that doesn’t mean something to me. Most of the music I listen to is the kind of thing you’ll never hear on Radio 1. I’m alright with that because I don’t listen to Radio 1. Frequently I am called a whole bunch of bad things just because I have an opinion and have a dislike for mainstream music.

Now, I love Florence and I love Ellie Goulding- both are played on Radio 1, so I assume that makes them mainstream? Big deal. I like what I like. Regardless of genre. I love TLC, I love Captain Beefheart, I love Morrissey, I love Ramones. I just love music. Anyway, I’ll go about what the point of this piece.

They tell you to never meet your heroes. They say they will fill you with disappointment and not be what you want. Hark in the general direction of the person who said that.Last year I met Marina Diamandis. I also met a brilliant bunch of people too. I can honestly say Marina has the best fans ever. She truly does. They are loyal, beautiful and just good people.

Meeting her and telling her what I needed to say about a specific song to her was one of the bravest things I’ve ever done. That either makes me a coward or just a nutter. Probably both. I’ll admit to being a coward, we all are deep down. But I did it. I told her exactly what Guilty means to me. I can also say she gives amazing hugs. Creepy fan vibe aside, I’m going to tell you why her music is flawless and just wonderful.

I first heard her music late 2008/early 2009. I was just enthralled by what I heard. Finally a female singer touching on subjects that were yet to be touched on in such a manner.

I heard I Am Not A Robot at a time of my life that I can only describe as “shite.” There’s no other way I can word it. Hearing that song gave me the strength to be weak and show how awful I felt. I only showed it to a select few. “But inside you’re just a baby.” Really struck a chord with me, as did the whole song. I could pick so many lines out of that song that just hit me in the belly and made me cry- but the whole song, still to this day makes me feel something no other song has. “Better to be hated, than loved loved loved for what you’re not” is quite simply the most accurate and honest line I have heard in a contempary pop song in a long time. The sheer honesty in that line would crack the hardest of hearts.

Obsessions is another that just blew my mind when I heard it. Everyone has had that frustration with someone. When you hold them, you just feel so sad and empty. You look at them and you feel nothing good. We’ve all been there, and you obsess over your bad feelings towards them- you forget that you love them.

The Family Jewels is easily one of the best debut albums to have been released in a long time. What makes Marina stand out are her lyrics. Her lyrics are so true to life, even Porn Is Good For The Soul is up there. The humour, honesty and darkness in her lyrics are just everything to me. Her wit and darkness in her music reminds me of Morrissey, I suppose that’s another reason as to why I love her

Songs such as Seventeen, Are You Satisfied, Oh No and The Outsider show how it’s okay to dislike yourself at times and have insecurities. That’s exactly why Marina appeals to me. She vocalises having insecurities in a way that no other really has in a long time. There is something so utterly precious about how she words things, and it makes you feel less alone. Music is a comfort blanket for me- her music is that for me a lot of the time.

A bloody good friend of mine once said that Oh No was written about me. He’s not wrong at all. When I first heard it, my jaw dropped and I was in awe of the lyrics.

“Don’t need a relationship, I’ll never soften my grip” I feel this so much most of the time. How I feel condensed into one small line. I’ll never soften my grip, what’s the point? This doesn’t mean I don’t have it in me to love someone because I do, I really do

I didn’t want to make this so personal, but it’s 1.20am and I am tired. When I am tired I ramble. Guilty, Numb and Rootless are the three songs I feel this strong connection to. For the most part, it’s quite overwhelming.

“This better be worth my while.” I feel like this on a daily basis with most things that happen. I just sigh and have this one line play over and over in my mind. The whole chorus to Numb is just this wave of comfort. It’s okay to feel numb, it’s okay to sacrifice things to get to where you want and need to be.

I don’t want to do this, but I feel the need to go into why I love Guilty- but not too in depth.

Guilty for me, just evokes everything I felt and attempted to push aside about my dad. I have no idea what Marina’s relationship is with her dad. I suppose you can make your own assumptions based on the songs she mentions him in. I never felt any love from mine- only he knows how he feels about me. But he’s dead, so I will never know. I’d rather not know than be told something that could hurt me more than it needs to. “I was just a kid that you could not forgive because it’s harder. I was just a kid and all I really wanted was my father.” When I saw this live I just crumbled, I was a mess inside. Meeting her afterwards and telling her, I just cannot put it into words what it means to me. I just told her I was utterly grateful for the song. I don’t want to say what she said- or what my exact words. Too personal. All that matters is that I got it out.

I may sound like some 24 year old obsessive idiot, but the truth is- Marina’s music means more to me than I could actually put into words. Her fans are gentle souls. Marina is just one of the best singers/songwriters/performers that this country has. She truly is a diamond- sorry for the poor pun, but its 1.40am and that’s as good as I’m going to get, or you’re going to get. I just love how she says what she feels without having to justify it to anyone. I admire that in anyone. Even if I don’t like you, I’ll admire your courage. I do it all the time, but I’m frequently shot down, I’ve gone past caring.

In over 1000 words I have rambled about my love for Marina, I think I can go to bed now.

The Importance Of Marina Diamandis.

Well over a year and a half ago I found a singer on YouTube. I fell in love, but kept my love quiet. Gradually, I saw this wonderful creation creep up on various radio and music telly stations. I was happy. I was happy that this person was getting recognition.

Last year during a shitty time of my life I Am Not Robot was on the telly. The words grabbed me and I felt somewhat okay. I didn’t feel so shit and the like. I got hold of the demos of Marina’s songs and I was just honoured to have them. I rad her blog and was grateful that a singer with something valid to say was around. She saw the corruption within the media and music business. She had a brain and it was wonderful. Truly wonderful. Her words took hold of me and I was in awe of Marina. I’m still in awe of her.

I remember seeing her perform on Jools Holland this year and being so so proud. Then on KCRW in America. Emotional. When her album came out, I was so proud to have her CD finally in my hands.

But there is one song that means the world to me. I don’t like being too personal but some things you just have to throw out there. Guilty is my favourite Marina song. The song means so much to me. I cannot even describe why. Well, I probably can-I just can’t do it here. If I ever met Marina, I’d just thank her for it. It’s given me closure and able to move forward and accept. The whole album says things I can’t ever say- but Guilty more than the others.

For those who don’t “get” Marina, you’re missing out. She is stunning. Truly stunning. She’s amazing. She’s like…your best friend although you’ve never met. You can feel alone, but play her album and you’re fine.

I’m proud of all Marina’s achieved and I’m proud to be a Diamond.

Marina-thank you.