Coming from the mean (or probably not so) streets of Hamburg, Küken are one of the most exciting bands around who manage to smack a proper punk sound with a garage rock influence. Their songs are brilliantly loud even if they are too short. We can’t have everything. Short songs (I mean lasting no longer than 2 minutes) aren’t a bad thing. If you can get your point across quickly and cause limbs to flail in that amount of time, then why not? Bands like the Ramones to my loves Girl Tears have managed and do manage to do it, and they do it well. I can take dreamy gems lasting over 5 minutes with punchy loud 1:30 songs. It all works.

I can’t give you any background on Küken, I know nothing about them but I know this- they are on Austria’s finest label, Bachelor Records. Bachelor Records is responsible for some of the loudest bands around. The kind of bands that you want blaring out of your speakers to either wake you up or to annoy someone. Be obnoxious, but use someone else’s voice. Simple. Let’s all move to Germany, start a punk band and get Bachelor Records to sign us!

Küken remind me of The Damned. Their current record (self titled) reminds me so much of The Damned’s debut record. That record, like Küken is fast and full of songs that will leave you sore from throwing your body about in a ridiculous fashion. Sometimes you just hear a band, and you instantly know you’ve found something you’re going to treasure for years and years. They make me want to go through Bachelor Records releases and write about them all. I most likely will. There are bands that  I remember hearing certain bands for the first time and immediately wanting to find more of the same, Küken leave me feeling that way. I want everything to be as rambunctious and as loud as this. Some people fawn over acoustic guitars (no thanks) but I want noise. Proper noise like this. The kind that leaves a glorious ringing in your ears, and all you hear is the residue of the songs throughout the day. In painful silence and in loud places, you are still hearing their songs in your head.

Küken are a band I’ve GOT to see play live, but I have no idea if or when they’ll be over. There are many venues that would be ideal for them. Dark, sweaty venues that would bring these magnificent punk songs to life.

Songs like Black Rose,Suicide Train and Fight Back are the kind of songs you walk around listening to whilst feeling absolutely nothing but by the end you feel something brewing inside of you that no other band has managed to bring out of you. You don’t know what it is, but the best things sometimes come from inner frustrations.

I know nothing about the band, but I know that they are one of the most exciting bands around sometimes, that’s all you need to know. Who cares about anything else. Their music speaks for itself.

Play it as loud as you possibly can, throw your limbs about and buy everything on Bachelor Records.

You can listen to and buy Küken’s music here:


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