This was meant to be an album review, but for some reason I can’t open the file I was sent. And if I’m honest, I feel uncomfortable reviewing records. I’d rather listen to everything a band/singer has done, and try to write something of worth. If they put everything they have into making a record, then who am I to dissect it and tell you why you should buy it? I’d rather just go through all they’ve done and tell you why they’re great.

Which has led me onto writing about a band called The Rich Hands, a trio from San Antonio who have only been going a couple of years. In some songs they remind you of very early White Stripes, but when you get past that (it isn’t a bad thing) you realise just how brilliant they are in their own right. A typical sound that I adore- full of heart and oozing with such pure rawness. A lot try to emulate this kind of music, but it seems so natural for The Rich Hands to make. They are pure Rock & Roll with a delightful Garage Rock backbone. Garage Rock is the kind of music that always makes you feel more confident than you actually are- much like Punk. It is bold and it is honest. The things we want to be is found in Punk and Garage Rock; they allow us to be tough even when we are the most sensitive of souls. Filling us with bravado as we strut to the rambunctious sounds- just for some time to be oblivious to our own thoughts. Music is the purest of escapes.

The Rich Hands are everything you want your favourite (new) band to me. Their music is delightfully wild and frightfully brave. Their sound makes you feel like you are anywhere but where you are and not in 2013. They take you to the dirtiest of bars and wash your soul clean with their rowdy scenes. Music to lose your mind to and music that just sets you free.

The Rich Hands are releasing their debut record DREAMERS digitally on the 28th May, on cassette on 4th June and finally on vinyl on 9th July all via Fountain Records. You can listen to previous released here on their bandcamp page:

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