KISS BOOM BAH: Out Of Our Tree.



Right out of Philadelphia we have the effortlessly cool and slick Kiss Boom Bah. A remarkable Garage Rock band which features members from bands such as The Creamers and The GTVs and they have now created Kiss Boom Bah.

 Kiss Boom Bah’s debut EP, Out Of Our Tree came out the start of March and these two songs were made to just flip your world upside down, and back round again. Repeat! If you’re looking for something to make you feel like you’re deep in The Gruesomes’ Tyrants Of Teen Trash record, then you’re going to love Kiss Boom Bah (also, if you are a fan of anything Sam Steinig has done then obviously you’re going to love this band!)



With only two songs on the EP, it may be difficult to gauge an opinion on the band and if you can firmly work out what their style is. However, because of the unknown that’s what lures you in and keeps you there. The songs are like basement bar chants. You can definitely imagine what their live shows are like when you delve into this record, an absolute riot.

 I love the organ on the title track, it’s got this spooky feel to it and when you mix this with the vocals it just becomes an instant classic. This song definitely feels like it could have come out when The Vagrants first started and The Pretty Things too, it’s got that euphoric feel to it. When all this quarantining ends, play this at a house part or something. It’ll go down a treat! If it doesn’t, then reassess your friendship group. The EP is magical and in just two songs they give you perfect musical moments that’ll have you hooked for days and days. If snarly Garage Rock is your bag, then you’re going to dig Kiss Boom Bah for sure! There’s also this delicious Surf Rock feel to their sound that just makes you want to escape to the beach (but don’t leave your houses just yet!)

 Marilyn-A-Go-Go is just proper example of Garage Rock at its finest. Aside from the occasional chant, this song has no vocals- it’s just a straight up, no bullshit instrumental number showing us exactly why Kiss Boom Bah are bloody fantastic. Again, play this one at a house party for a solid reaction! The EP is just a swell listen, and although you want more and more, Kiss Boom Bah have given us a mighty fine taste of what’s to come.




The debut EP by Kiss Boom Bah is out now via Sweet Time.

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