Last year I wrote about Autumns. Autumns is one guy from Derry who makes music that is entirely atmospheric and beautifully noisy. I got the chance to interview him shortly after that piece, and when you speak (in this case email) a musician you really like about their music, you sort of become more sentimental towards their music.

When I first heard Autumns (Christian) I straight away felt like I did when I first heard Dirty Beaches many years ago. I was yet again in awe that one person could make a sound like this. One person could make this much noise. It was a delight to hear, and it still is.

Christian’s LP will be released on 31st March through Downwards Records.  There will only be 300 copies made and you will be able to purchase it here:

I’m really pleased that Keep On Sinking and It’s Sooner Than You Think will be on the LP; they were the first two tracks I heard and they just blew me away then.

Autumns is one chap making a whole load of noise. You can’t really turn away from someone with talent like this. Make sure you buy a copy at the end of the month. His music is like a cloak of darkness, but at the same time it is exceptionally comforting.

You can listen to some of the songs here:

There’s so much heart and passion in his music, I’m fairly sure he will be listed amongst the likes of Dirty Beaches with his ability to make music that is haunting, heartbreaking and a pleasure to listen to. He just leaves you in awe with his talent.

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