PINS: Bad Thing EP.

24 03 2017



In some ways, I guess I could just say this blog is dedicated to the same bands over and over. That probably makes me boring, but I don’t care. It’s not my fault that a solid few I love put out excellent music that deserves being written about. I’ve been writing about PINS for a long time now, and every time I write about them it is as if I find something new to love about them. Everything they put out seems a step above what they previously did. They have a really strong sound, and aren’t afraid to be different and more importantly, create a sound that is so important.

As part of the Bad Thing EP, PINS have worked with the King of Punk. The Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop on the lead track Aggrophobe. The partially spoken word track captures why we love him- his voice. Speaking or singing, Iggy has such a distinctive voice and with Faith’s voice merging with his on the hook, you kind of want Iggy to be a permanent member of PINS. It’s such a brilliant song, and the video to it is equally great.

Bad Thing is a handful of songs that show perfectly just how great PINS are and how their sound and beautifully evolved. I need to touch on their stunning cover of Dead Souls by Joy Division. Not many people can work a cover and add something to it. I think if someone is going to cover a song, they should do something that makes it theirs. That makes you believe it is their song and doesn’t belong to someone else. They’ve done it beautifully with Dead Souls. When I first heard PINS a part of me heard familiar hints of Joy Division in their sound, and I’m so happy they chose this as the Joy Division song to cover. It’s one of their best ones, and PINS make it their own but still leave parts of Joy Division within the song. It is 4 minutes and 35 seconds of ethereal darkness. It’s comforting and sacred. For me, PINS are made up of 5 excellent musicians who are the best at what they do. If you’ve seen them live, they’ve probably all left you wishing you could play an instrument. I firmly stand by Sophie being one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen.

After spending my morning at work listening to Bad Thing, I’m pretty much set on In Nightmares being my favourite song. Faith’s voice is gorgeous on this song. There are a number of songs by PINS where her voice just sounds so haunting yet angelic, In Nightmares is easily one of them (Everyone Says is another, from their last record) In Nightmares is the song you go back to and play constantly. Irrespective of your mood, it’ll make you feel like you’ve got a safety net and well, we all need that at times and sometimes it takes form in the shape of music.

All Hail is a song they have already been putting in their shows, and it is so good to see. It’s got this wonderful gang-like feel to it as they sing, “All hail.” It’s like a protective circle around the band and those who love their music. PINS are one of those bands you wish you could join. You’d start a band if you could, but you know you wouldn’t be able to get a sound like this. There is something familiar about their sound, which makes you know it is them but there is something else that lies within their sound that makes you unsure if it is a band from decades and decades ago, or if this is really a band from 2017 making this ideal sound.

To be honest, PINS have got the ideal sound. But that’s just my opinion. For me their sound is everything I want from music and from a band. I love their lyrics but I also love watching their live shows. I’ve seen them at pretty much every London show they’ve done. They’re playing up the road from my house next month, and I’m so excited about it. They are a band that you have just got to see live. Each show they’ve done that I’ve seen just shows how much they have grown. Not just on record, but on a stage too. The confidence is properly there now, and I am so proud of them.

Bad Thing is out now, but limited copies are available.

MACHIINE: The Shacklewell Arms, 20th January 2017.

20 01 2017



I’m fairly sure I have just witnessed one of the best live bands around and have probably been to a gig that might end up being my best of the year. I’ve got others lined up, but this one is staying etched upon my brain. I can’t unsee any of it and nor do I want to.

Made up of members from The Underground Youth, Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali and PINS- Machiine just ripped a hole right through the Shacklewell Arms with no apologies. They completely and utterly destroyed the place with their destructive and rambunctious sound. The kind of sound that makes you want to make your own noise.

I have seen many great shows at this venue and I can honestly say I’ve not seen anything like this before. They blitz through their debut Teaser EP with also a phenomenal cover of Garland Jeffreys¬†track, Wild In The Streets. I remember hearing that song when I was super young on MTV and it stuck with me. To hear a band like Machiine turn it into a brilliantly smutty affair was great, they made it theirs and more.

Craig and Mark prowl on the stage and circle the floor. The stage is too small to hold all seven of them. Each band member plays as if they have been in Machiine for decades and decades, they don’t sound brand new- but their sound is so unique. I think also, not knowing what to expect truly made this show what it was- sensational. That’s the only word. I’ve left wanting to start my own band but I have no musical talent, so I’ll just write about it instead. I can happily say that this is one of the most in your face and most rowdy shows I’ve been to. It was the right kind of confrontational and the way Mark and Craig are with each other is brilliant. Mark has this impish grin on his face as they rip through What Bad Boys Do whereas Craig leaves you in awe wondering where he goes when he performs the songs. Each band member takes you on their own journey. Ola bangs the drums and shakes the tambourine as if her life depends on it, and keeps the steady pace and groove of the sounds. Honestly, if you weren’t there- you messed up. You missed out.

I hope this is only just the start, a taster of what is to come because there is sincerely nothing stopping Machiine from not only being YOUR favourite band, but a band that rule the airwaves and the world. Give them the world, save us all. The crowd did seem a little reserved but maybe they just didn’t know what to expect, but trust me when they come your way and into town- go see them. Don’t pay attention to the crowd, just do whatever the hell you want.



18 03 2014



Girl bands are the best aren’t they. From the likes of The Girlfriends to September Girls. However, it is important to not define a band by the bits they have down there. It isn’t relevant to the music they make and how good it is. Gender is just a thing. Music is much more than that.

Abjects are a band from London that quite simply, sound like everything I love. They’ve got a Wall Of Sound feel to their music mixed with some creepy Garage Rock going on. They’ve recorded for Haus Of Pins (PINS label) so obviously this band are incredible. They have hypnotic songs that are made to be performed live; they have songs that just lure you in much like PINS and Dum Dum Girls.

Abjects have a delicate sound, but they are tough enough for you to pay attention. Noemi has gorgeous and quite ethereal voice that makes you sway along gently to Alice’s drumming. Then you have Luki blowing your mind on guitar. Sure for the most part their songs are quite tame, but the INSANE Aburrido is a pure face melter (it is Spanish for boring. Noemi is Spanish. Fun facts for you.) Aburrido is a ferocious piece of Garage Rock fused with the fast pace of Punk. Get into it. This band is super talented.

Their quick and punchy songs are Ramones-esque. Quick, loud and bold. They remind me of Suede; their dirty and wonderfully trashy sound. I just think Abjects are wonderful. You see, a lot of bands give you that hazy Summer feeling. With Abjects, they make you want to wander round in the cold and dark as rain starts to fall heavily. There is something gloriously sinister about their music that just makes them stand out. When I listen to a band, I try to pick up these little details to get a better understanding of their sound. I’m aware I could be entirely wrong, but it’s just how I hear it. You can pick influences out of the air when you listen to Abjects, but it just means you’re not listening to them properly. Sure they do sound influenced by those I’ve mentioned, but they’re not ripping anyone off. Abjects are for real, and like I’ve already said- they are a band that need to be seen live. I’ll be seeing them this Friday at Hoxton Bar & Grill. Tickets are only ¬£5, get yourself one.

I like music that sounds like the past, a time I was too young for but is in fine tune with what is going on now. Abjects do it wonderfully. When I first heard them I thought I was listening to a band from the 60s- that’s how good they are. Next time it’s pissing it down, go for a walk whilst listening to them. Throw yourself into something creepy and in the lairs of the underworld, let Abjects be your guide.

You can listen to their eerie tunes here:

You can see the trio live in London at the following venues: