Marina And The Diamonds- Radioactive.

There are some wankers (it’s the less offensive word I could think of) that seem to think Marina has “sold out” or become mainstream with her new single, Radioactive. They’re not real fans, they’re not Diamonds. So I think labelling them as wankers is okay, right? No? Good. Means I’ll call them wankers even more. Anyway, enough about them. More on Marina.

“I’m the one who left you, you’re not the one who left me” THAT is a fucking good line isn’t. I’m probably going to swear too much. I’m not even sorry, unless my mum reads this- then I am a bit sorry. I love Radioactive. The acoustic version, the original version- I don’t care, I just love the song. Her lyrics to every single song of hers just leave me speechless. I’m just in awe of how amazing she is. Most of the time I feel she is in my head writing down and saying all the things I don’t have the guts to say. She says the things I wish I could say, but if I did..I’d be called every name under the sun. The line, “I take one look at you and I grow cold” is just so damn beautiful and so bloody accurate. Everyone, I don’t care who they are, everyone has someone that they just look at and they feel so much bad feelings towards them. Their very existence just irks you. Seriously, when you hear that line- you will think of them. But then, you’ll stop thinking about them because they don’t deserve to be associated with such a song.

The acoustic version will, if you aren’t a heartles twerp, leave you covered in goose bumps. You’ll feel differently to the song. You’ll have more of an emotional attachment to it. There is something so gorgeous about Marina and just a piano. If you’ve ever seen her live, you will know exactly what I mean. Her live shows are euphoric. So liberating. This is why i love her music. It’s almost as if one can feel so bloody free from someone else’s words. When I hear certain songs by her, I just think and feel, “Fuck it…it’s okay to have these frustrations. It’s okay to dislike yourself. It’s okay to dislike others. It’s okay to be totally honest.” There’s just so much I take from her music, and Radioactive is just so enchanting. It just steals you away. “Now I’m heading for a meltdown” I challenge anyone to not relate to this lyric. You’re lying to yourself if you deny it.

There’s so many songs of Marina’s I just feel this connection with. At times it’s frustrating because I dislike having such feelings being brought up and such, but then again- who does. I remember when I first heard I Am Not A Robot and it was just so on point. I remember listening to The Family Jewels all the way through and just being in awe. Guilty is the song that at times I find impossible to listen to, just because it is so personal, it means so much to me. I was fortunate to meet her and tell her this. When you can tell the person who you admire so much what their music means to you, it’s one of the best feelings ever. She is truly one of the most loving and amazing human beings I have ever met. It was such an honour, she fucking loves her fans to pieces- and we feel the same back. The other week when she put out Fear And Loathing, there are no words to describe how it made me feel. It’s just perfect. Her music is perfect. I know perfect doesn’t exist- but sometimes, you can make an exception and with Marina I do.

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