CANDY DARLING- Going Straight

I remember when I first heard The Birthday Party; I wasn’t immediately taken in by Nick Cave’s vocals. It was Rowland S Howard’s guitar that lured me in. He could make it sound abusive and sad. At once and separately. His solo records do exactly the same. How does this link in with Candy Darling? Easily. Singer, Emily Breeze reminds me so much of Jonnine Standish who sang with Rowland on the haunting (I Know) A Girl Called Jonny.

Going Straight is a to the point and hugely fragile song. The drums make the song sound dark and create a massively tense build up throughout this song. Emily’s voice is so pure and delicate, yet powerful in all the right places. She has the strength in her voice that is found in the likes of Shirley Manson to Patti Smith. She can be as tough as you like but isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with her words. For me, that’s what makes a band/singer easy to relate to. You pick up on the pain and hope in this song, it comes through so clearly and beautifully in Emily’s voice. It’s a cross between a 4am chant with your best friend as you stumble home and falling apart on your own at unholy o’clock when nobody it around. Going Straight will break your heart and will probably make you take an overdue look at yourself. Maybe you’ll hate what you see, but there’s something about this song that pulls you back in. As you’re teetering on the edge, something about this song just slaps you in the face and you’re as alright as you can be. Have your tomorrow to start again.

Candy Darling released the wonderfully trashy Money last July, and now they’re about to show you a different side with their latest single, Going Straight. This song has the power to really mean a lot to whoever hears it. It can be their crutch, and goodness knows we all need one from time to time.

You can stream the single here, along with the b-side Waves:

Going Straight is to Candy Darling as to what Heroin was to the Velvet Underground. Listen to the tracks back to back, and you’ll get what I mean. Their sound can be brutal but on Going Straight they show a side that is slightly tame but with ferociousness to Emily’s voice. Basically, I adore this band.

When you cling onto nothingness, you start to feel as if you’re nothing and have nothing at all left. Then songs like this come around and you don’t feel like scum. You feel alright with the bad, and you’ll take the good whenever it comes back around. Thank goodness for Candy Darling.




Sometimes you hear something, and within seconds you know it is one of the greatest things you’ve exposed your ears to. It’s probably how most felt when they heard the likes of the Velvet Underground to Frank Zappa. If it slightly weird, there’s a good chance it’ll be bloody brilliant. Who wants to hear songs about how a person gives you butterflies anyway? No thanks.

Candy Darling (yes, named after one of Warhol’s supertars) are from Bristol. Candy Darling have that beautiful, filthy sound that is in the likes of Little Death Machine, Wax Idols with a hint of Lou Reed’s Transformer. Their sound is brilliantly weird and thankfully unlike anything you are forced to listen to. There’s a smutty fuzzy sound flowing through their debut single, Money.Which I guess fits the notion that those with a lot of money have a tendency to be corrupt and depraved. But aren’t we all to an extent. We just don’t show it.

Candy Darling have a fabulous trashy feel to their music; Money is the kind of song you’ll have stuck in your head for days, just itching to yell the chorus at someones face. You should do it, there’s nothing wrong with a public display of recklessness and lack of self-control. Don’t be shy about it. I’d imagine their live shows are dark, wild and deeply enthralling. You don’t need an acoustic guitar to grip a crowd. Be loud, be bold and be what your peers turn their noses up at. Candy Darling are a band I’d typically love, they’ve got something really magical about them that I love.

The b-side to Money is Temples. Temples shows just how strong and gorgeous Emily’s voice is. Temples has a proper 80s Goth-ish kind of thing going on. As you know The Jesus And Mary Chain are touring in November (some of us have spent £100 on tickets and feel mighty good about it!) and I think it is safe to say that Candy Darling would be an ideal opening act. Temples is like the Psychocandy record with synths; it’s just incredible and all I want from a band. Emily’s voice on Temples reminds me of Shirley Manson on Garbage’s Version 2.0 record. It is strong, moving and captivating.

With music seeming to be more and more throwaway, it’s bands like Candy Darling who kick some meaning and purpose into it at all. If you can move people, make them think, do anything other than stand still then you’ve created something worth treasuring- which is exactly what Candy Darling have done. With just one single (that’s not even out yet) they’ve become one of the best new bands of the year. The ideal band to hear in dark and cramped basement bar to just lose a bit of your mind to.

They only formed a yer ago, but everything about them just makes you think they’ve been together for decades. Quite simply, one of the best bands in this country.

You can order a copy of Money here: it is out 1st September. Treat yourself to some pink vinyl.

And you can listen to Money/Temples here:

GIRL TEARS-Candy Darling.



Girl Tears are pretty much the only band from LA that you need to be listening to (oh and Roses too, listen to them.) Girl Tears make short, aggressive songs that make you hit that repeat button as many times as you desire. They’ve got the attitude of Punk secured perfectly.

Candy Darling is taken from their addictive debut, Tension which is out now on Lolipop Records. The trio are now back at home after hitting SXSW with their unapologetically ferocious songs in the blistering heat.

Girl Tears make you wish you had some musical talent. They’re songs last about a minute, and it sounds just right. Others may struggle to do this, but it’s no thing for Girl Tears. I just really love their sound. It’s rough, distorted and enough to burst your eardrums if you play it at the right level.

Check the new video:

I just wish I had the money to bring these guys to the UK because there are some dark, sweaty, intimate venues that need their sounds to vibrate the floor and to cause some kind of riot. Can someone make this happen please?!