“No fun to hang around
Feelin’ that same old way
No fun to hang around
Freaked out for another day.”


The Stooges are evidently one of the most important bands of all time, regardless of the kind of music you’re into. They were fearless and ahead of everyone else.

Iggy is probably the greatest frontman of all time. But next to him were two of the greatest musicians to have ever lived, brothers Ron and Scott Asheton.

Sadly, Scott passed away this weekend. There’s not much you can say when this happens. Just a few hours ago I was listening to Iggy’s show on the radio, and from it I gained more insight to The Stooges and what they were about. They were loud, all over the place and just amazing. A band I’ve really loved listening to for so long. Raw Power is easily one of the best records of all time, and I just don’t think music sounds as raw as anything that The Stooges created.

I don’t want to write too much, the music just speaks for itself.

Scott was one of the best drummers in music, wherever he is now- he’ll be with his brother Ron making a lot of noise.


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