“You left a trail of scum.”

When one of your favourite bands put out a new song, it certainly improves everything. By everything, I truly mean everything. My life revolves around music so this new song by Crocodiles has made me pretty happy.

Crocodiles pretty much make music that I wish I could make, however I am entirely musically null and void. I cannot do a thing but listen to music and write about it. That’s all I can ever do. So when Crocodiles put their new song up, I just had to write about it. It’s going to be rushed because I have to go out (I know, even I’m surprised I’m going somewhere other than the gym.)

Crocodiles have this ferocious and bloody brilliant rambunctious style that fills you with an Arthur Rimbaud style of rebellion inside. They make you feel as if you’ve discovered something menacing but gorgeous. Cockroach is a prime example of that. Their songs are a mixture of love, devotion, rage and despair. They’ve written some of the best love songs and they’ve also written the best “fuck you’s” of all time. They have a gang feel to their sound which is found in the likes of the New York Dolls to Wu Tang Clan- what I’m getting at is, they make you feel part of something. I’ve been a fan since the start, and how I feel in love with them was as I was trying to fall out of love with a person. They helped and they cured. They do this on a constant basis. They’re the first band I turn to. I play them when I have to walk through hell or when I just need to hear words that make a lot of sense. They’re not just a band.

I was excited when I saw the photos of Brandon and Charles in the studio recording their fourth record, but after hearing Cockroach I have every bit of faith that Crimes Of Passion is going to be the best record of the year. Last year Endless Flowers was the best record I heard, so I am more than willing to declare Crimes Of Passion the same.

They have their signature sound of making you wanting to thrash your body around. Making you nod your head so it looks like you’re about to snap your neck. You just have to play it loud and move in the most ridiculous way possible. Their new record is produced by one half of The Raveonttes (Last Dance is a beautiful love song, go listen) Sune Rose Wagner. Everything about Crocodiles is enough to drag you through the mundane to find your own piece of heaven. Cockroach is going to be an anthem amongst fans. Sung with everything we all have; it’s just excellent.

In a few days they are announcing a tour of Europe and the UK. I’ll be there. Even if I have beg, steal and/borrow-I will be there. Singing the songs that mean the world to me. Cannot wait.

In the meantime you can stream Cockroach here:

This is the kind of song to make you not care for anything else in that moment. It will give you that tough attitude you wish you naturally possessed. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t mastered it, Crocodiles will give you the armour you need to act like someone nobody should ever fuck around with. There aren’t many bands who do this, especially now. I’d obviously quite happily write a thousand more words on how excellent this song is, but I think in 3 minutes and 1 second Crocodiles have pretty much justified why you need to pay even more attention to them.

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