For Christmas I was given a record by the best person I know. Some time ago I mentioned to her that I found it virtually impossible to find anything by The Mummies. Anything I did find would have just cost me a stupid amount to have posted, so I resigned myself to the fact I was going to live the rest of my life with an eternal gap in my record collection reserved solely for The Mummies. That changed on Christmas Day. I was given their compilation, Play Their Own Records! My holy trinity of records is complete- The Gruesomes, Count Five and now, The Mummies. I mean I’m obviously still going to prioritise buying records over food, and any spare money I have will always go on records but finally having these three records means a hell of a lot to me.

The Mummies are a band that I know virtually nothing about. I love that there is hardly anything about them on the internet and they have no social media accounts. You may find out about them by accident (I did, and I can’t really remember how or when) or a band you like already may have mentioned them at some point. Regardless of how you find out about them, when you become a fan you become obsessed with trying to find their music or whatever else you can about them. Let it rule your life, take what you can get.

Their sound is loud, raw and has frequently been labelled as “budget rock.” For me, they are one of the greatest Garage Rock bands of all time. They’ve got a creepy style- it feels almost cult like and that’s how they lure you in. Covered in bandages (like a mummy) thrashing their instruments around (the musical kind, easy now) and just playing with this fury that makes you loathe yourself for not having any musical talent (this could just be me, mind.) This urgency they evoke can only be appreciated if you play it ridiculously loud. They recorded most of their songs on the cheapest equipment they could get their hands on and you know what? Sounds a billion times better than pretentious arty types spending thousands and thousands on a guitar they are scared to get a drop of sweat on. The Mummies can teach all of us a thing or two about their approach to how they make music.

The underdawgs for sure. The Mummies are one of those bands that, if you saw them live, it would probably stay with you forever and would be the reason as to why everything you get into is compared to that moment. They broke equipment, got barred from venues, made arses of themselves on stage and didn’t give a shit about it. Their approach to music was something to be admired- they just didn’t give a shit about pleasing self-absorbed “music critics” who tell you what to listen to and who slag off bands for no reason. They were for those who wanted something else, for those who were bored of the mundane- and they still are. They’re a band that once you love, you will always hold them dear to you. Whatever you own of theirs will be something you play almost every single day and possibly turning the volume up a little louder each time. Scare the neighbours but also- blow their minds and let them in on the world of The Mummies.

Some may have regarded them as joke but others, like myself, see them as one of the greatest Garage Rock bands of all time. One of the best bands of all time, especially as they are quite elusive. The not knowing is what draws you in and their sound is what keeps you there.

2 thoughts on “THE MUMMIES.

  1. WOW! I saw these guys on their first ever Aussie tour last year and oh my god! Have you seen them live? Since then I’ve found this fact out about their records and still not got anything, just image it cost is even more to get anything down here! Lucky you and that would be the greatest Xmas present ever!

    • Hey William! Thank you! Nah, I’ve never seen them sadly. I’d sure love to- I’d imagine it would be pretty wild for sure x

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