I’ll never get why chaotic sounds seems to calm my mind. The louder a band is, the more relaxed I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I love quiet moments but sometimes you need to listen to something that just messes with your head and throws you into another dimension. Finding a band like this is such a thing to treasure and appreciate with all you have, which is why I’m writing about a mighty fine band called Beige Banquet.

They’ve been around for a few years now, and they recently went out on tour with Die Verlierer around the UK. I was meant to be at the Manchester show but I forgot I was still visiting home. There will be other times, I’m sure. Beige Banquet have a solid Post-Punk sound- if you’re into genres. There’s a very slight nod to VERY early Joy Division here. There’s a charming darkness to their sound, and I think their S/T record is such an energising record. You get to know their sound, and you fall in love with it.

Songs like Control, Hotel Room and Welcome To Rock Music are essentials for any music fan. This sound is infectious, and it’s hard to believe that Beige Banquet initially started as a solo project by Tom. Band members were added, a pandemic happened, excellent music was released- that’s all you need to know. With 5 members now in the band, there’s a loudness to the band’s sounds that lures you in. That loudness mixed with how divine the sound is just has you hooked.

There’s a dark 80s feel to their sound, and the debut release Beta nails this. It’s such a strong record and it’ll leave you crawling for more. You’ll be comparing everything you hear to their sound- a mighty fine distinctive sound that will have you dancing like Ian Curtis rugby tackling Iggy Pop. Is there really any other way to move? I hate how I have blips of where I don’t write about music, but bands like Beige Banquet make you want to do something. Anything.

In some respects, you can easily say there is a heavy influence of The Fall on the band, and by that I mean the delivery of lyrics and how you can sense how carefully crafted every element of the songs are. It’s like Mark E Smith joined Kraftwerk- perfect! The Beta record is a dream of a debut release- the level they are at on this record is something else. It’s been nearly 2 years since it was released, but with every listen, you feel like you are hearing it for the time. I also have this feeling that when I listen to the record, I’m not listening to a band from current times. They’re out of this world and in their own league for sure.

There’s heavy Krautrock influences here, and everything in between. The build up on the songs (especially on Cold Yoghurt) have this tension that makes you feel like you’ve walked in on something you probably shouldn’t have done. A truly exceptional record from a band that deserve all the praise possible. You can’t help but get excited for what can potentially happen next for this band and when a band can do this in a short amount of time- that’s when you know you’ve found something to keep very  close to you.

See this band live whenever and wherever you can. Buy their music and become obsessed with them- you won’t be the only one.