“I got me a Cadillac,
I ain’t coming back.”

Today is my mum’s birthday, and with only £30 in my bank account I am pretty much sulking (and sad) that I’ve not seen her as it costs a lot more to fly home to see her . I’m probably turning into some recluse, but for now I don’t really care. I’ve got things to keep me occupied, and with my neighbour being an obnoxious tool again- I’m resorting to playing my music loud enough to drown out his awful dance remixes of Lana Del Rey and fuck knows what else. I wish it would stop.

So, much to my neighbour’s annoyance and my own pleasure, I am currently listening to a band called The Vacant Lots. Yes, they are a duo. What of it? As if you expected anything else from me. The Vacant Lots sound like The Jesus And Mary Chain with hints of Rimbaud in their lyrics. They also remind me of Spiritualized, so basically I’ve just found my dream band. High And Low is my current favourite. The come down in this song is beautiful. As someone who feels low (but not to the point where it is up for discussion with anyone) this is the kind of music that makes it all a little less daunting. Hope can abandon you, and when it does its evil counterpart comes to take over. I thought this only happened in books. Fuck.

The Vacant Lots are a band I am really excited to hear more from, their debut record is set to finally come out this year, and I think they’ve released some stuff via the ever wonderful, Mexican Summer label.

You listen to their music and you’re thrown back into a time where music was pleasantly dark and grimy. The kind of music people were scared to listen to. I always wish I was old enough to have seen The Jesus And Mary Chain live at the start where fights would erupt at the end of the shows; I’m pretty sure if The Vacant Lots were a band back then people would be beating the shit out of each other to their music. However, violence is wrong and disgusting. So you should just listen to them and zone out. Nod your head furiously, as if it might just snap off your body. Let loose and all that jazz.

6AM is dark. A real gnarly song that isn’t for those who are afraid of the dark. The kind of song that makes you feel as if you’re being followed. I’m playing it pretty loudly, and I think it is the way to go. As I listen to The Vacant Lots, I immediately get that feeling I got when I first heard Pop.1280- as if I’m listening to something really menacing. Sacred Bones Records should sign up this duo because they would fit right at home on their label. Any label would be lucky enough to have these guys. They make me wish I had my own label, because this is the kind of stuff I would put out.

Jared and Brian started the band in 2010 I think, and as I’ve gone through what I can find of their music- I can safely say they are on something else. A lot of bands I listen to are quite loud and sinister, but The Vacant Lots take it somewhere else. They pretty much take you where other bands may want to shy away from. I always though Seventeen Seconds by The Cure was one of the most haunting records I ever heard- but as I listen to The Vacant Lots, I’m fairly sure I’ve found a solid competitor. This the kind of music that gives you a high like no other. I’ve never touched drugs (I flinch at having to take paracetamol for my frequent headaches) but I’m positive you can experience a high from other things. From a really good book to music that really shakes you up. The Vacant Lots are that kind of high. I just want them on repeat. The perfect band to listen to as darkness falls.

The hints of reverb in their music is something a lot of bands want to replicate and sound real desperate when they do it. The Vacant Lots do it, and it sounds natural. This is a band with a sure-fire sound. A real solid groove that will probably make most turn their nose up at because they don’t get it. But I get it, and I love it. This is the kind of music I play on a daily basis, and it just does something to me. It is a fearless sound for someone who is sometimes a bit of a coward.

I’m aware I write too personally, and it means hardly anyone reads what I write. So if you’ve skipped over what I’ve written, I get it. But do me one favour, and just click this link and listen to The Vacant Lots because they are one of the best bands around:

I have no idea when their record is out, but I’m pretty hopeful it’ll be one of the best releases of the year for sure.

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