WARTIME-(War)Time Won’t Let Me (video.)



My love for Crocodiles is fairly obvious isn’t it. I even went to Bedford to see them! The venue was pretty cool though, I had my eye on a large photo of Iggy Pop that sadly I did not steal. Sometimes it’s alright to steal, isn’t it?! Anyway, break the law in your own time.

Charlie’s side project Wartime is obviously incredible. I’ve been playing it on my way to and from work, and I find different pieces to love about it with every listen. Brandon and Charlie can do no wrong; separate or together, the music they make is just brilliant. Wartime has got ferocious energy to it, and if you’ve seen Crocodiles live then you’ve seen Charlie fling his guitar about in a gloriously rambunctious fashion. He’s the kind of person you would want to teach you how to play the guitar, that’s just my view anyway. Everytime I’ve seen Crocs play (only 6) I’ve left wishing I had some musical talent. But I just do what any internally frustrated music lover would do, I write about it instead.

The video to (War)Time Won’t Let Me was shot by the talented Scott Kiernan who also did the video for Up Is Up by Haunted Hearts. He’s a super talented guy, that’s evident in his work of course. I urge you all to buy Charlie’s tape and to just play it all the time. It’s nothing like Crocodiles, but that’s no bad thing. When you listen to Wartime you wouldn’t know you were listening to Charlie from Crocodiles and I think when someone can shed the skin of their band when doing a side project is brave and wonderful thing. Haunted Hearts doesn’t sound like Crocodiles or Dum Dum Girls; if anything, it just shows how talented they all are.

Alright, enough of me talking about how much I love them and whatnot….here’s the video of Charlie looking all dapper and handsome in a black suit and an extremely stylish hat:


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