Girl bands are the best aren’t they. From the likes of The Girlfriends to September Girls. However, it is important to not define a band by the bits they have down there. It isn’t relevant to the music they make and how good it is. Gender is just a thing. Music is much more than that.

Abjects are a band from London that quite simply, sound like everything I love. They’ve got a Wall Of Sound feel to their music mixed with some creepy Garage Rock going on. They’ve recorded for Haus Of Pins (PINS label) so obviously this band are incredible. They have hypnotic songs that are made to be performed live; they have songs that just lure you in much like PINS and Dum Dum Girls.

Abjects have a delicate sound, but they are tough enough for you to pay attention. Noemi has gorgeous and quite ethereal voice that makes you sway along gently to Alice’s drumming. Then you have Luki blowing your mind on guitar. Sure for the most part their songs are quite tame, but the INSANE Aburrido is a pure face melter (it is Spanish for boring. Noemi is Spanish. Fun facts for you.) Aburrido is a ferocious piece of Garage Rock fused with the fast pace of Punk. Get into it. This band is super talented.

Their quick and punchy songs are Ramones-esque. Quick, loud and bold. They remind me of Suede; their dirty and wonderfully trashy sound. I just think Abjects are wonderful. You see, a lot of bands give you that hazy Summer feeling. With Abjects, they make you want to wander round in the cold and dark as rain starts to fall heavily. There is something gloriously sinister about their music that just makes them stand out. When I listen to a band, I try to pick up these little details to get a better understanding of their sound. I’m aware I could be entirely wrong, but it’s just how I hear it. You can pick influences out of the air when you listen to Abjects, but it just means you’re not listening to them properly. Sure they do sound influenced by those I’ve mentioned, but they’re not ripping anyone off. Abjects are for real, and like I’ve already said- they are a band that need to be seen live. I’ll be seeing them this Friday at Hoxton Bar & Grill. Tickets are only £5, get yourself one.

I like music that sounds like the past, a time I was too young for but is in fine tune with what is going on now. Abjects do it wonderfully. When I first heard them I thought I was listening to a band from the 60s- that’s how good they are. Next time it’s pissing it down, go for a walk whilst listening to them. Throw yourself into something creepy and in the lairs of the underworld, let Abjects be your guide.

You can listen to their eerie tunes here: http://abjects.bandcamp.com/

You can see the trio live in London at the following venues:

2 thoughts on “ABJECTS.

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are some very good bands on Haus of Pins – but I’d have to say that based on “Delay” they’re probably the most musically accomplished – it’s an absolutely thumping tune. Rather than the Ramones (one of the advantages of being an old fart is that I got to see all the really great bands :)), I’d argue that they’re closer to second-album Elastica – with some added really cool harmonies…

    You’re right about girl bands though…

    • I saw them live last week, and they did look a little bored (maybe because only 20 people were there) but they still did a brilliant set.
      Girl bands are the best haha

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