Rachel Zeffira.

Whatever I say about Rachel Zeffira’s voice does not do it justice. Personally, if someone cannot hear how stunning her voice is-then they’re just daft. She posses a voice most wish they could. It is so delicate and angelic. Her voice is like hearing an Angel sing.

Seeing how she has such a gentle voice, it’d be silly for her to sing a song by a band such as, say….My Bloody Valentine, right? I mean how can someone with such a pure voice take on a song by a band that have quite a raw and dark sound. Well, she’s done it. Rachel has covered one of my favourite songs by My Bloody Valentine, To Here Knows When as part of her solo project which is soon to be released.

Who thought a Soprano trained singer could take on a song by My Bloody Valentine. As most of you know, she is in Cat’s Eyes with Faris Badwan from The Horrors. The music Cat’s Eyes make is just wonderful. Think 60s girl group/Wall of Sound. It’s just perfect.

Rachel Zeffira has one of the most angelic voices I have ever heard. I’m not a massive fan of Opera, but I could quite happily listen to her music all day.

She has a voice that makes you smile from the inside out. It’s just so beautiful, she leaves you in sheer awe.


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