My last band of the evening from Costa Rica are Los Esquizoides who have stated that The Mummies are an influence of theirs, so I am super excited to write about them.

There are three people in Los Esquizoides, and the way they scream on their songs and play with this boisterous energy makes you feel as if there is a gang of them. I love this big sound they have, and I’m just in awe of how great they sound. I love how they have taken all the elements of music that I love and have made something out of this world. The songs are fast and full of this energy that just grips you.

Goose is an incredible vocalist. He just lets his voice go out of control which is met with Paula on bass and Adrian on drums. Goose destroys the guitar also, and together they just have this amazing brutal sound that makes you want to join their band.

Something that I really admire about them is that they do not sound overproduced- they just let you hear them as they are. Utterly loud and unapologetically Punk. They have so much bite in their sound, and it just makes you want to make your own noise. I just love them and how they can truly take Punk and stretch it beyond our wildest imagination. They really have this ability to take something from the past and launch it into a time and place no one has been to yet. They are out of this world- are they human? I just fucking love them and how insanely talented they are.

I’m focusing a lot on their Mala Suerte, Es Viernes 13 record that came out in July. It’s a record that once you hear, you’re going to be hooked. You truly are, and once they get you- that’s it. The sound on this record is so good. It’s the kind of record that, if it was a person- you’d probably want to marry it or something. It’s got this sound that can shatter your bones and make you just want to move in wild ways. It’s just a record that you cannot get enough of. There is so much to talk about on this record, and I love that you can pick up on what influences them but by no means do they try and copy what’s been done before. There is something there that’s going to last longer than any of us on this planet. I love how Los Esquizoides just make you question everything you’ve ever listened to before and wonder why it took so long to find them.

Los Esquizoides are easily one of the most exciting bands around, and not just in Punk and Garage Rock. There is something about them that just makes you want to be totally invested in what they are going to do next. I’m totally enamoured by their sound and how brilliantly raw the songs are. It’s really obvious on the song I Know. I can’t call any of their songs as my favourite, every single one I’ve listened to has made me feel like I’ve discovered music for this first time. I just love them.

I love the song I Can’t Fit In. It’s got this real snotty Dead Boys feel about it, and maybe this could take the lead in being one of my favourites. I love the jangly sound with the fuzzy vocals. They’re just a band that make you immediately obsessed with them. They also have this hyperactive version of Surfin’ Bird that just makes you feel like you’re listening to someone who’s had way too much sugar. It’s a brilliant cover. Their demos are so good, and you cannot help but be in awe of these three people who make such incredible music- the demos are just as strong as their other songs. They’re just exceptional.

This is just the start of my love and obsession for Garage and Punk bands from Costa Rica. I know that there is more out there, and I cannot wait to delve further into it. But for now, wrap up your Saturday evening or start your day (depending on your time zone) by blasting out Los Esquizoides as loud as you possibly can.

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