GIRL TEARS-Candy Darling.



Girl Tears are pretty much the only band from LA that you need to be listening to (oh and Roses too, listen to them.) Girl Tears make short, aggressive songs that make you hit that repeat button as many times as you desire. They’ve got the attitude of Punk secured perfectly.

Candy Darling is taken from their addictive debut, Tension which is out now on Lolipop Records. The trio are now back at home after hitting SXSW with their unapologetically ferocious songs in the blistering heat.

Girl Tears make you wish you had some musical talent. They’re songs last about a minute, and it sounds just right. Others may struggle to do this, but it’s no thing for Girl Tears. I just really love their sound. It’s rough, distorted and enough to burst your eardrums if you play it at the right level.

Check the new video:

I just wish I had the money to bring these guys to the UK because there are some dark, sweaty, intimate venues that need their sounds to vibrate the floor and to cause some kind of riot. Can someone make this happen please?!

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