This week I have mainly been feeling sorry for myself due to having some kind of stomach bug. Since throwing up on Monday, I’ve spent the rest of the week going from feeling like my face is on fire to like my body is on a slab of ice. All the sleep in the world can’t stop me from feeling tired, so the best cure for feeling weird is to listen to something weird. I didn’t need to dig too deep to find what I was looking for.

Sometimes I’m lazy and sloppy with my writing, it’s only when I feel ill do I make some kind of attempt. I don’t know what this says about me, I don’t think I want to know. For the most part I listen to music that is probably a bit aggressive; I like to listen to music that doesn’t match my personality. Again, I have no idea what this says about me nor am I about to try suss it out. So aside from listening to music that could make someone wish they were never subjected to it again, I like stuff that sounds like someone climbed a mountain and got stoned out of their mind and found a solution to all the wrong in the world.

Morgan Delt. I know nothing about the guy, I just know his music is really weird and makes me want to become a recluse, and wear some awful tie dye gear. His sound makes you feel as if you are floating through time and space without a care in the world. I think a lot of music is made for the listener to get totally immersed and lost in it, to just wander for days looking at nothing in particular and roaming freely in their thoughts. Music has this ability to make the most trapped mind feel free; it is one of the most powerful things in the world. Morgan Delt really captures being free and caring about nothing in a way that doesn’t seem selfish or self-obsessed. He’s a brilliant musician who merges music and escapism wonderfully.

His music is like Strawberry Alarm Clock had a sordid affair with Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and made this colourful and enigmatic sound. It’s a sound that is beautifully strange and lures you in like a hypnotic dancer in a questionable establishment. I have no idea what is going on when I listen to Morgan Delt, and I’m really fine with that. Sometimes problems arise when you are constantly aware. This is the perfect music to shut off to.

Sure he’s got a typical 60s Psychedelic feel to his music, but that doesn’t mean a thing really. He takes that sound and adds something truly gorgeous to it, and makes it his own. The best bands take brief influences and make something sacred of their own. One of the shittiest traits in a person is music snobbery, so no part of me is going to say “Morgan Delt is for people who like……” Morgan Delt is for people who like music, that’s it. It doesn’t need to be complex or stupidly pretentious at all, if you like music then give Morgan Delt a go. If you like it, cool. If you don’t, that’s okay. His music is like a gentle sway, a caressing lullaby for the soul.

With the days getting longer, Morgan Delt makes the kind of music that eases you into dusk after a long and tiresome day. I don’t recommend listening to him if you have a long commute to work as you may zone out totally and miss your stop. Or you know, it may ease you in for the day so you don’t slap the idiot next to you in the tube/train who has no concept of personal space. Take your pick, just give the guy a listen. His hazy sound is perfect for doing nothing to. Sometimes you just need to stop and do nothing, and if you’re in that kind of mood, then Morgan Delt is the one for you.

Go listen, and go free your mind.

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