16 09 2019

kuken ep


If you’re looking for five out of control and utterly loud songs to burst your eardrums to, then look no further than the new EP by Küken

The new EP consist of 5 songs to just fry you brain, and to lower the quality of your hearing by the time you have finished listening to the record. I’ve been writing about Küken for a number of years now, and every time I write about them I feel my love for music being restored and heightened. I love how rowdy their sound is, I love how they have this raw sound that just makes you want to trash your surroundings and forget what’s going on around you. And right now, I’ll grab any form of escapism that I can get. For me, Küken go beyond being a Garage Rock band or whatever you want to call it. They have this sound that is so ferocious and it has this hunger in it that just seeps right into your soul. Their previous full length records have been two that I have been religiously playing for some time. They are full of this really gnarly and snarly songs that just make you want to play them as loudly as possible. Can they do this on an EP? Of course they can.



With 5 songs, they fully open the listener up to this world of fury and a form of rebellion that’s missing in some music. The louder Küken get, the more intense the record becomes. That’s something I really respect about the band- they aren’t afraid to be intense with their sound, and to create songs for those who are a little off the wall.  This record just makes you want to cause trouble at a dive bar (obviously, don’t do this but you know what I mean.) They make you feel like you’re part of this almost sacred scene with their sound. For me, Küken are a brilliant band to listen to when you’re doing absolutely nothing and you’re just hanging out by yourself. You could be at home blasting this record out, you could be on a train headed to anywhere or nowhere playing this record, or you could just be wandering round the city with their music as your guidance. There is something chaotic and peaceful about Küken- the music is intense and the vocals are calming. Well, for me they are. For others it may just be noise, but it is my kind of noise.

Cold is the longest song on the EP at around 2 minutes and 14 seconds. Küken don’t need to create dramatic symphonies in order for you to listen and pay attention. They can blow your mind almost instantly, and that’s all part of the charm. The songs are short, punchy and to the point. They are fast, brutal and made for chanting along with. Joey Ramone would dig them. There’s a lot of attitude in their songs, and I think from this EP Cold is the song that has the baddest attitude of them all. You don’t mess with this song. On the flip side you’ve got Say My Name which is a fuck you to having your heartbroken but not giving in to acting how you’re meant to. Küken aren’t going to sit around and cry over it- they’re going to carry on as normal, and forget about it!



I wish they’d play more shows in the UK. I think they’ve only done one short tour so far. They’re the kind of band that you’d use all your annual leave at work for in order to follow them around on tour. That could be just me, but I’d be happy to do that. They’ve got something about them that just makes you listen to them in awe. They’ve got this wonderfully loud sound that you just want to annihilate your mind, body and soul.

This EP is way more than a Punk record. It’s a vital body of music that needs to be in your record collection immediately.


3 04 2015

Coming from the mean (or probably not so) streets of Hamburg, Küken are one of the most exciting bands around who manage to smack a proper punk sound with a garage rock influence. Their songs are brilliantly loud even if they are too short. We can’t have everything. Short songs (I mean lasting no longer than 2 minutes) aren’t a bad thing. If you can get your point across quickly and cause limbs to flail in that amount of time, then why not? Bands like the Ramones to my loves Girl Tears have managed and do manage to do it, and they do it well. I can take dreamy gems lasting over 5 minutes with punchy loud 1:30 songs. It all works.

I can’t give you any background on Küken, I know nothing about them but I know this- they are on Austria’s finest label, Bachelor Records. Bachelor Records is responsible for some of the loudest bands around. The kind of bands that you want blaring out of your speakers to either wake you up or to annoy someone. Be obnoxious, but use someone else’s voice. Simple. Let’s all move to Germany, start a punk band and get Bachelor Records to sign us!

Küken remind me of The Damned. Their current record (self titled) reminds me so much of The Damned’s debut record. That record, like Küken is fast and full of songs that will leave you sore from throwing your body about in a ridiculous fashion. Sometimes you just hear a band, and you instantly know you’ve found something you’re going to treasure for years and years. They make me want to go through Bachelor Records releases and write about them all. I most likely will. There are bands that  I remember hearing certain bands for the first time and immediately wanting to find more of the same, Küken leave me feeling that way. I want everything to be as rambunctious and as loud as this. Some people fawn over acoustic guitars (no thanks) but I want noise. Proper noise like this. The kind that leaves a glorious ringing in your ears, and all you hear is the residue of the songs throughout the day. In painful silence and in loud places, you are still hearing their songs in your head.

Küken are a band I’ve GOT to see play live, but I have no idea if or when they’ll be over. There are many venues that would be ideal for them. Dark, sweaty venues that would bring these magnificent punk songs to life.

Songs like Black Rose,Suicide Train and Fight Back are the kind of songs you walk around listening to whilst feeling absolutely nothing but by the end you feel something brewing inside of you that no other band has managed to bring out of you. You don’t know what it is, but the best things sometimes come from inner frustrations.

I know nothing about the band, but I know that they are one of the most exciting bands around sometimes, that’s all you need to know. Who cares about anything else. Their music speaks for itself.

Play it as loud as you possibly can, throw your limbs about and buy everything on Bachelor Records.

You can listen to and buy Küken’s music here: