Marina And The Diamonds.

Lyrics are a huge thing for me. Most of the bands and singers I love are brilliant lyricists. I don’t need to name names, it’s fairly obvious.Pop music is so dreary and plain isn’t it. There is a severe lack of substance. Or is the whole point of pop music to be this empty genre that requires no thought?

Well, pop music is seen as commercial nonsense by some. Most would accuse me of hating anything mainstream. This isn’t true. I just don’t like music that doesn’t have any depth. I don’t like music that doesn’t mean something to me. Most of the music I listen to is the kind of thing you’ll never hear on Radio 1. I’m alright with that because I don’t listen to Radio 1. Frequently I am called a whole bunch of bad things just because I have an opinion and have a dislike for mainstream music.

Now, I love Florence and I love Ellie Goulding- both are played on Radio 1, so I assume that makes them mainstream? Big deal. I like what I like. Regardless of genre. I love TLC, I love Captain Beefheart, I love Morrissey, I love Ramones. I just love music. Anyway, I’ll go about what the point of this piece.

They tell you to never meet your heroes. They say they will fill you with disappointment and not be what you want. Hark in the general direction of the person who said that.Last year I met Marina Diamandis. I also met a brilliant bunch of people too. I can honestly say Marina has the best fans ever. She truly does. They are loyal, beautiful and just good people.

Meeting her and telling her what I needed to say about a specific song to her was one of the bravest things I’ve ever done. That either makes me a coward or just a nutter. Probably both. I’ll admit to being a coward, we all are deep down. But I did it. I told her exactly what Guilty means to me. I can also say she gives amazing hugs. Creepy fan vibe aside, I’m going to tell you why her music is flawless and just wonderful.

I first heard her music late 2008/early 2009. I was just enthralled by what I heard. Finally a female singer touching on subjects that were yet to be touched on in such a manner.

I heard I Am Not A Robot at a time of my life that I can only describe as “shite.” There’s no other way I can word it. Hearing that song gave me the strength to be weak and show how awful I felt. I only showed it to a select few. “But inside you’re just a baby.” Really struck a chord with me, as did the whole song. I could pick so many lines out of that song that just hit me in the belly and made me cry- but the whole song, still to this day makes me feel something no other song has. “Better to be hated, than loved loved loved for what you’re not” is quite simply the most accurate and honest line I have heard in a contempary pop song in a long time. The sheer honesty in that line would crack the hardest of hearts.

Obsessions is another that just blew my mind when I heard it. Everyone has had that frustration with someone. When you hold them, you just feel so sad and empty. You look at them and you feel nothing good. We’ve all been there, and you obsess over your bad feelings towards them- you forget that you love them.

The Family Jewels is easily one of the best debut albums to have been released in a long time. What makes Marina stand out are her lyrics. Her lyrics are so true to life, even Porn Is Good For The Soul is up there. The humour, honesty and darkness in her lyrics are just everything to me. Her wit and darkness in her music reminds me of Morrissey, I suppose that’s another reason as to why I love her

Songs such as Seventeen, Are You Satisfied, Oh No and The Outsider show how it’s okay to dislike yourself at times and have insecurities. That’s exactly why Marina appeals to me. She vocalises having insecurities in a way that no other really has in a long time. There is something so utterly precious about how she words things, and it makes you feel less alone. Music is a comfort blanket for me- her music is that for me a lot of the time.

A bloody good friend of mine once said that Oh No was written about me. He’s not wrong at all. When I first heard it, my jaw dropped and I was in awe of the lyrics.

“Don’t need a relationship, I’ll never soften my grip” I feel this so much most of the time. How I feel condensed into one small line. I’ll never soften my grip, what’s the point? This doesn’t mean I don’t have it in me to love someone because I do, I really do

I didn’t want to make this so personal, but it’s 1.20am and I am tired. When I am tired I ramble. Guilty, Numb and Rootless are the three songs I feel this strong connection to. For the most part, it’s quite overwhelming.

“This better be worth my while.” I feel like this on a daily basis with most things that happen. I just sigh and have this one line play over and over in my mind. The whole chorus to Numb is just this wave of comfort. It’s okay to feel numb, it’s okay to sacrifice things to get to where you want and need to be.

I don’t want to do this, but I feel the need to go into why I love Guilty- but not too in depth.

Guilty for me, just evokes everything I felt and attempted to push aside about my dad. I have no idea what Marina’s relationship is with her dad. I suppose you can make your own assumptions based on the songs she mentions him in. I never felt any love from mine- only he knows how he feels about me. But he’s dead, so I will never know. I’d rather not know than be told something that could hurt me more than it needs to. “I was just a kid that you could not forgive because it’s harder. I was just a kid and all I really wanted was my father.” When I saw this live I just crumbled, I was a mess inside. Meeting her afterwards and telling her, I just cannot put it into words what it means to me. I just told her I was utterly grateful for the song. I don’t want to say what she said- or what my exact words. Too personal. All that matters is that I got it out.

I may sound like some 24 year old obsessive idiot, but the truth is- Marina’s music means more to me than I could actually put into words. Her fans are gentle souls. Marina is just one of the best singers/songwriters/performers that this country has. She truly is a diamond- sorry for the poor pun, but its 1.40am and that’s as good as I’m going to get, or you’re going to get. I just love how she says what she feels without having to justify it to anyone. I admire that in anyone. Even if I don’t like you, I’ll admire your courage. I do it all the time, but I’m frequently shot down, I’ve gone past caring.

In over 1000 words I have rambled about my love for Marina, I think I can go to bed now.

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