CLARA ENGEL- Looking-Glass Fire.




Some of the greatest singers/bands go unheard for years before someone is turned onto them. Time is just a thing, a measurement for those who need everything to be validated when really time is one of the least important things in existence. But time is something we all run out of. Like hope, love and faith. It is something that can be strengthened and lost. It is something you cannot control.

Singers like Imogen Heap and Brandy St John have this ability to get right to the core of what you are feeling, in a way that makes you curl up because you dislike the fact someone else posses the ugly feelings you try to hide. But the fact that they aren’t afraid to let it out makes you feel less alone and horrific for carrying it around with you. There is a singer who I believe fully is as great as Imogen and Brandy St John. I’ve written about Clara a few times, and her voice is like the ocean- crystal clear and beautifully therapeutic.

Her new record, Looking-Glass Fire is out 16th June and going by hearing only two songs from it I can honestly say it is my favourite record by Clara. Lesser Known God has a beautifully gnarly tone to it. It makes you think of Patti Smith belting out her call to the outcasts at CBGBs with such force and purpose. Like Patti, Clara can sing in an aggressive tone then flip to having this gorgeous angelic sound. She sings with utter passion that can make non-singers like myself envious of her voice.

Her words are poems for the soul; in the hopes of clinging onto something, anything just to get through the day. Take baby-steps whilst listening to her music and you’ll get there. I can imagine people leaving Clara’s live shows in tears after experiencing a voice so pure and a talent so rare. She is bold, honest and just a beautiful soul. Her songs are humble life lessons for anyone- regardless of who you are, what you do, just anything. Her music and her voices sets part of you free that nothing else really can. I adore the line “If I’m no good, well you’re no better” from her song Be Good. She writes lyrics that you can study or quite simply, see yourself in.

Clara’s voice has this way of soothing the soul whilst making you truly aware of all that you are feeling, and more importantly WHY you are feeling what you are feeling. It’s alright to have ugly feelings, it’s totally normal. Music is an outlet for so many people and is something to believe in. Clara’s lyrics, her songs…they are believable. If you can share your vulnerabilities in such a way, then people will believe. She’s just brilliant, I really cannot praise her enough. Her music could be played in the background of Poe or Ted Hughes poem. She’s a real inspiration.

You can pre-order her record, Looking-Glass Fire here:

One thought on “CLARA ENGEL- Looking-Glass Fire.

  1. “…Like Patti (Smith), Clara can sing in an aggressive tone then flip to having this gorgeous angelic sound…”

    A great blog post makes you want to find out more about the artist in question, and having listened to the two teasers on Clara’s bandcamp page, the references to Patti Smith are absolutely nailed-on

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